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By Mir
October 3, 2009
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Goooood morning! The sun is shining and the coffee is flowing freely. And all God’s people said amen. (Or would’ve, if they weren’t face-down in their coffee.)

Shopping today? Let’s see what we can find.

You have through the end of the month to shop Red Envelope and save more the more you spend—get 10% off any order, 15% off $80+, or 20% off orders of $125 (it’s automatic through that there link).

Don’t forget that the Nintendo Wii is still just $199 shipped with a free $25 gift card at Amazon. Buy now, feel smug when all your friends are scrambling over holiday shopping! Also, don’t forget that the new month brings new monthly grocery specials, like deals on Halloween candy. Just sayin’. has a slew of great weekend deals, including incredible savings on Privo and Patagonia. Woo!

I’m loving this pair of linked smoke detectors at for $50; if one sounds, they both do, plus it’s a voice alarm rather than an ear-piercing beep. (For reference: This is half the current Amazon price.)

It’s Today Only Day at ShopNBC, and while there’s a bunch of expensive watches and such, there’s also some good deals on make-up and sheets. Apparently “Today Only” is code for “odd assortment.” Who knew?

Can you believe that has been around for 10 years already?? I can’t. But they’re having a blowout 10th Anniversary Celebration with daily deals and more ways to save. Today’s Screaming Deal is a 4″ memory foam topper for $85.

The big Fall Sale at Save on Bras, Panties, Men’s Underwear and more! Sale ends 10.06.09.Fall Sale at Bare Necessities is in full swing, so it’s a great time to get something pretty to wear underneath your something pretty. Ahem.

There will be a contest either later on today or early tomorrow morning; depends on how lazy I end up being. How’s that for honest?

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  1. Santa’s bringing a Wii this year. Thanks for the tip!

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