Rock out with your phone out

By Mir
October 19, 2009
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This past summer I attended the BlogHer conference, which was—among other things—Swag Central. The Expo Hall floor was like someone had taken a PR headquarters, added in Christmas and all of your birthdays, shaken vigorously, and topped off the results with freebies coated in gold. It was rather unreal.

The nice folks at T-Mobile had a booth where you could spin a giant wheel to win a prize. I had some time on my hands and they were giving away chocolate, so I took a spin. And I won a Nokia 5610 XpressMusic*, which (you’ll see if you click through that link to the CNET review) is a slick little music player phone, perfect for anyone who wouldn’t be caught dead without their tunes.

I have an iPhone, so as adorable as this little red phone is, it’s not for me. Maybe it’s for you? For a chance to win this little beauty, simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random drawing and best rendition of “Single Ladies.”

And really, who amongst us doesn’t know a tween or teen who would shriek with delight to get receive a shiny red music-playing phone?


*This is a T-Mobile phone and must be activated on the T-Mobile network to be used as a calling device. Two pieces of good news, however: First, I’m pretty sure you can use it as an MP3 player without activating it; and second, T-Mobile offers a variety of pre-paid plans, so you could always buy some minutes rather than committing to a contract, if you’d like to activate it but not make a long-term thing out of it.


  1. would be interested in winning

  2. Awesome giveaway, Mir! I’m on T-Mobile, too, so I really think your random post chooser should choose me.

  3. My daughter would DIE if she got this!

  4. Oh me please!!!! (Thanks for sharing this with us!)

  5. count me in

  6. I would get the best mom award if I won this!

  7. What a cute phone! And, hey, I’m already a t-mobile customer.

  8. Ooo, this would be PERFECT for my daughter!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  9. Mir, It is so nice to put this up for grabs. Please put my number in.


  10. My baby sister is having a pretty tough year and would love a new phone for Christmas. 🙂 And I’m pretty sure you want to give me the phone so I *won’t* sing for you!!

  11. tween or teen? are you kidding me? i’m 40 and the embarrassment i could cause all 5 of my children by playing MY music on this is worth the entry alone.

  12. pick me, or should I say pick my daughter!! thanks

  13. Wow, this would be fun to have…especially since I am still using an ancient clamshell style phone…on my T-Mobile acct.

  14. Putting my name in, cause I like shiny and red. If it makes noise, too, that’s just a big fat bonus.

  15. Yay!

  16. I could really use a new phone!

  17. My dear 3-year old son just broke my flip-type phone into 2 pieces, so I would love to win this!

  18. My son would love this!

  19. sign me up! we love gadgets:)

  20. Wow, if I got this I wouldn’t have to share my hubby’s iPod! 🙂

  21. sweet! And I’m even with t-mobile 🙂

  22. I have a 13yo son that would be thrilled to have us win! I have neither a music player or a cell phone, but does this matter to him? Does that stop him from begging, pleading, prodding or cajoling? 😀 Count me in!

    Thank you!

  23. oooo pretty

  24. This would make me the coolest Aunt EVAH!

  25. Pick me please, I love all things shiny! 🙂

  26. Would love this item! Thanks.

  27. My son’s t-mobile phone just broke!

  28. my daughter would love it

  29. If I like it, I’ll put a ring on it. 🙂

  30. I’d love it!!

  31. This would be awesome!

  32. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! I already have T-mobile, so this would be awesome!

  33. Hubby is in desperate need of a new cell phone. This would make a great Anniversary present for him at the end of the month!

  34. We’re T-mobile customers and we recently had one of our phones stolen! 🙁 This would help the teenager regain his faith in humanity!!

  35. Cool!

  36. Count me in! My daughter just broke her phone, this would be a life saver!

  37. Longish story:
    I got a pop-up ad recently to take a Nielson survey online. Along the way, it offered 25 different ways to use a phone, and not ONE of them was “call someone.” I think that was a given, though. Another option was “just texting.” But I text and call, so there wasn’t anything accurate for me to click. Although thinking about it, maybe it meant texting and calling. Eh.
    But if I won this phone, I would probably just use it as an mp3 player. 😛

  38. I’d love it in our house!

  39. Ooh, pick me! We would love this!

  40. This single lady would like to put a ring tone on that Nokia. 🙂 My current (older) T-Mobile phone has begun dropping calls.

  41. I got an eye-rolling, hormone filled tween.

    Count me in.


  42. Dude, if I could figure out how to upload from my (digital) camcorder to my PC, my 2 year old could so rock your world with her “Wo oh oh, oh oh oh, wo oh oh, oh oh oh .. If you like it…”rendition, complete with actions.

  43. Well, I work for BlackBerry – but I can always regift it, right?

  44. Count me in. Do I have to shake my booty when I sing it?

  45. This would be great!

  46. ooooh ooooh pick me pick me

  47. I have T-Mobile and I need a new phone! Please pick me 🙂

  48. rockin’ out is always on my schedule

  49. shiny…pretty…

  50. oh, yes! rock on!!!

  51. Ooooh me please! Hubby just came back from a deployment and is itching for a new phone 🙂

  52. I need a new phone!
    My Blackberry I sold to my sister so now I am using a hand me down from a friend. Its so old it doesnt even have a camera.
    Pick me!

  53. Throw my number in the randomizer thingy! And thanks for being so generous.

  54. My preteen would squeal with delight…Sign me up for a chance 🙂

  55. Perfect! And my brother works at T-Mobile so I can get a discount on the activation!

  56. Shiny! Red! Music! What more could I ask?

  57. I’m thinkin about chucking my iPhone because… well just because.

  58. hmm. I have TMobile. I could use a new phone.
    a red shiny one.

  59. perfect for my niece!

  60. I have T-Mobile! I’ll take it off your hands!

  61. And red! Perfect!

  62. some people call me ‘red” at work … this phone would suit me well!

  63. I’m still pretty happy with my Palm Centro, but Sandy curses at her T-Mobile Motorola phone daily. A new handset would be peachy. Thanks for the opportunity!

  64. Me please! I am on the TMobile network, and my phone is 3 years old. It’s a dinosaur!

  65. Since I don’t have a cell phone this would would a great opportunity for me to get one.

  66. WOW! And T-mobile gives a discount to PTA members!

  67. Oooh and my kids just killed my phone last week!

  68. Nice

  69. and it would be awesome as a backup phone.

  70. pick me!

  71. I’d buy some prepaid minutes!

  72. Count me in! A red music playing phone sounds nifty!

  73. thanks Mir!

  74. ooo…I would love this one for my daughter!

  75. Pick me!

  76. Yeah, my daughter would be happy!

  77. pick me oh lucky number generator!

  78. Would love a chance to win. Thanks!

  79. Always wanted to be a winner!

  80. Oh, how I would love to win this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Oh,please let me win this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. My children are getting older and they want tunes and to be connected. I’m sure if we win this it is destined to be…

  83. I’d love this if I won it!

  84. I would love this!!!

  85. Thanks Mir!

  86. I need this phone so very badly. I dropped and broke my tmobile phone and so I had to go back to my ancient one that is cracked and turns off for no reason. I’m too cheap to buy a new one, so this would be so very perfect for me! PLEASE please pick me!

  87. Awesome! I’m in.

  88. ohhh, pick me! I have t-moblie and my son has dropped mine so many times the screen has had it!

  89. this sounds like fun!

  90. Please! Pretty please!! A mom needs her own phone!

  91. would love this!

  92. OH yes Yes Yes…please please please… Number generator… me me me!!!!!!

  93. I’m ready to shake my booty with a red phone!

  94. I would love to win this– could really use a phone that actually works!

  95. my phone is dying so desperately need a new phone but am trying *EVERYTHING* to make it long laster. A new phone which I can use would be great !

  96. I know plenty of tweens but if I win, it’s mine!

  97. sounds fun!

  98. I think you’ll be a lot happier with me if I DON’T sing.

  99. this would be a fun gift for my brother!

  100. I’d love this!

  101. Please!

  102. Would love it…thank you!!!

  103. Would it be cheating to hope to win this for my husband so I could check his name off my Christmas list?

  104. Granddaughter…Xmas…RED?????

  105. Would lurve a new phone!!!

  106. I’m in–my current phone is only a phone (positively ancient in cell phone years), so a new gadget is good!

  107. I love music phones, especially Nokia phones, they are the bomb.

  108. Love it!

  109. Hope I win!!! THanks, Mir!

  110. Yes, Yes, – I am a T-Mobile customer and need a new red phone – Yes, Yes!

  111. Something cooler than my chunky Tracfone? Count me in!

  112. Yes, please- and thank you!

  113. Oh, pick me, pick me! I am a T-mobile customer, with a tween who is itching for her own phone! Thanks!

  114. Oh, pick me, please! I want to give it to the teen who lives downstairs from me. Her family is going through very hard economic times right now and it breaks her mother’s heart that she can’t give her her tunes.

    Come on, RNG! (Although if it responds to pleas, it’s not very random, is it?)

  115. You have the coolest contests.

  116. Woohoo! I already have t-mobile, too!

  117. ooh, me, me. I am a tmobile customer and my poor phone is DYING soon. it can’t hold a charge anymore for more than about 12 hours. and it is too soon for a freebie on my contract. ugh

  118. Seeing that Christmas is looking like it will be slim to none….I’m throwing my name in the hat, Sydney would love a phone…any phone…I wanted it to be an iPhone, but that’s just not happening, now. and, being able to buy a set number of prepaid minutes would be great.

  119. I guess if I accidentally won, I’d look into those prepaid minutes. I don’t care so much about the music per se, but it would be nice for my daughter’s school to have a way to reach me in an emergency!

  120. Pick me, please!

  121. Me!! Mee!! I want one!!(Just a win to make this month a litte less rotten)

  122. im in!

  123. add my name, please.

  124. If I win this will be passed along as a prize at our Company Christmas party! We gave away an MP3 player last year and the employee who won is STILL thanking me! 🙂

  125. I would swoon swoon swoon over such a prize.

  126. I do a amazing rendition of Single Ladies!!!

  127. Sounds wonderful, i think i’m good at singing “Single Ladies” but pretty sure no one else does 🙂

  128. If you like it then you would have put a ring-tone on it! (like that version?)

  129. I’d love to win!

  130. you’re correct. . . there’s a teen in this household who would love it if mom won this. (maybe she would then retire my “dork” label!) mkw

  131. Hell, I’ll give you the “Glee” version of the Single Ladies dance:

    “Hand. Hand. Point to the finger. Hip. Head. Oh, sneak attack back to the ring! Comb through the hair. Slap. The. Butt!”

  132. I do believe I have a daughter that could use that prepay feature

  133. Sure, why not?

  134. If I like it should I put a (Target faux-diamond) ring on it?

  135. oh, that would be wonderful! I would win best mom of the year if that arrived here! 🙂

  136. you would be able to hear the shriek of delight from my tween all the way from the other side of the country!

  137. I actually really love my 5300 expressmusic, and it’s really hardy compared to a lot of other phones I have had. However, it’s getting a bit aged and I would adore an upgrade!

  138. Here’s my comment. I never win these things…sad. Maybe this time it’ll be different.

  139. A new red phone! Who wouldn’t love it?

  140. I don’t have a cell phone! Nor do I have an MP3 player! I know, I’m living in the stone age, but this one is definitely a giveaway I could use!! Tx Mir!

  141. Sweet! Pick me, pick me!

  142. Oh pretty Mir. I do look good in red! Thanks

  143. Pick me please!

  144. I need a new phone!

  145. Would be a cool present for my niece.

  146. Sounds great! We use T-Mobile anyway! 🙂

  147. oh mememe!! please!? thank you 😀

  148. my phone is on it’s last leg, this would be great!

  149. Mee!

  150. Shiny! Red! Pretty! Want It!

  151. Pick me! Pick me!!!

  152. Little bulldog dude would groove on this!

  153. Finally! Something to tempt me away from my million-year-old Virgin Mobile phone. C’mon, RNG!

  154. my own phone is so old, i can’t find a new charger anywhere…my old one is finnicky about working…. so i could use a new phone!

  155. me! me! me! pretty please…

  156. Thanks Mir!

  157. Red is my FAVORITE color!

  158. Perfect for my birthday on Nov.5th!

  159. Oh, me, me! Pick me!

  160. Ooh, pick me! I’m having terrible cell phone luck lately, a new phone would make my month!

  161. would love it!

  162. I’d love to win this beautiful phone from beautiful Mir:)

  163. the ten year old would love a phone!

  164. Ooooo…sounds like a good x-mas present for one of my kidlets! 😉

  165. The 12 year old would love this.

  166. oooo fun!

  167. Woo hoo!

  168. Pick me!

  169. My husband has Tmobile and would love this phone!

  170. Ooooh… I LIKE this one!

  171. pretty….

  172. I like it. So would my granddaughter.

  173. super cool!

  174. Great giveaway!

  175. time to spare. love the red phone.

  176. Make me a winnnnnnnnnnnnner!

  177. meeeeee!

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