I may need more coffee. . .

By Mir
September 17, 2009

… but nonetheless, I posit that the booties in today’s Daily Deals at Target are too expensive at any price.

Furthermore, I suggest that the downfall of civilization as we know it comes via the bastardization of shoes. Ban the bootie! Shun the shootie!

Thanks. I feel better, now.


  1. But Mir, you’d look ever so hip wearing those sky high heels! That’s why I’m totally rushing out to buy a pair. (not)

  2. Holy mother of ugly…

  3. They look sort of dominatrix-y to me . . but you really have to go thigh-high to be a proper dominatrix. (oops, I apologize for the Google hits you’ll get now)

  4. Wow are those ugly.

  5. Eek.

  6. Personally, the simulated wood grain finish on the heel is my favorite part.

  7. Gives a whole new meaning to “Work boots” Dontcha think?

  8. Isn’t there an accompanying deal for the matching whip?

  9. These shoes are hideous!!

    Reminds me of my other hated shoes this year…the God-awful Gladiator-style pump. GAG!

  10. I concur. But the greatest travesty fashion has ever thrust in our faces is, IMHO, the peep-toed boot, or any other combination of boot and sandal. Just . . . wrong.

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