Unique gifts, every time

By Mir
October 12, 2009
Category Contests

While it’s clear to anyone who’s spent five seconds on this site that I’m all about the bargain, I’m also blessed (or cursed, depending on your point of view…) with expensive taste. I don’t want cheap, crummy stuff. I want cool, pricey stuff for less money. I think that’s fair.

And so many of you know that I’m something of a fool for Red Envelope; they carry unusual items, always offer up great gift ideas, and while not exactly cheap, they do tend to have pretty decent sales. I have a gorgeous candelabra from there sitting on my dining room table, and I probably act like it was a lot more expensive than it was when people compliment me on it. (Oh, who am I kidding. I squeal, “I got such a good deal on it!” when people compliment me on it. I can’t help myself.)

Of course, the only thing better than bargain shopping is… free shopping. How would you like a $75 gift certificate to go buy yourself something pretty at Red Envelope? Because one lucky Want Not reader is going to win one this week!

Want to play? First, go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and ability to fold a piece of paper into exact thirds.

Ready? Go!


  1. Me! Because I am not exactly cheap either!


  2. I love red envelope & a bargain!!

  3. Awesome! Count me in 🙂

  4. Fancy!

  5. I’d love this!!! 🙂

  6. That would be great!

  7. meeeeee

  8. Nice!

  9. Me! Christmas is coming.

  10. I’ve never treated myself to Red Envelope… yet?

  11. Ooh! Free is good! And my entire family saved their birthdays for right before the holidays. This could help, because none of them will change their birthdate to accomodate my wallet. Ungrateful wretches.

  12. I love Red Envelope.

  13. I love that site! What fun!

  14. I’d love to win it. Lucky #13!

  15. I love that site!!!

  16. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!

  17. Today’s my 30th birthday….that would be just the thing to cheer me up!

  18. Oh wheee! Pick me!

  19. I could really use this!

  20. I hope my number comes up the lucky winner this time!

  21. oh, how I love red envelope! This would really help with holiday shopping.

  22. me please

  23. I’m spatially challenged, so chances of folding things into exact thirds aren’t good. Hopefully the random number generator likes me…

  24. Their stuff is so fun!

  25. please!

  26. I hope I am on the random generator’s good side today!

  27. Please pick me!

  28. I love Red Envelope. Count me in!

  29. This would be great for Christmas shopping…

  30. Love Red Envelope, and I would love to get a jump on some gift giving for freee (Said like Adam Sandler in “Bedtime Stories”).

  31. Oooh…I just went and looked at the site…apparently I have expensive taste, too. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Love that catalog! I bet I bought my mom that same candelabra!

  33. Oooh! Sign me up for this one!

  34. Ooo, random number generator, pick me!

  35. Ooh something shiny!

  36. Thanks Mir!

  37. LOVE Red Envelope!

  38. please please pick me 🙂

  39. I won’t start shopping until I win!

  40. I want some new pretty!

  41. I love Red Envelope – found several wonderful Christmas gifts there last year. Thanks for the reminder, and the chance to win.

  42. Sign me up, too (funny how there’s another Erin right above!)

  43. I could surely put this to good use!

  44. “Happy Anniversary to me” if I win! MKW

  45. Pick me! I promise to spend all $75 in the sale section!

  46. Go random number generator…go! and PS- your rules & regs are entertaining! 🙂

  47. Sounds awesome!

  48. Oooh I love Red Envelope! Thanks!

  49. I can fold a piece of paper into a flying bird, does that count?

  50. Oooh, me, please!!!

  51. Wow, pick me please. I love red envelope!!!!!!

  52. I would love to win this.

  53. I would love this!!!

  54. pick me plz!

  55. Oooh me!!! Me me me!

  56. Ahh, totally up for a spoiled mommy moment!!

  57. Love their stuff!! Maybe along with that gift cert I could win someone to come put up a beautiful wall hanging I won from them? 🙂 Just dreamin!

  58. thanks Mir~!

  59. Love me some Red Envelope!

  60. I feel better about compliments I receive on things I got a good deal on!

  61. Red Envelope: It’s the reddest and envelopiest site ever!

  62. …how bout…ME!?

  63. me me me!

  64. I love Red Envelope!

  65. Lovely. And how nice it would be to treat myself to something for a change!

  66. i have mad folding skills!
    pick me!!!! pick me!!!!!

  67. I love this contest! Thanks Mir!

  68. Oh, heck, yeah! Red Envelope for me please!

  69. me me me! I have a boyfriend with a birthday coming up and he’s got more expensive taste than me even…

  70. I love Red Envelope but hardly ever shop there (a bit pricey). Would love to win!

  71. I would love it!!!

  72. I have been eying this beautiful necklace on that site for a while…I would love to be able to afford it!

  73. Awesome!

  74. Pick me, pick me- I love Red Envelope and have ordered from them before. There are always things in their catalog that I would like to have.

  75. Meeeeeee!

  76. I would love pretty free things!!!

  77. Please!

  78. I LOVE Red Envelope. Have you seen their beautiful gift wrapping? Could so use some luck this week.

  79. oooh, I love Red Envelope, but can’t afford to shop there anymore! And you’re very pretty.

  80. Oh my yes please.

  81. I’m in!

  82. Love Red Envelope!

  83. Thank you!

  84. Pretty please with sugar on top. And a cherry.

  85. I have never ordered from them but I have drooled over the catalog. Does that count as true love?

  86. Thank you for offering this. Now if I could only win!

  87. Please enter me!

  88. ooooooooooooooo

  89. Pick me!

  90. I see lots of pretty things I’d like to have!

  91. *Exact* thirds? Yikes! I’m usually close enough to get it into an envelope though, even a Red one… 😉

  92. I have the same kind of taste as you – alas, I rarely shop for myself. It would be fun to win, but I still think I’d spend it on friends and family – I am wired weird. ;P

  93. That would be so awesome…

  94. #93 does number 93 ever win? I hope so :o)

  95. Love this!

  96. I love Red Envelope! Last year I hinted strongly for my bday (which is on xmas, so that alone is a reason to win) for a necklace from here and I got it! Too bad I can’t wear it right now b/c I have a grabby 8 month old, but soon… 🙂

  97. Yes please! Thanks Mir!

  98. I do the same things with deals. I can’t help but tell about them. this would be a major score. 🙂

  99. eeek! Yes, please!

  100. Oh redenvelope, I’ve missed you sooooo

  101. Ooh, I love them, too! Thanks.

  102. count me in!

  103. I love that store!

  104. I love Red Envelope! I’m always on a tight budget though, so I’ve never been able to purchase from them. Great Giveaway!

  105. Christmas shopping!

  106. My step-daughter looooooves Red Envelope…imagine what a great Christmas gift I could get her with that certificate!

  107. I love Red Envelope. I bought a beautiful “100 good wishes” quilt from there for my nephew’s first born. Thanks!

  108. Keeping my fingers crossed! Fabulous contest, Mir!

  109. I have never bought anything from that site due to the expense, but everything looks pretty cool. I would love to win!

  110. Sounds fun!

  111. Yes!!

  112. Yes please 🙂

  113. Me please! I need something pretty!

  114. My birthday is coming up, so this would ensure that I get a gift!!!

  115. Oooh yes please!

  116. Wow, that was my first time browsing Red Envelope. They really do have unique items.

  117. Count me in as a huge RE fan!

  118. I’m always up for a contest. Sign me up, Mir.

  119. This would be great!

  120. Yes please!

  121. This would be awesome!

  122. Yes, please!

  123. I am in need of a treat for me!!

  124. They have such wonderful things and I love FREE! Thanks for all the good things Mir!

  125. They have some beautiful items, I’d love to win.

  126. They have great gifts. Thanks!

  127. I *heart* Red Envelope! I’d love to win!!!!

  128. Gifts are good…

  129. I would love this!!

  130. Pick me! Pick me!

  131. hope I win!

  132. I’m in!

  133. That would be great!

  134. I LOOOOOVE red envelope!

  135. Oooh, pick me!

  136. Oh, I love Red Envelope! When I was in middle school (back in the dark ages) I was pretty good at origami, so I guess I can give the paper folding a shot. 🙂

  137. Great, just in time for holiday shopping. Thanks

  138. Pick me. I need to make a first purchase at RE. 😀

  139. Free is AWESOME!

  140. Me Me!

  141. I’ve never shopped there. This would be good encouragement.

  142. Love that place! 🙂

  143. Fun giveaway!

  144. I HEART Red Envelope!

  145. Something pretty is always a treat.

  146. WOuld be great for Christmas. Thanks!

  147. Pick me please, I need more Christmas Presents.

  148. please let it be me. Because I love pretty, pretty things. For pretty, pretty girls!

  149. me me me me me me me!!!!

  150. awwww…just the amount for Secret Santa exchange. I’ll bet my Secret Santa would love something from Red Envelope.
    Thanks pretty Mir.

  151. This would be awesome for Christmas shopping – and if I bought myself something too, it could just be from Santa…

  152. Oh me! I’ve got an anniversary coming up and this would be a BIG help!
    You are so pretty Mir!

  153. My MIL will thank you!

  154. Red Envelope is great! thanks Mir.

  155. I could use a little pretty in my life right now!

  156. Pick me, Pick me…I would like (really really love) to win!!

  157. christmas will be here soon…

  158. I have received some pretty cool gift from Red Envelope, but have never shopped there myself, this would be a great way to do a little Christmas shopping!

  159. I can totally fold paper into thirds!

  160. Ooh, I like pretty things. Please sign me up!

  161. Sweet! I’ve got a bracelet from RE that needs a necklace partner!

  162. Sweet! It’s such a fun catalog!

  163. Red Envelope has such interesting things. I love it! Fingers crossed!

  164. I love to shop. Pick me!

  165. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  166. I’ve never bought anything from there, but I’d love to pick something out!

  167. nice

  168. Free shopping! Yay!

  169. I’m just back from my millionth shopping trip in yet another failed attempt to find that elusive creature, reasonably maternity jeans that fit, are comfortable, and stay up.

    I could really use a reason to shop for something fun, Please!

  170. Pick me!

  171. Please? Thank you!

  172. How fun, I love RE!

  173. fabulous! thank you.

  174. sounds good to me!

  175. Ooh! I love their stuff – well, I love looking at their stuff because I am a cheapskate. Also – I am good at folding. =)

  176. Love it!

  177. hmm Christmas is coming early?

  178. I would love to have this. Count me in please. 🙂

  179. Who doesn’t like free???

  180. Love this site!

  181. Sounds exciting!
    This would probably make a good dent in christmas gifts for all my U.S. inhabiting relatives (namely mom and dad) .. I’m taking advantage of all the cheap shipping for as long as I can 🙂

    Thanks for hosting another contest.

  182. love red envelope, count me in

  183. I love to have things gift boxed from there — even if it’s just for me! 😉

  184. just say “yes” to Red Envelope! And say “yes” to me, as a winner, please!

  185. Red Envelope has great stuff and I love the red boxes! 🙂

  186. Please enter me! Thanks!

  187. That would be great. I’ve never shopped there!

  188. i could use a little something right now…

  189. oooh, fun!!!

  190. I love gifts from Red Enveloper. I got my first one from them when my daughter was born, and I have given and received items from them ever since.

  191. Is it to early to buy myself a Christmas gift? I don’t think so!

  192. Free shopping is about the only kind I will be doing this month!

  193. you have the best contests i’m ready to win one !!

  194. I’m in!

  195. I love to drool over redenvelope stuff….how much better to spend a gc?!

  196. Tihs would be awesome!

  197. Yes, please. Thank you!

  198. Pick me please!

  199. mmm red envelope…

  200. Pick Me!!! I have 3 teenagers and a husband, and no one ever buys me anything.

  201. Have order from red envelope for graduation and wedding gifts…would like to get something for myself…yea!

  202. Pick me, pick me!

  203. I could definitely use this one!

  204. Oooooooh! Pretty!

  205. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMM. I see myself opening what appears to be a Red Envelope. *Deep breath in deep breath out* OOOOHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM 😉

  206. I love Red Envelope. Great contest!

  207. LOVE LOVE LOVE Red Envelope. Pick me please!!

  208. I’d love to win! Thanks!

  209. ooooh too cool!

  210. Me, please, pretty Mir.

  211. I can’t say no to that!

  212. Great contest…thanks!!

  213. Hmmm…I’ve heard of Red Envelope but have never purchased anything from there. A gift cert would rectify that situation! 🙂

  214. I’m thinking today is my random number kind of day.

  215. This would help so so much with Christmas! Pretty Please?

  216. oooh nice!

  217. I Love Red Envelope!!

  218. Love Red Envelope!

  219. Pick me! It’s snowing here in MN and I am in a Christmas kind of mood!

  220. Awesome, thanks!

  221. Ooh, awesome contest!

  222. I looooove RE! Thanks! Jessica

  223. Great contest!

  224. Oooh, I could use some cheering up!

  225. MEMEMEMEME! 🙂

    Ahem. Please.

  226. meeeeeeeeeeeeee

  227. cool contest!

  228. get out of town! (yes, i am yelling).
    thanks so much for such a great contest, oh beautiful one!

  229. Oooh, good one! Fingers crossed.

  230. Oh, hello, YES I would love to win this.

  231. I found a lucky penny this morning, so I hope it’s FINALLY my turn!!

  232. How great would it be to win this before the holidays!

  233. I love Red Envelope! Thanks for the chance.

  234. I am the bestest paper folder ever (well, in thirds, mainly because I’ve folded a LOT of letters in my short life.)

    Ummm…just to say, I adore Red Envelope (no candalabra for me, but I do have a candlestick set with a snuffer from there) and would love to be able to afford more RE items for my home…


  235. thanks for the great giveaway!!

  236. ohhh, perfect. Just in time for my mom’s birthday.

  237. fingers crossed!

  238. Would love to win this!

  239. OoooOOoOOooo! Pick Me!

  240. oh what a fun thing to win! Pick me!

  241. Oooo….Red Envelope is so pretty; like you, Mir! 😉
    Pick me!

  242. Pick me! Puhleeze, pretty, pretty puhleeze!

  243. yippee!!! Red Envelope is so fun and fancy.

  244. Yah!

  245. Red Envelope sounds so fun, especially for FREE!

  246. Oh, I love Red Envelope! What a great prize.

  247. I’m SOOO good at thirds. And Red Envelope is fun, but too pricey for me. So free would be good.

  248. oh yea!! I am so in!

  249. I’d love to buy myself something from Red Envelope!

  250. crossing fingers!!

  251. ooooh me pretty please!

  252. What a great deal!

  253. I would!

  254. Sounds fun!

  255. This would be great. I drew my grandmother-in-law’s name for Christmas and have no idea what to get her. There is a lot of stuff on there that I think she’d like but it’s a little too pricey for me. I hope I win!

  256. Many have admired my very precise paper folding skills! LOVE browsing Red Envelope. Would love to win this even more!!

  257. Awesome for my MIL’s Xmas present!!

  258. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I could use this.

  259. Never heard of them but would like to have it anyway!

  260. Ohhhhhhh this would be perfect. My birthday is coming up 🙂

  261. Oh,perfect belated birthday gift to me!!!

  262. This would be really nice, thanks Mir!

  263. yes please mir!

  264. Oh, Mir! I do hope they gave you one for yourself, as well. It would be too hard for you to give it away otherwise. 🙂

  265. pick me pick me!

  266. I’d love this because I’m in the midst of finishing my Christmas shopping for everyone else. It’d be nice to grab myself a little something, too!

  267. yes, please.

  268. You’re pretty, and I’d love to win this!


  270. Count me in!!! Thanks Mir

  271. Pick me, pick me!!!

  272. Boy, could I use this one. Thanks for the offer, pretty Mir!

  273. The cost of daycare is killing us so this would be nice…

  274. Please!

  275. This is a cool promo. Pick me.

  276. Free is SOOOo much better than cheap!

  277. ooooo…I would LOVE this! THANK YOU!!!

  278. Oh wow! Please pick me!

  279. Mir’s pushing the Envelope.

  280. If I use this to start my holiday shopping, I promise to buy myself something, too. 🙂

  281. I’m new to this site, and newer to Red Envelope… but I’d like to experience it!

  282. I could deal with that.

  283. I’ve discovered that being a student and wanting quality stuff is a horrid combination…


    The site looks awesome. I’ll have to browse it some more when I don’t have projects to turn in and/or write.

  284. Free Money…..Count me in!!!!

  285. Oh please!

  286. I’d love love to win!

  287. Oh!! Pick me! Pretty please!

  288. You are beautiful and $75 makes you even prettier.

  289. I would love to win, it would be my first purchase there!

  290. Wow, an awesome prize!

  291. please?

  292. 300 comments ?! So fast! Everybody loves the wantnot

  293. Pick me!

  294. Yay! I hope I win! Thanks, Mir! That’s a lot of exclamation points!!

  295. I’d love to be able to buy something from them, instead of just drooling like I normally do…

  296. COLD!! RAINY!! I need a treat!

  297. Ohh, I’d love to win this one!! Thanks for another great contest Mir!

  298. What a cool contest. I’d love to shop for real instead of monitor shopping (the internet equivalent of window shopping).

  299. I’d love to have this one. Christmas this year is on a tighter budget than normal and this would be great!

  300. me me me (actually gifts gifts gifts…)

  301. Love Red Envelope! Excellent baby gifts.

  302. Oh, I do love Red Envelope!

  303. I heart Red Envelope!

  304. Red Envelope has great stuff.

  305. pick me!

  306. yum.

  307. Maybe I’d actually spend it on me instead of buying gifts, which is what I usually do at Red Envelope!

  308. wow

  309. Ooooo… fancy schmancy! 🙂

  310. I love their stuff but have never bought anything! This would be awesome!

  311. Awesome, thanks!

  312. Would love to win this prize.

  313. I want in on this!!!

  314. Wow, this would be great! Just in time for Christmas shopping for myself, er, I mean others!

  315. Oh how fun! The only time I’ve shopped Red Envelope was on a tip from you. Now I look at the catalogs and hope for more sales!

  316. Oooo…. I could really use a “to Sarah/from Sarah” gift right about now!

  317. LOVE IT!

  318. I covet about 90% of what I see on Red Envelope!

    Fingers crossed!

  319. Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry fun. 🙂

  320. Candelabra, fancy!

  321. This is one of my favorite stores! Thanks for the chance to win.

  322. I love Red Envelope!

  323. I LOVE that place but never seem to get a good enough deal to justify shopping there.

  324. I love me some Red Envelope.

  325. Fabulous!!! Pick me…..pick me……….!

  326. Love that website!

  327. I love Red Envelope!

  328. I would love to win!

  329. i’d love to win!

  330. I love free, well, anything.

  331. Ooooh! I’ve never been able to afford Red envelope. THis would be so cool!

  332. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  333. I could definitely put that to good use…

  334. Wow, that would be so cool.

  335. I never buy myself pretty things… and no one else buys them for me either! I would LOVE this!

  336. please please please

  337. Love it!

  338. I haven’t shopped at Red Envelope in so long- I love them, but haven’t been able to afford most of their so cool things, so please pick me!

  339. omg pick me!!!! pick me!!! i pink puffy heart LOVE LOVE LOVE red envelope!!!!

  340. Never tried Red Envelope but would love to!

  341. Pick me!

  342. Love it! Thanks!

  343. I would loooove this one!!!

  344. Me please, kthxbye

  345. Oh the damage I can do at Red Envelope…shameful but delightful!

  346. Can’t say I’d mind a bit of free money…

  347. Love Red Envelope…hope I win!

  348. Oh- sounds great! thanks for the great give away!

  349. I’m sitting here waiting to start my first graveyard shift to pay for Christmas….I’d love something from RE!

  350. i LOVE red envelope! their products are so classy.

  351. Oh, pick me! Pick me! I love Red Envelope, but I’m too cheap to shop there! LOL!

  352. Love Red Envelope!

  353. I can fold the paper in thirds and this would be very cool!

  354. Oh, how neat.

  355. I’ve never bought anything from Red Envelope but I’d love there to be a first time!

  356. Can I play??

  357. If I won, guess I’d have to get around to checking them out! 😉

  358. If luck would come my way……………

  359. I was just looking at RE yesterday, dreaming…just in time for Christmas shopping!

  360. I haven’t bought anything there in a while, but I still covet their stuff!

  361. Sounds great! Does the piece of paper have to be red?

  362. I love Red Envelope! Thanks for the chance to win!

  363. It would certainly soothe my disappointment at losing the Harry Bosch contest to win this one :o)

  364. I would love this!

  365. Thanks for running this Mir! I, like everyone else, would love to win.

  366. This would make my day! Thanks for the offer!

  367. Oh I love Red Envelope! One of my favorite necklaces is from there!!

  368. Awesome! Just in time for the holidays!

  369. Terrific prize…love Red Envelope!

  370. This would re-introduce me to Red Envelope. I had forgotten/given up on them because I didn’t think I could ever afford them again.

  371. ohh, this would be awesome!

  372. I have had my eye on a couple of things…

  373. Pick me!

  374. Pick me, pick me!

  375. I love, love this site for their unique gifts. Thanks so much for a chance to win!

  376. Wouldn’t it be great to start Christmas shopping this way!

  377. Please!!!!

  378. I could start my holiday shopping! Yay!!!

  379. Love Red Envelope!

  380. Red Envelope = very pretty stuff.

  381. I love Red Envelope!

  382. Me, please!

  383. pick me please!

  384. Thanks Mir!

  385. Pick me!

  386. I love Red Envelope!!!

  387. me please

  388. me too

  389. *Exact* thirds? Question: are we allowed to use a ruler?

    Thanks for the contest!

  390. Some of my favorite stuff has come from Red Envelope – would love more!

  391. Sure would like to start my Christmas shopping at Red Envelope!

  392. Never heard of Red Envelope…would love to win and see their stuff!

  393. I could SO use this!

  394. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Count me in and pick me toooo!!

  395. That would be awesome!

  396. I love red envelope!

  397. That would be such a great new house warming gift for….me!

  398. This would be so much fun!

  399. It is never too early to start Christmas shopping!

  400. Oooooh. This would be so much fun. I could argue with myself over whether to shop for myself or Christmas presents!

    But I think I’ll fail if tested on my ability to fold paper in thirds. *sniff*

    Thanks for another great contest, Mir!

  401. Ohhhh!!! Love me some red envelope! lol

  402. Awesome 🙂

  403. What a way to start the Christmas shopping!

  404. love that store!

  405. That would be awesome!

  406. I want it!

  407. Love, love, love Red Envelope. Hope I win!

  408. Count me in!

  409. I love Red Envelope! I love free shopping! Woot!

  410. What a good chance to try something from there! Thanks 🙂

  411. I’d love to try Red Envelope. Never bought anything there before, but you’ve sold me with your description!

  412. Sure can’t go wrong with Red Envelope – *Free* Red Envelope just makes me giddy!

  413. Pick me, pick me…love Red Envelope…

  414. RNG pick me.

  415. My mother has been telling me I have expensive taste on a shoestring budget since I was 7. Pick me!

  416. Does the random number generator ever pick a number in the 400’s?

  417. I would love to win a Red Envelope gift certificate!

  418. I love Red Envelope!

  419. Yes, yay!

  420. I adore Red Envelope!

  421. I’d love to try Red Envelope.

  422. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  423. I love Red Envelope, they have the best gifts…and maybe a few things I’d like for myself. 🙂 Thanks!

  424. Great!

  425. Love the Red Envelope! Get my wife gifts there occasionally. Cool selection. Me please!

  426. Red Envelope rocks!

  427. Love it!

  428. me, oh me, most beautiful Mir.

  429. This has been a bad week and I could use a gift.

  430. Record number of entries? I do not like my chances.

  431. I can fold like a mad woman!

  432. Time to start on the Christmas shopping…

  433. I’m totally cursed with expensive tastes and a lean budget. My mom is, too. We moan about it frequently!

  434. I’d love this – Red Envelope is the best and I can get some early christmas shopping done!

  435. Here’s hoping I don’t really have to fold a paper into exact thirds (and that the Random Number Generator will take pity on me)….’cuz I love me some Red Envelope!!!

  436. I can totally fold a piece of paper into exact thirds – years of stuffing envelopes!

  437. Oh…please….me!

  438. I’d love this.

  439. wow! I’d love this!!

  440. I would love this!

  441. Love Red Envelope

  442. Pretty Mir, I love Red Envelope! Thanks for throwing a sweeeeeet contest!

  443. love it! thanks!

  444. I would love to win this and give it to my husband along with my Red Envelope xmas wish list. He needs a big old hint sometimes.

  445. Yay! I had a cute locket keychain from there that held pics of my daughters, but it broke. So, maybe I’ll get a new one!!

  446. Love Red Envelope!

  447. Lucky number 451. I hope!

  448. I would love to get this so I can replace my mom’s necklace that was stolen… love this store!

  449. Christmas is coming!

  450. I love to get baby gifts from Red Envelope!!!

  451. It has been so long since I treated myself to anything. We’ve just been doing the basics for so long, I forget what luxury is…please remind me!

  452. pleeeeeease pick me!

  453. I love Red Envelope and would love to buy one of the beautiful baby quilts for my little guy due in January!

  454. My sister treated herself to the Christmas tree with the miniature photo frames a couple years ago. It is beautiful and elegant. I would love to have one myself. What a wonderful opportunity.
    p.s. If you loosely roll the paper and then flatten it out, it comes very close to thirds or envelope size.

  455. Count me in please

  456. Hey, I gotta try.


  457. 1 in 461 isn’t bad?

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  463. Would really love this!!

  464. Wow! How great! This momma would love me some (free) pampering!

  465. Although I am not optimistic that the random number generator will pick a number this high, I *can* fold paper into thirds, exactly!

    Thanks, Mir!

  466. Seriously?!?!? I would love this! I could buy MYSELF a cool X-mas gift!

  467. I hope I win!!!

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  470. MEME!!

  471. I am RILLY good at folding in thirds!

  472. This would be fun!

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  480. Pick me a winner!

  481. I love Red Envelope! Pick ME!

  482. One of my fave stores for gift shopping!

  483. I have the ability to fold a piece of paper into exact thirds…perfectly. LOL I agree with you, Red Envelope has some really nice things.

  484. Would love to win and do some Christmas shopping!

  485. Something to appease my caviar tastes.

  486. Red Envelope is irresistible!

  487. I would love some Red Envelope spending money!

  488. pick me.

  489. This would be wonderful- thank you!

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  491. Love Red Envelope…would LOVE a gift certificate!

  492. I’ll take it.

  493. ohh yes yes yes yes yes..please number generator.. pick 497!!

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  496. I deserve something pretty too!

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    Count me in please!

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  504. Red Envelope!

  505. This would be very cool.

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  509. Ooohh…count me in! Love RE.

  510. I also ADORE Red Envelope!

  511. Me. Please? 🙂

  512. I’m ready to finally win something!!!

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  514. I’m in! Christmas shopping made easy…

  515. Count me in!

  516. I Love this site you have saved me sooo much $$. And I can fold a letter exactly in 3rds !!!
    Gotta Love It!

  517. Ooooh, I could probably work that gift card out to be THREE Christmas presents. Please please please, Random Number Generator, pick me.

  518. oh please me

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  521. Sounds awesome – thanks!

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  523. Crossing my fingers!!

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  526. Come on, Mama needs a new…candelabra maybe? ;o) Sounds good!

  527. Come on random number generator!! Think five hundred and something!!

  528. love love love Red Envelope!

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  540. Red Envelope is cool! Thank you 🙂

  541. Red Envelope is my favorite. They have the best jewelery.

  542. it’s time to pick comment #547!

  543. I do like red envelope.

  544. Just in the nick of time! And I am awesome at paper folding.

  545. Awesome, I’ll take it! 🙂

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  571. Whoo, just made it. 11 minutes to spare!

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