And speaking of Christmas

By Mir
September 17, 2009

… wait, were we speaking of Christmas? I thought we were.

[Insert standard disclaimer here about this being a Christian-themed post and not meant to offend non-Christians. If this isn’t your thing, I understand. But we’re all going to play nice and not get offended, yes?]

Today and tomorrow (through September 18th, 2009), go visit Family Christian to check out plenty of kids’ items at either a flat $5 off or 50% off. Then ramp up the savings with coupon code 1257020—it’ll give you an additional 25% off your entire order!

Jesus loved it when his disciples bought things on sale, I’m sure of it. (Uhhhh… was that thunder I just heard?)


  1. I have to admit that I’m offended by fact that you think I’m gonna play nice! Oh, wait. This isn’t a contest reminder post, is it? I guess I’ll play nice then 🙂

  2. ROFL with Beth:)

  3. Jesus tells us to be good stewards of our money. So my interpretation is…Jesus does not like us to pay retail. 🙂

  4. I was already going to say I loved “Jesus loved it when his disciples bought things on sale,” and then I read “Jesus does not like us to pay retail.” OMG, funny + funny.

    I notice Jesus was very thrifty with wine, loaves, and fishes.

  5. I just think it’s funny that Rosh Hashanna starts tomorrow. 😛

  6. I think I need to reread the Bible! You all make me laugh.

  7. Wow, we need a disclaimer to mention Christianity now? *shiver*

  8. It wouldn’t let me use the 25% off…was that for a certain $$ amount?

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