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By Mir
September 26, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Goood morning! It’s raining again. Thank goodness—those twelve inches we got last week just left me thirsty for more. Ahem.

Today is Free Museum Day! This is your chance to get a little bit of culture on the cheap.

Hey, remember the Amazon deal on maple syrup, where everything sold out just about immediately? It’s baaaaaack! Items have been restocked, and between 35% off coupon BASCOM35 and the 15% off you’ll get with Subscribe & Save, you’re looking at some uber-cheap genuine maple syrup. I’m stocking up (particularly as I’ve finally found the gluten-free pancake recipe I love).

Also at Amazon, today’s Gold Box Deal is the Sirius Stiletto 2 radio for just $100 shipped. Apparently this is a very cool item if you do the satellite radio thing; I don’t, but my husband began salivating when this unit came out, so that probably means something. Park it in your house or car for use like a regular satellite receiver, or take it on the go like your favorite MP3 player. Pretty nifty.

$15 Pro-Keds are back at this weekend! Cute, cute, cute.

The weekend sale is on at Kohls, with standard $.99 shipping per item. Kohls card holders can use coupon code BEST4MVC15 for another 15% off and THISIS4FREE for free shipping. No Kohls card? Use NEW2757 for an additional 10% off, anyway.

I wouldn’t say this is something anyone should go out and buy on a whim, but if you’ve been pricing one of these out, today may be your day: Today (September 26th, 2009) only, get $100 off the Margaritaville Explorer Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker. It’s normally $300, but today if you use coupon code CHILLIN100 it comes down to $200. (No, I’m not buying one. Yes, I will totally come over and admire yours if you do.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get started on that ark….


  1. I would love to know your gluten-free pancake recipe.

  2. Just an FYI the free shipping coupon code is: THISIS4FREE

  3. I got the coolest Keds! Thanks for the hint.

  4. I would love to get that pancake recipe too. My family is gluten free (my oldest son has a gluten intolerance) Please share! 😎 Oh and thanks for the awesome website!

  5. Thanks for the maple syrup here – it kills me to pay southern grocery store prices for it when we run out of the Christmas Gift from the sister in Massachusetts where it doesn’t cost a fortune! Now I’m all stocked up 🙂

  6. I was one of the few who got in on that maple syrup earlier this month. Oh my word, it’s divine. I’m off to buy more.

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