Friday, I’ve got your back

By Mir
September 11, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Sometimes it doesn’t take much. Remember that incredible deal on Izze drinks? I bought two cases and have been packing them in my kids’ lunches on Fridays. That’s all it took to make Friday the most awesome day of the week for them, and of course it’s always the most awesome day of the week for me because of the Amazon Friday Sale.

Personally I think last week’s Candela lights are a little more versatile—you could just as easily leave them in your living room as in the nursery—but this week’s deal is fun for the kids and just $26 shipped.

Admittedly, as we search for a pet I have dogs on the brain, but I am totally throwing one of these in my cart today. Just because it makes me laugh.

Cheap, high-quality queen sheet sets? Check! (Or if you want to go to 1,000 thread count and/or want plain white sheets, get those for just about $12 more.)

Amazon must have a surplus of these Aerobed overnighters; this week the blue one is on sale.

Awww, look—it’s a 2-pack of imitation Snuggies. For when you care enough to cheap out on something creepy.

These rocks glasses are only a few dollars off (though it’d be hard to complain about 4 glasses for $15), but they’re so pretty. I sort of love them.

Once again, it’s everybody’s favorite breadmaker for under $90. And my blender for $52, which is more than I paid, and I just made our morning smoothies in it. (I just called into the other room, “How’s your smoothie?” and my son replied, “Gone!” so consider that a testimonial.)

Personally I think this wine pouring set is a little… ummm… fussy… but it’s down to under $10 and eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion, so might be worth it if you need little hostess gifts for some serious wine-drinkers as we head into the holiday season.

Eco-friendly disposable diapers? We didn’t have those back in my day. But they do now. Size 4s are down to $39.99 for the giant pack, or $33.15 with Subscribe & Save. (That’s quite a bit cheaper than the Seventh Generation ones, if you’re comparing.)

Don’t forget that there’s 50 different MP3 albums for just $5 each this month, so it’s a great time to pick up some new tunes.

Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. Okay Mir, How much did you pay for the blender?

    I’ve decided that’s the one that I want and I’m trying to decide if I buy it now or wait to find it somewhere else cheaper…

  2. I have been sleeping on 1,000+ thread count sheets for years now and I’m spoiled. And I LIKE being spoiled.

    But recently the elastic in my fitted sheets is starting to give up the ghost and few little wholes were appearing in the flat sheets and thus, I needed new ones.

    Mir to the rescue!!!! Thanks for making my Friday, friend.

  3. Don’t tease me with that Izze thing! I want those to go back on sale!!!

  4. I’m getting those Candela lights! They’re too fun.

  5. The sage 1000 tc sheets are only $56.11

  6. I think the brown snuggies can double for a nice “flasher” monk costume…

  7. I spent some quality time with that 50 MP3 albums for $5 last night. Some real goodies in there:

    Trisha Yearwood
    The Rolling Stones
    Diane Birch (a real treat!)
    Cheap Trick (!!)
    Baby Einstein
    Adam and the Ants

  8. Oh yeah…for those of you with Discover Cards, you can spend $20 of reward cash to get $25 in MP3 downloads at Amazon. It’s like free music, and legal, too.

  9. I just read my comment after a second cup of coffee and the number of typos are embarrassing. Gah!

  10. I’ve been wanting to try those diapers for my little guys sensitive bottom for a long time…. the sale, plus the free 2-day shipping made it totally worth spending a few dollars more than we usually do on Pampers!

  11. I am the snobbiest of the wine snobs … and I wouldn’t be caught dead with a pouring set. Since, you know, wine has been poured from its bottle without impediment for, you know, centuries.

    I also don’t understand wine stoppers. Pay $15 for a decorative wine stopper…or….drink the rest of the wine. Well, is that really a question?

  12. contemplating the blender – we gave ours (on its last legs anyway) to the daughter in college. She doesn’t have a car, so she can make margaritas all night long if she wants to.

  13. The wine poring set reminds of Dr. Brown(?) baby bottles that the baby drinks from and gets less gas….Is that what a wine pouring set is for? I can drink from the bottle and not get gas?

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