I forgive you, Friday

By Mir
October 2, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Well. Last week’s Amazon Friday Sale was… lackluster, at best. But Friday says it didn’t mean to do us wrong! It says this time, things will be better! And I want to believe it. Maybe this week we can make the magic happen, Friday…?

Well let’s just see… there’s this leather chair and ottoman set for $300 delivered, which is probably close to what you’d pay for just the ottoman, elsewhere, so that’s not a bad deal. Though I’d hardly recommend leather furniture as an impulse buy, you understand.

And this firepit is as low as I’ve seen it go, at $130, and the season is just right for it now. Again, not something you’d want to pick up “just because,” but if you’ve been looking for one….

Apparently these Coolaroo beds are quite revered in the dog world (oh, the things, I’m learning). The medium and large sizes are marked way down today, though the small seems to still be regular price.

Awww, they brought back the dream supreme pillow 2-pack! That’s right, Amazon, stick to what works. $11 apiece for good pillows is a deal worthy of you. As is this queen Aerobed for $60. Nice work!

I love these wine glasses. And not just because they’re 56% off. (The white wine goblets are the most heavily discounted, but other styles are on sale as well.)

It’s the triumphant return of everyone’s favorite breadmaker!

Today’s Gold Box Deal is a in-wall MartinLogan speaker, and when it comes to audio stuff my eyes tend to glaze over, but apparently this is 1) a good brand and 2) a great price. One of you audiophiles correct me if I’m mistaken.

And don’t forget that there’s a whole new batch of MP3 albums for $5 each to celebrate the new month, too. It’s a great, cheap way to get your tunes on.

Well, Friday Sale… I think you and I are going to be okay. Remember this the next time you want to do a whole sale filled with binders and wood clamps, mmmkay?


  1. How could you miss the black leather bed? 🙂

  2. That reminds me: I think I need to bake bread. The day just feels right.

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