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By Mir
October 14, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

They ran this special last year, and I picked up one set and then broke it up for stocking stuffers and little thank-you gifts. And now it’s back again—order a Burt’s Bees Grab Bag for just $25, and use code BURTDAY for free shipping.

I pink puffy heart Burt’s Bees products. Ever since discovering their lip shimmers, I have completely sworn off lipstick. Because the lip shimmers are just as pretty and feel way more awesomer. Yes, that’s the technical term for it. You’re welcome.


  1. you get a free Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil at checkout too

  2. but it says code is invalid. hmmm

  3. Code isn’t working for me either: “Promotion code “BURTDAY” is invalid”

  4. I can’t find the grab bag. Where is it on the site?

  5. Help – “BURTDAY” is not working

  6. I read on another site that someone spoke to customer service and supposedly they are working on getting the code to work. Not sure if that is true though!

  7. Coupon code WINNER adds free Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme too. Waiting for BURTDAY to work to checkout, though.

  8. I also read this: get Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme Free with code WINNER. I went ahead and placed my order. I figured with 2 free items, I can pay the $3 shipping.

  9. DOH i didn’t even use the code! i was too excited about the product list and the cheap shipping! and to think i could’ve gotten the cheap shipping even cheaper: free! oh well. thanks for the tip on this! i’m getting lots of Christmas shopping done today; you’re beautiful, mir!

  10. I used “WINNER” for the free cuticle cream ($6 value) and went ahead and paid $2.95 for shipping…figured I was still coming out ahead…

  11. i checked out and forgot to put in code, emailed customer service, will see what they say, either way can’t wait to get all that neat stuff!

  12. They are having problems with their shipping period, since I have a $50 plus order and I should get free shipping no coupon necessary, but even that isn’t coming through.

  13. I can’t get WINNER or BURTDAY to work!

  14. I got WINNER to work and I was sold without waiting for the shipping code to get straight.

  15. Sweet!

  16. I got WINNER to work, and was too excited to wait for free shipping. This is awesome!

  17. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m having a heck of a time ordering this. The website is taking forever, pages won’t load, and I keep getting errors!

  18. Neither code is working for me today either. 🙁 Must be a sign.

  19. Awesomer=smooth and minty. Mmmm!

  20. Yeah, I too am having a TERRIBLE time with the website. Nothings on the order checkout seems to be working right. Great idea, Mir, I’ll keep trying.

  21. Grrr….I keep getting a “bee” instead of a bug that won’t let me get past the billing page. I am going to try again tomorrow

  22. I managed to get the 2 free items, but I can’t check out. I’m getting the “bee” message too. I’ll keep trying!

  23. Order finally went thru after 3-4 tries…. Didn’t get the free shipping but got the 2 free products….

  24. Awesome! Paid $2.95 for shipping, but used the WINNER code for the free cuticle cream and got the free pomegranate lip balm too! This will probably take care of one friend and one niece for Christmas… and maybe a couple things for me too!

  25. I think the codes need to be entered in all caps to work — that’s my experience, anyway. My free shipping was showing up on the order form until I filled in the $2.95 shipping bubble so leave that blank and see what happens (once you’ve filled it in, you can’t get it blank again by back-and-forthing pages).

  26. BURTDAY wouldn’t work for me but WINNER did. I feel like a winner with that great-looking grab bag and 2 free products! I’m so excited…thanks Mir! 🙂
    BTW…your link too me to the “bee” but I just went to the main site and ordered from there.

  27. No luck on Burtday, I got the message that that code was invalid.But Winner did work. And I used all caps on both. Thanks, Mir!!!

  28. It took me about 15 tries between last night and this morning but I finally got an order to go through. WINNER worked but BURTDAY did not. I tried to leave the shipping method bubble blank, as someone suggested but it made me select one. Thanks, Mir!

  29. Yeah! I got it this morning. I used Winner and got cuticle cream and chapstick too!

  30. Thanks, Mir! Great for the 8 days of Hanukkah for my 20 year old! BURTDAY didn’t work but WINNER did. So including shipping it was under $30.

  31. cool
    never got a confirmation email, so i wasn’t sure the order went through
    i had gone ahead and didn’t wait for the code to work
    got an email this morning and it is shipped with free shipping

    burtsbees just made themselves one loyal customer, and I have yet to try any of their product! i had wanted to try them for years, but just never did.

  32. Thanks for this – I went ahead and ordered two gift bags, plus the free Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream (code: WINNER) and it came with a free Pomegranate Lip Balm, all for 54.38 (I had free shipping, but had to pay tax). Everything was delivered today, and I love it. The gift bag contains such cute things! I’m going to keep a bag for myself and give one to my sister for her birthday next month.

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