A brand new (tea) bag?

By Mir
September 15, 2009

Those of you who’ve been Want Notters for a long time know that I often sing the praises of PG Tips when it comes to tea. It’s cheap, it’s much fuller-bodied than Salada or other American teas, and I drink it all the time. (It helps that you can pretty much buy it in bulk from Amazon.)

But today’s Deal of the Day at Graveyard Mall may just cause me to try out something new; Oolong tea has long been touted for its incredible health benefits, and today you can get 60 bags for the cost of shipping ($5.99). Read the description on the site—they link you to information about Oolong tea, as well as assuring that the freshness dates will be over a year out.

And, uh, supposedly Oolong can help you lose weight. For $6, I think I’m in.

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  1. I’m in. Especially when I read it has 1/3 less caffeine than coffee. My Senseo will feel I’m deserting her though.

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