Reminder: Elin Hilderbrand contest

By Mir
July 1, 2009
Category Contests

Whoops! Sorry I forgot to reminder you earlier—you have just a few more hours to enter the contest to win a trio of Elin Hilderbrand novels to take to the beach! (No, you don’t have to take them to the beach if you win.) There’s going to be five winners for this one, so your odds of bagging a prize are better than usual.

If you haven’t entered yet, get moving! And make sure to enter on the contest post, not this one. People who enter on reminder posts have been known to develop persistent cough, hair loss, and relentless mocking. Stay safe out there.

1 Comment

  1. Hello? (cricket sounds) Anybody here?

    Shucks. It looks like everybody’s wised up. What fun is that? (leaves, pouting)

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