The drinks are on us

By Mir
September 19, 2009
Category Contests

I’ve run a contest or two for Bonefish Grill before, and it always seems to be pretty popular. What’s not to like, what with the awesome appetizers, amazing fish entrees, and—of course—the pomegranate martinis (my favorite). This weekend’s quickie contest prize won’t necessarily pay for your entire date night meal, but at least you can get a couple of drinks and maybe an appetizer.

That’s right, today you could win a $25 gift card to Bonefish. Are you the sort of person to turn down free? I don’t think so. You’re far too pretty for that.

Want to win it? First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 Pacific) on Sunday, September 20th, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and your ability to shake, not stir.

Ready? Go!


  1. Sounds tasty to me! 🙂

  2. Yummy! Count me in!

  3. i need some good eats

  4. Sign me up…Free is my favorite word!

  5. There is a Bonefish in my town, but I’ve never been there. Would love to try it!!!

  6. love that place!

  7. love that plac

  8. We have one here and I’d love to try it 🙂

  9. aye cap’n, give me yer booty! yer a fetchin’ lass, ain’tcha?

    uh, what? it’s talk like a pirate day!

  10. I love free food!

  11. Hungry now!

  12. bang bang shrimp!

  13. Yum!

  14. They have a gluten-free menu…

  15. Yum! Sounds great!

  16. Yummy – love that place!

  17. I love Bonefish — count me in.

  18. Ooh, yummy

  19. Pick me!!! Pick me!!!

  20. I’d love to try Bonefish Grille.

  21. I could use a night out, and this could be just the motivation I need…

  22. Love, love, love Bonefish!

  23. We’ve been wanting to try Bonefish, so this would be a good chance!

  24. YUM! Bang Bang Shrimp and martinis!! Count me in!

  25. I have been wanting to try this place forever. This may be the incentive I need. Thanks, as always, Mir.

  26. please!

  27. Mmm… this sounds like a great contest!

  28. Yum!

  29. I could use a cheap(er) date night, please!

  30. Third time’s the charm? Not to mention, number 30…come on stars, line up right for me! 😉

  31. I am not the type of person to turn down free!

  32. Me?

  33. ME. A gazillions times…ME!

  34. What a great contest! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  35. Yummy!

  36. I love to eat!

  37. Love their drinks and food!

  38. While I don’t do fish, I do enjoy the restaurant. Sign me up!

  39. My son loves Bonefish Grill!

  40. Had to go check and make sure there was one near us (we just moved) and there is, yipee!!

  41. Been meaning to go there – driven by but have never been in!

  42. Never been, but I’d love to try!

  43. I’d love an excuse to go. I need a date night.

  44. Mmmmmm!

  45. Never heard of Bonefish before but I’m a big fan of seafood.

  46. Never been to Bonefish before but there are a couple near my house. I would love to have a date night!!

  47. tasty!

  48. Keeping our fingers crossed!

  49. I love Bonefish, especially the Bang, Bang Shrimp.

  50. Yum! and Thanks!

  51. Please me!

  52. I’d love this.

  53. Mmmmmm, hungry…

  54. Yay fish!

  55. Yum! There is even one not too far from me!

  56. Free for me! YES! Thank you.

  57. I would love to try that place! Thanks!

  58. They just opened one 20 min. away!

  59. Cheers, Mir!

  60. We have one of those!

  61. if I win can you babysit? I have a 4yo, almost 2yo and a 3month old…. 🙂

  62. Love it!

  63. Could lightning strike twice? The firecracker shrimp or whatever they are called are gooood.

  64. yum!!

  65. Ooh free food is always good.

  66. sweet! i keep hoping to win this so I can try that place out.

  67. Another great contest, count me in!

  68. We would love this!

  69. Love Bonefish!

  70. I live their happy hour appetizer specials! Especially the calamari, mm mmm!

  71. Just found out there is a second one near us!

  72. Never been, but sounds yummy….$25 of free food would be a great reason to check it out 🙂

  73. Mmmmm, shrimp and scallop ceviche, here I come!

  74. ooooooh yes I’m in for this one! thank you

  75. I LOVE bonefish and my husband and I need a date night!

  76. Sounds fabulous!

  77. I have been dying to go there!

  78. I’ve always wanted to try this place. Deal me in!

  79. ME, ME, ME PLEASE! I have heard great things about Bonefish…would love to try it out!

  80. I would love to win!!! Thanks!

  81. Sounds good to me!

  82. One of these days, I may win! I would love this to be it – my husband & I’s 9th anniversary is approaching!

  83. please pick me

  84. Bonefish Grill yummy

  85. Sounds good!

  86. bang bang shrimp for our anniversary (9/20)???? sounds like a plan to me…

  87. Wow! I’d love to try Bone Fish!

  88. My birthday is Monday and I love the mango martini. Yummy!!

  89. We are newfound Bonefish lovers. I hope I win!

  90. Does it come with babysitting? No? Well, I guess I’d still love to try it!

  91. There is one by my parents house so I can finally enter these contests.

  92. Pick me please!!!

  93. Enter me please!

  94. If I win, I’ll have to drive to the other side of Cleveland :o)

  95. I’m chanting boneFISH! boneFISH! boneFISH! Do you feel me?

  96. Yum – I would love to win this!

  97. bonefish just opened down the road from me— i love them!

  98. oh yeah, count me in!

  99. Free sounds great to me!

  100. YUM!

  101. Yummy. We even have one near us. Thanks.

  102. Always wanted to try it!

  103. I’ve never been. Love to try it!

  104. Love it!

  105. Sounds good to me!

  106. Yum! This would be great!

  107. Yum yum yum!

  108. I love bang bang shrimp!

  109. I love Bonefish!

  110. Does something smelly fishy? I love that smell, pick me!

  111. WE need an excuse to celebrate!

  112. Seriously, you need to try their raspberry martini! Oh yummy!!! Though My DH loves the Hypnotic martini… coconute and pineapple concoction that it is.

  113. Sounds yummy; please enter me!

  114. Don’t have one around my area, but we are heading south on vaca in a couple weeks and I see there are some on our route. Would love to try it

  115. Sounds fishy to me, but wonderful.

  116. I’ve been dying to try this place. Wish me luck.

  117. We LOVE Bonefish!!

  118. oooh yeah

  119. sounds scrumptious. please please and thanks!

  120. we’ve never been there but would love to try it! thanks!

  121. The Girl and her date went there for Prom last year. I’ve never been, but she gave it great reviews.

  122. This would be perfect for my wedding anniversary next month!

  123. Hubby and I are in dire need of a date night! This gift card would be such a treat! Thanks for another great contest Mir!

  124. I want some Bang Bang Shrimp, Crab Cakes and a bottle of shiraz at the far end of the bar where I can see who comes in the door.

  125. I’ve only been there once, but I loved it!

  126. I had my first (legal) drink at Bonefish; a Chocolate Raspberry martini. Yummy!

  127. Pick me!

  128. hey, I’m single–$25 is more than enough! 🙂

  129. Sounds wonderful! Thanks!

  130. Yum!

  131. sounds yummy!

  132. Love Bonefish. Great Food. Hope to go!

  133. I was just telling my partner that we need to check Bonefish out. Perfect timing!

  134. I’ve never been but would love to try it!

  135. I looovvvvvveeeee to eat 🙂

  136. Well, I don’t have a BFG in my state let alone near me (boo!), but I have a friend who lives near one. I’ll be a stellar friend and send it to her just because if I win.

  137. Sounds good to me!

  138. Yummy! I’ve only been to Bonefish once but I would LOVE to go back.

  139. Bonefish Grill is a favorite girls night out spot – love it!

  140. Is it too early in the day to be excited about a pomegranate martini?

  141. I’ve never been there but heard it’s awesome.

  142. I want to go to Bonefish just for the pomegranate martini!!

  143. I still haven’t tried Bonefish Grill. It may take a gift card to remind me 😉

  144. I just saw a new bonefish grill…would love to give it a try!

  145. Love Bonefish!!

  146. Pick me!

  147. We’d love to have a date night at Bonefish, oh lovely and eloquent Mir.

  148. Please pick me!

  149. I haven’t tried Bonefish Grill yet and could really use a drink right about now!

  150. pick me! i love bonefish

  151. I could sure use that martini…oh and a good fish dinner.

  152. I loves me some Bonefish!

  153. Loved our visit to Bonefish, a few months ago! Actually, our shrimp appetizer was our favorite part of the meal, aside from the deliciouso pomegranate martinis, that is! LOL Unfortunately, the only way we can *afford* those sinful delights is by winning them, so here’s hoping. 🙂

  154. I’d love to win. There is one by my husbands office – and it would make for the perfect excuse to go meet him for lunch!

  155. Throwing my hat in the ring!!

  156. There’s a Bonefish not too far from my office. Sure would be a nice treat!

  157. Yummy!

  158. yum! pick me!

  159. Oo! Pick Me! Pick Me!

  160. Mir,
    How sweet of you to offer such a delicious prize! It would be wonderful treat to win the gift card!!!

  161. I’ll take a pomegranate martini.

  162. meeeee

  163. bang bang on the door (of Bonefish).

  164. This sounds fabulous!

  165. 166 that’s a lucky number !!! pick me

  166. Never been. Clearly I need to experience this :D!

  167. Yum, thanks, Mir and Bonefish!

  168. yummy!

  169. Sounds yummy!

  170. Always wanted to try Bonefish. I’m in!

  171. I am not the kind of girl to turn down free, thank you for noticing.

  172. A good reason to ge out of the house!

  173. Yes please. We’ve been there once for our anniversary, it was divine!

  174. Thank you, I am way too pretty to now like free. Please enter me!

  175. Sounds like date night!

  176. Sounds wonderful!

  177. My fave!!!!! Thank you.

  178. count me in please!

  179. I’d love to go!

  180. Really good fish that I don’t have to cook? Yes!

  181. YUMMY!

  182. I’ll have a pomegranate martini in your honor! 🙂

  183. I’m thirsty!

  184. I could really use the martinis!!

  185. Mmm, love Bonefish!

  186. Oh how I could use some time with my hubby and a good dish to chat over!

  187. Come on lucky number 188!!!

  188. I’d never pass up an excuse to spend some alone time with my husband!

  189. Thanks!

  190. Yum–we could really use a date night!

  191. Love it – thanks!

  192. The nearest one is a ways away, but yum! It’s worth a shot and sounds deelish- and I’m finally old enough to have a pomegranate martini!

  193. yum!

  194. Sounds wonderful! Thanks for another great contest!

  195. Never tried Bonefish, but a pomegranate martini sounds AWESOME!!! Give me some!

  196. Yum!

  197. Don’t care for fish, but free drinks sounds great!

  198. love me some bonefish!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. I love this kind of contest! Hopefully, this is my time to win!

  200. i would be very unselfish for once and give this to my brother to use 🙂

  201. At this point, since we’ve had no “date night” in a very long time, a date night consisting of appetizers and a drink (or seven) sounds great! And having a gift card with which to pay for it (or, with seven drinks, a fraction of it…)? Fabulous!

  202. never been there! Would love to try it!

  203. Yum! We haven’t been there in a few years, and would love to go again.

  204. Would love to try Bonefish. Sign me up!

  205. We haven’t eaten out in months. I’d love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  206. We would love to try that restaurant!

  207. oohhh- love Bonefish!! Would love to win!!

  208. yummmmmmmmmm

  209. love Bonefish!

  210. I want to go.

  211. Would love to go. Baby #3 is coming in a few weeks and one more date night would be wonderful!!!

  212. Sounds delicious!

  213. I haven’t been there in a long time but it was yummy when I was there. Pick me!!

  214. YUMMY!

  215. yum yum. Hope i win

  216. Free food, please!

  217. I’m in! We love bonefish.


  219. Got one just a couple miles away… this would be a fabulous date night!

  220. Sounds perfect!

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