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By Mir
August 18, 2009
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You know it’s bad when I’m so busy that I need a reader to alert me to a deal on one of my own sites. More coffee, stat!

Some of you know I’m a contributing writer to Daily Grommet, which you should have bookmarked because it’s fabulous. Today’s Grommet is a Want Not-level deal on FoodShouldTasteGood chips. Usually a Grommet is offered for sale each day, but today, all you need to do is follow the site instructions to sign up for the FoodShouldTasteGood fan club (you’ll need to make sure to tell them that Daily Grommet sent you), and you’ll not only get to print off a $1 coupon, you’ll be mailed coupons good for two free bags! They’re natural, they’re healthy, and best of all, they come in wacky flavors like chocolate or sweet potato. And did I mention the part about getting some for free?

Thanks, Jill!


  1. these are good! I tried the sweet potato tortilla chips a few weeks ago.

  2. Oh gosh! This is so exciting–we tried a bag of the jalapeno awhile ago and the chips are AWESOME! What a great deal! Thanks, Mir!

  3. The sweet potato chips are excellent!

  4. The multi-grain chips are soooo good. I have to tell my husband to take the bag away from me. Costco has them at a better price than amazon.

  5. They don’t sell them anywhere around here. Oh well, coupons anyone??

  6. These are the best, best chips! (the multi-grain is fantastic with hummus) I’m already signed up for their coupons and get one about once a month. Totally worth it!

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