Beat the holiday rush

By Mir
October 14, 2009

Longtime readers know that I’m not really a fan of Black Friday; why have to get up early and wait in line on an appointed day to get deals when I can get them the lazy preferred way, here at home in my bathrobe? I’d rather pick up deals throughout the year than have to run some sort of Bargain Marathon the day after I ate too many mashed potatoes.


So when I see something like this week’s Amazon 3-for-2 video game deal, I ponder my options.

Step 1: Are there three games my kids want? (Check.)
Step 2: Are they close enough in price that I’m maximizing my savings with the “get one free” aspect? (Check.)
Step 3: Do I have enough holidays/birthdays coming up so that not only am I saving money, I’m buying ahead for several occasions? (Of course.)
Step 4: Buy. Save. Gloat.

Okay, technically I guess that last one is three steps, but I’m such a pro, I like to combine them.


  1. I like your 4 step system — it’s clear and easy to follow, and anything that ends with “gloat” is always a winner. But argh, why are all the games I’d want to get in the $45 range?

    Should I just think of it as more of a bargain if I get a $44 game for free?

  2. I just love this site, you have save me so much money $$$$ gotta love that. Hope I win the contest cus i’m already x-mas shopping

  3. If you could somehow make the Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse magically go on sale, Santa’s keeping an eye out already. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Buy. Save. HIDE. HIDE is the most important step. So they don’t find it and play with it. My last great hiding spot was found. My husband said, “Oh I didn’t know we couldn’t play with it.”

  5. What am I doing wrong? I picked three and put them in cart…they are all eligible games, but I don’t see a deduction for the 3rd game?

  6. I had the same problem as Dana – no deduction on mine either.

  7. I figured out the problem. You have to make sure all 3 games are sold by and not an individual seller. I tried again taking out the game not sold by amazon and replaced it with one that was and it applied the discount. Not all seller items are applicable in these promotions.

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