Don’t sacrifice green for clean

By Mir
September 21, 2009
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I love eco-friendly cleaners that actually work. Because—let’s face it—sometimes they don’t. And even when they work, I don’t always necessarily love the price tag.

But I’ve gushed here before about EcoStore USA and their assortment of earth-friendly products. Most recently I tested out their toilet cleaner and their oxygen whitener. Despite my love of harsher products for guaranteed results, I found both of these cleaners to work just as well as their more toxic counterparts, all without the fumes (and guilt!) that tend to come with bleach. Awesome.

Now it’s your turn to try ’em out, if you haven’t before. One lucky Want Not reader is going to receive a $25 e-gift certificate for use at Ecostore USA, to spend on any products you’d like. They’re running a 2-for-1 special right now on orders of $50+, too, if you’re wanting to stock up!

Want to win it? Of course you do! First go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and carbon footprint.

And if eco’s your game, be sure to check out their blog and sign up for their monthly newsletter, too.

Ready? Go!


  1. awesome contest

  2. Love it!

  3. I’ve been wanting to try their stuff for awhile. Free would be a great way to start!

  4. Cool contest!

  5. Great contest. Count me in please.

  6. Neat! Pick me!

  7. Would love to try them out.

  8. We’re always looking for new/better cleaning products. This would be awesome!

  9. Would love to win. I hate it when the natural products don’t work well.

  10. I’m in. I’d love to try it.

  11. I guess winning this would require I actually clean, right :-)?

  12. enter me please!

  13. ooh that would be fantastic

  14. Pick me!

  15. I would love to try!

  16. I’m pretty good at improvising green cleaning from a host from stuff I’ve got under my sink — dish liquid, vinegar, baking soda. But I love trying anything new. And free. And green. Count me in!

  17. Going for it…

  18. A way to clean and be green. Count me in!

  19. I’m excited that good green cleaners are out there! I don’t have the elbow grease power that I used to for the old baking soda and vinegar routine!

  20. Pick me

  21. I have a horrible bleach addiction I’d like to break…
    Hope I win!

  22. I’d love to try out some green cleaners. I’ve been too cheap up to this point.

  23. Hope I win!

  24. Please, pretty Mir?

  25. Would love to try it!

  26. Pick me please

  27. Would love to try these products!

  28. Happy to try new eco-friendly products.

  29. Please enter me!

  30. I’m running out of my non-green cleaners. Perfect time to try new eco-friendly ones!

  31. I’m always up for new cleaners!

  32. Fantastic!

  33. Sign me up! I’m always happy to find more environmentally friendly cleaners.

    Thanks, Mir!

  34. My girls are almost always around when I clean. I’d love to not worry about that! Thanks.

  35. I would love this!

  36. Pick me!

  37. I would love to try some new products!

  38. We’d love to give this a try.

  39. I’m always up for trying something more environmentally friendly – sign me up!

  40. That sounds great. My hubby seems to think eco-friendly products never clean well enough so I’d love to prove him wrong – ha!

  41. I’d love to try these!

  42. I would love to try it – and free would be even better!

  43. I’ve wanted to try them, but feared getting burned.

  44. Thanks for the chance! Sounds great!

  45. Definitely need to be cleaner around here!

  46. Sounds great. I’d love to try these.

  47. Would love to try them!

  48. Yay cleaners! If I win, does that mean I have to clean? :0

  49. Woo! I just started cloth diapering.

  50. Well I have some work to do on my carbon footprint so I’m sure this would help!

  51. Did someone say cleaner???

  52. I would love to try these products. I am always looking for an eco-friendly cleaner that works!

  53. Ah an eco cleaner that works? Cool.

  54. I need me some cleaner!

  55. I have a carbon toe print I’m so eco-friendly!

  56. Pick me please!! I always hesitate to buy Eco Cleaners because I don’t want to spend the money on something that may not work.

  57. Oh I would be so happy to try something that actually works! I mean my vinegar/water spray is awesome, but doesn’t exactly leave my grout sparkling.

  58. I want to try some new green cleaners!

  59. It’s not easy being Green — so I would love to try these…because face it, not everything can be cleaned with vinegar.

  60. This is a great contest – I have been looking for some good green cleaners and this could be the answer. Thanks!

  61. Would love more green in my home with 4 human and 12 other legs 🙂

  62. this would be great – love green products!

  63. i would love to try their products!

  64. Sounds green and clean to me! I could use some new cleaning items.

  65. Oooh cool contest! Thanks Mir!

  66. I would really like to get rid of my bleach and try some new products!

  67. Awesome! I’m planning to move into my own apartment soon and this would go a long way toward helping me with my goal of only using green cleaning products there.

  68. i have a need to clean. Well, my house needs to be cleaned. I guess they’re not the same thing….

  69. Hmmm…fume-free cleaning.

  70. wow! thanks!

  71. I like using eco-friendly cleaning products. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  72. would love to try it!

  73. We’re trying to be more water-friendly with our cleaners, so this would be wonderful to try. We’re a bit wary of just buying certain things without knowing whether they’ll work. That’s how we ended up with a cabinet full of chemicals previously!


  74. Always on the look-out for cleaners that won’t kill us on the way to keeping us healthy!

  75. My son has asthma, always looking for better products.

  76. Not a huge fan of Method brand from Target, so I’d love some new stuff to try!!

  77. I could really use some new cleaning products!

  78. sounds good.

  79. would love to win 🙂

  80. I would love to try some new products…for free! That’s my favorite price range.

  81. Count me in please.

  82. I would love to completely get away from bleach!!!

  83. Oh, please!

  84. I’m a cleaning product and office supply junkie, this sounds great!

  85. i love safe cleaners!

  86. Green products are also not as hard on the sinuses and lungs! They’re great, and it’s great that they’re becoming more affordable with so many companies having the options now.

  87. Having four young kids in the house has been my motivation to switch to safer cleaners!

  88. Would love to use these products!

  89. Thanks Mir!

  90. Oh, I’d love to try them. Somehow I often don’t feel that vinegar is really doing the job.

  91. This sounds great, thanks Mir!

  92. would love to try some of these products!

  93. I’ll give them a try

  94. neat giveaway!

  95. Sounds like a good product. 🙂

  96. This would rule!

  97. My apartment is currently a fiasco, so this would be great….

  98. Sounds fabulous!

  99. Thanks for thinking of us and the environment!

  100. Sounds like good stuff!

  101. Would love to try some of it for free. Thanks!

  102. I’m keen on Green and Clean!

  103. Oooh their shampoos and conditioners look nice!

  104. thanks! I would love to try these out.

  105. Me memememememememe!!!

  106. I majorly need to break my chemical habit!

  107. Oh, I would love to win this! I make most of my own cleaners, but need something that will really clean the shower and don’t want to use bleach. Thanks!

  108. Fantastic!

  109. I’d love to try their stuff.

  110. Would love to try.

  111. I’d love to try some of these products.

  112. I really like EcoStore. I’d love to win this gift cert.

  113. sounds good to me

  114. very interested!!!

  115. Not that I want to clean, but these do sound like great products. Maybe I can get my kids to help . . .

  116. Wow…

  117. These sound great!

  118. Yeah!

  119. Perfect!

  120. Guess I’d have to clean if I won…but…OKAY, I’m in! 😉

  121. wow!

  122. Awesome, I’d love to win it. Though I’d have to clean… hrm. Yeah, I’d still love to win it. I think. 😛

  123. Me, me!!

  124. awesome, i love trying new cleaners especially eco cleaners!

  125. Sounds excellent.

  126. New cleaning products might just motivate me to clean the house more often…

  127. And do they make cleaning fun too? Oh, well, I had to ask. My kids love to help me clean and it would be nice to not have to hover and worry about the chemicals.

  128. I love eco cleaners and would love to win!

  129. I’d like to give them a try, but it’s $12 for a little over two pounds of laundry additive. I make my own laundry soap and can get three gallons from $3 worth of materials.

  130. I’d love to go green when I eventually get around to clean 🙂

  131. Ooooo, me, me, me pretty Mir.

  132. Mmmmm… Coconut Soap… must. not. eat.

  133. Pick me!

  134. Please?!!!

  135. love this contest!

  136. Perfect.

  137. I would like to try this stuff!

  138. Yeah! Thanks – Jessica

  139. I’d love to win!

  140. Green me, pretty Mir verde!!

  141. sounds cool, thanks Mir!

  142. sounds cool, thanks Mir!

  143. Love love love eco!

  144. Great contest and I am off to check out their website now.

  145. Pick me! I would love this!

  146. That would be awesome! Thanks, Mir.

  147. I have those same reservations about whether eco cleaning products really work so this would be a great push to get me to give them a try.

  148. As well as bleach? This, I gotta try!

  149. Sweet! Thank you!

  150. I hate to clean, but if I must spend my time doing it, I want it to be done right! I’d love to try these products!

  151. Oh please pick number 151!! Pretty please…!??!!

  152. With 3 small kids, I’m always on the look-out for natural cleaners that WORK!

  153. ME… ME…. pLEASE….

  154. Ooh, cleaning products that won’t make me cough and gag while cleaning? Sign me up!!

  155. I’d love to stop using bleach – pick me!

  156. Now if only this came with someone to actually clean the house so it wouldn’t have to be me!

  157. Sign me up – thanks!

  158. Would love to try their stuff! Thanks!

  159. cool, I love green cleaning products and I haven’t tried out them yet.

  160. With fall cleaning going on now, what a great bonus to try these products.

  161. Pick Me! 😀

  162. I would love to find out if something green would clean my bathroom. We have water ISSUES and the bathroom bears the brunt of it. Ick.

  163. I have asthma and would LOVE to find out if these products would work for me!

  164. Do they smell good? I am wanting something green with a good, clean smell….

  165. Count me in!

  166. Would love to try them!

  167. pick me

  168. Would love to win cleaners!

  169. I’d love to try their products – count me in!

  170. Would love to try them out.

  171. Groovy prize!

  172. Great contest!

  173. Count me in.

  174. Oooh, I want in on this one!!

  175. awesome, would love to try their products

  176. I am intrigued – green and effective? I’d love to try it!

  177. My house would love to be clean!

  178. Great contest. Count me in.

  179. Ooh, green and effective! I’m in.

  180. Would love to win!

  181. My husband will thank you. 😉

  182. I’ve been trying to find effective green cleaners, would love to try some products.

  183. I’d like to be more GREEN. Thanks for the contest.

  184. would love to try these, thanks!

  185. Agreed… cleaners that WORK! This would be fantastic.

  186. It would be great to try these for FREE!!

  187. Just like everyone else here, I’d love to try these.

  188. Thanks Mir!

  189. I’d love to give this stuff a try. Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  190. I would love to give these a try!

  191. Me please.

  192. Eco friendly + free = awesome.

  193. I’m always on the search for good earth friendly products!

  194. of course i’d love to win!

  195. loving eco-friendly cleaning products. Especially if they work!

  196. Awesome! We are in the process of a “spring” cleaning in the fall, so these products would be terrific.

  197. I would love to try these products.

  198. Clean machine!

  199. me me me!

  200. Free would be a great way to try these products!

  201. Cool. Winning would be nice!

  202. Yes Please.

  203. I want to win, but… ugh more cleaning = )

  204. Free cleaning is better than expensive!

  205. pick me!

  206. Just call me Kermit!

  207. might actually try cleaning if I won!

  208. I totally can not do chemical cleaners…my sinuses go hay wire and I get an upset tummy from the fumes. So, I am always looking for non-toxic cleaners. Thanks for the chance.

  209. Thanks for a great giveaway! I would love to try their products.

  210. Would be great to try!

  211. I’m a nurse, and I bleach. Show me something new that works as well

  212. Would probably make my septic tank happy too!

  213. I would love to win this one, my son is allergic to all those chemicals in the regular stuff.

  214. Count me in, please. I’m trying to be more green!

  215. Cool! It will make cleaning all the more satisfying.

  216. Would love to try these products out.

  217. Sounds like an incentive to clean 🙂

  218. thanks for the contest! I love me some green cleaners esp now with a wee one in the house.

  219. Count me in!

  220. please me, this time!

  221. I would love to try them!

  222. Why I love green cleaners: I can clean the bathroom sink and toilet while my toddler splashes in the bathtub! Don’t ask when the bathtub gets cleaned…

  223. Oh, Pretty Mir. thank you for all you do to keep us from spending too much money.

  224. Would love to give it a try! thanks!

  225. This I could use!

  226. Excellent. Thanks!

  227. This might tempt me to upgrade from my vinegar/baking soda cleaning regimen!

  228. oooooh, pick me! I’ve yet to try any green products (expect the vinegar/baking soda combo and salt. Did u know salt is great for scrubbing at caked on gunk?) Anyway, pick me!

  229. I would love to try this brand, what a great way to experiment with green options!


  231. No time like the present to go green!

  232. Green me up, Scotty! (/nerd)

    Oh, who am I kidding? There is no end to the nerdiness.

  233. ECOunt me in!

  234. win!

  235. Free is always good.

  236. I have BIG feet, but little carbon footprints 😉

  237. Eco is my game. I’ve been a pretty earth friendly for a long time but using eco friendly cleaning products since having my girls 5 years ago. Chemicals = ick!

    Did not know about this site so thanks. I am going to go look and make a wish list.

  238. I haven’t tried any green cleaners yet and would love to win this contest!

  239. Would love to try this!

  240. I’d love to try this! thanks

  241. Less guilt and fumes are good for me!

  242. I am IN LOVE with their coconut soap. PLEASE pick me!!!

  243. would love it!

  244. Suddenly developed a reaction to Windex, so this would be awesome.

  245. thanks Mir!

  246. I don’t *think* I entered already. If I did, I blame the cold meds.

  247. I like clean! Cleaning, not so much — but this prize sounds great!

  248. Have to clean, right?

  249. This would be excellent!

  250. Ooh, I’ve been eyeing their store for a while now.

  251. pick me!!!

  252. would LOVE to win!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  253. i would love the chance to win

  254. ooh! I just made it! heading over to check out their site right now…

  255. going green would be awesome for this!

  256. Ohh, I love the method products, and would love for something to replace my toliet bowl cleaner, but haven’t been able to find a green one that works. Pick me, pick me! 🙂

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