Ham it up

By Mir
October 26, 2009
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Did you think I forgot to do a contest today? I didn’t forget. My Monday just sort of exploded unexpectedly. I think I still have some on my shirt, here, even. Sorry about that.

A little while back a nice lady from Cook’s Ham (warning: site has sound) contacted me to see how I feel about ham. I am extremely pro-ham, as it turns out. Though my daughter is a vegetarian, so you can imagine the hilarity that ensues around here when we eat it. (Woo!) (She especially loves it when I say, “Mmmm… pork fat” ala Homer Simpson.)

To further nurture my love of ham, I was sent a coupon good for one ham up to $30. That’s a lot of ham, y’all. Maybe you would like it? One lucky Want Not reader is going to receive this coupon, good through the end of the year, to redeem for a Cook’s Ham. Yum!

Want to win it? First go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and amount of drool produced by the word “bacon.” (Um. Ewwwww.)

Thanksgiving is coming. Christmas, too. Ham is awesome. Free ham is awesometastic!

Ready? Go!


  1. mmmmmm…..haaaaaaaammmmmm!

  2. Yummy…would love to win a ham!

  3. Haven’t met a ham I didn’t like!

  4. Winner, winner, ham dinner!

  5. please, I want to win this! I am hosting both thanksgiving, and christmas this year.

  6. Random generators don’t like really small numbers, do they? Oh well. Thanks for the opportunity and hope your explosion debris settles reasonably.

  7. Boy! That would sure help with the decision about who cooks in our family! Please pick my daughter to win.

  8. Mmmm….bacon!

  9. MMMMM ham…

  10. I do love ham, without green eggs however.

  11. YUM YUM Count me IN!!

  12. bring on the pork!

  13. yum..ham!

  14. i love ham.

  15. yummy ham!

  16. Never met a ham I didn’t like, and I’ve got the cankles to prove it.

  17. we love our pork products, thanks

  18. My family would love this 🙂

  19. Me please! Pick me! Pick me!

  20. anything I can glaze with bourbon is delicious.

  21. There are so many things you can make with ham!

  22. The best contest ever….would love to win a ham….

  23. Who doesn’t love ham?

  24. Can I wrap that ham in bacon when I bake it?

  25. yummy!

  26. Please enter me!

  27. I love me some ham…oink..oink..esp when free!

  28. Mmmm… what’s not to love about ham? Delicious ham! Yes, please.

  29. Knowing that there is one person in this world not eating meat (Chickie) just makes me want to up my intake to restore the balance of the universe (baconly speaking, I mean). Do you think there could be more??

  30. So we’re agreed that ham IS awesometastic!

  31. OINK OINK.

  32. Ham is awesome! Free ham is awesometastic!!

  33. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    yes please!

  34. Ham! if I win I’ll give it to the food bank, Because ham gives me a headache. So does bacon, but a headache is worth eating bacon.

  35. Yes, please! Do I get extra credit for baking PB and Bacon cookies yesterday?

  36. Ham was one of my daughter’s very first words. No kidding.

    (Wow, that was kinda sad, wasn’t it?)

  37. Pick me, please!

  38. I love ham too!

  39. Cant get enough pork in our house!

  40. I hamtastically want this!!

  41. Ohhhh! I love pork, specifically ham! I definitely want this!

  42. Let’s ham it up.

  43. We are lovers of ham over here!

  44. Ham is tastetastic.

  45. You’d need a mop to measure the amount of drool I’d generate. Count me in!

  46. I like ham! But I don’t like bacon, so there’s no drool at all produced by hearing that word. In fact, my mouth is so drool-less that it’s rather dry, maybe I’ll go eat a chocolate chip cookie… mmm…. okay, chocolate chip cookies can make me drool….

  47. It’s not bacon, but it’s close!

    Thanks, Mir!

  48. Love, love, love ham;
    especially on holidays! 🙂

  49. It’s a pork fat thing…we’d love to win a ham.

  50. I loves me some cured piggy!!

  51. Give me a spiral ham any day of the week!

  52. OOoooo…hamalicious!! Hamtastic!

  53. My husband suffers through the initial ham servings so that he can enjoy ham-n-beans-cornbread at a later date. Sign me up!

  54. I’m salivating already! YUM!

  55. Count me in!

  56. I’d love to win this! Thanks!

  57. Why do I feel this is going to be one of you highest commnted-on post EVER? 🙂 YUM!


  59. Ham ham ham ham hammity haaaaam…

  60. Our family of 6 would love a free ham – yum, dinner, breakfast, and lunch for FREE!

  61. I’m not a super fan of ham (it’s sort of like eating an eraser) — but I know a few families who could use this coupon and would love to pass it on to one of them.

  62. My husband would love this! He’s a ham-addict

  63. Being from Iowa originally, it is almost mandatory that you like ham. Who am I to disagree? 🙂

  64. Ham is the other beef in my house!

  65. Mmmm…ham….

  66. Yummy!!!!

  67. I am a vegetarian too, but my kids LOVE ham!

  68. Yum! We love ham around here!

  69. this would cheer up my poor husband’s craptastic day!

  70. Bacon? Ewwwww. Ham? Yes, please! Thanks for another fun contest!

  71. mmmmmmmmmmmmm…. ham………

  72. LOVE ham and i can share with family at christmas!

  73. Pork…mmmmm……..as a native Iowan, it’s not possible to not like ham.

  74. Me please – I love food, ham especially 🙂

  75. Who couldn’t use $30 worth of ham???

  76. more ham please!!!

  77. Ooooh pork!!!

  78. Ham sounds good!

  79. I’m the lone ham hater in a house full of ham lovers. They would LOVE for me to win this, because I only suffer through it when its cheap…. or free 🙂

  80. I just put ham on my shopping list. Yummmmmmmmy!

  81. I LOVE HAM

  82. Mmmm ham. Even better is the split pea soup after the ham has been eaten.

  83. Mmm! Ham! Even better are ham sandwiches, ham salad…

  84. yum, ham.

  85. Mmm.

  86. I’ll eat it up, I love it so!

  87. I love ham! I would love to have FREE ham because FREE ham? Is even better than regular ham! But, I don’t win these things, so it’s likely I won’t get to experience the manifold joys of free ham. (Have I mentioned you’re looking exceptionally pretty today, Mir?)(Random number generator, please be kind)

  88. I don’t like ham, too many bad holidays as a child, BUT the boys in my house eat it up like water. Free would be sooo helpful.

  89. awesometastic, I so agree! Thanks

  90. hhhhhhhaaaaaaammm

  91. Christmas is coming the HAM is getting fat!
    Please put a penny in the old man’s hat!

    Oooo…this would be SO nice for our family this year!

  92. Bravo to your daughter! I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 15! That’s 18 years now! Husband is too but he switched when he was in college…
    I don’t want the ham but since it is already dead, I would donate it to a food pantry.

  93. I like ham!

  94. Ham is good.

  95. Yes, we need a ham! It’s a regular ham emergency around here!

  96. mmmmm, ham. It does the body good.

  97. Got ham Have PARTY!

  98. Ham is one of my kids’ favorite foods – now if I could just combine ham with pasta, they would be ecstatic!

  99. We LOVE ham!

  100. Ham would be awesome!

  101. Yes please! I have 5 growing boys to feed!

  102. Mmmm Christmas Eve dinner!

  103. Spam, spam, spam, spam…oh, uh what???

  104. Hey I’ll never turn down ham!

  105. ham, the other heart-attack-inducing meat 🙂

  106. Ham I am!

  107. Free ham. What could be better?

  108. yay ham!!!

  109. yummy!

  110. that sounds so good, and I just ate…

  111. Ham + free = YAY!

  112. mmmm

  113. I would love to win this!!! Thanks for the chance.

  114. Sign me up! I could do sooo much with that ham to really stretch out the menu plan around here. Thanks, mir. 🙂

  115. yum

  116. Ham ham bacon and ham…wait, that was spam. 😉

  117. Mmmmmm…this makes me think about the ham we had last night for dinner. Yeah, so no more ham in the freezer, unless, you know, WE WON?!

  118. mmmmmmmm Hammmmmmm 🙂

  119. These are some of the most creative entries I’ve seen! I can’t compete with that! (But I’m still hoping for some free ham.)

  120. We can always find a use for ham 🙂

  121. I’m pretty sure it’s against the law to not love ham in the South. I’m a law-abiding citizen. (and not sayin’ that Chickie is not law abiding….it’s that northern side coming out, I’m sure.)

  122. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. We love ham up here in Da Nort’ Countree, too. Count me in!

  123. Right, Lisa, some wonderful, MAGICAL animal.

  124. MMMMmmmm HAM!!

  125. We plan to be home for both holidays so this would be great! Thanks!

  126. Yummy! We love ham.

  127. Now want ham sooooo badly! Count me in for a chance at this one.

  128. HAM!

  129. oops! My last one had the wrong e-mail

  130. I am also extremely pro-ham. Yummy!

  131. wow, we blog readers really love us some ham 🙂

  132. yummalumma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Ham good.

  134. We’ve had the swine flu in our house for the last fourteen days (and counting). So I think a little ham would be an appropriate revenge.

  135. Ham makes any day a holiday. And I always buy Cooks!

  136. Yum! Ham!

  137. yummy yummy yummy! 🙂

  138. Um, I am sitting in a pool of drool at the very thought of thirty American dollars worth of HAM.

    Yum, aren’t you hungry now?

  139. I’m looking forward to the leftover ham sandwiches…yum!

  140. Some serious ham lovers at my house, although I relate better to your dd….

  141. *slurp* *drip* *drool* BACON & HAM!

  142. Ham, ham, ham, ham.. not the same song without spam- but I like ham better so bring it on!

  143. I do love ham. Free ham sounds even better!

  144. Sunday mornings. 6 a.m. Squeal! Squeal! Squeal!….silence.

  145. I love a good ham!

  146. Mmmm … bacon … *drool*

  147. Ham would be sooo much better than the swine flu….

  148. I would love a Christmas ham!!

  149. Yes, please!

  150. mmmm ham….

  151. oink, oink!

  152. We Luv Ham!

  153. We love ham…it’s bacon’s little brother!

  154. PICK ME Pick me!!! We love Ham!

  155. Bacon. That is all.

  156. We love us some pork:)

  157. Big move over the holidays – we’d love a ham to ease the crunch! Some for dinnere, some for lunch.

  158. would love this! Since it’s so hard to feed my family right now, this would be a God-send!

  159. please pick me for the pork

  160. oh, love ham!

  161. Yum! Please pick me!

  162. Oh, yum, yum, yum!!

  163. I love ham. 🙂

  164. My roommate like ham. Ham’ll be good.

  165. Yum!

  166. Ham? Mmm, yes please!!

  167. Ham. The one food that BOTH my children will eat without complaint. Please pick me so I can have peace at the dinner table!

  168. sounds yummy:)

  169. The nice thing about ham is it goes so well with sweet potatoes, so I feel less guilt about eating it.

  170. I love all things pork

  171. Love it! Thanks!

  172. We love pork fat too!

  173. Oooh, a ham! I would love this since my displaced ‘orphan’ friends gather at my house for all the holidays…

  174. We LOVE ham!

  175. MMMMMMM Ham! Thank you.

  176. With green eggs! My fav!

  177. Yum!

  178. This could be my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner!

  179. We love ham!

  180. mmm…bacon. It’s my favorite meat.

  181. We always love ham. It is a Christmas and even Thanksgiving staple!

  182. We’re carnivores here… Thanks!

  183. Mmmm, lard n’ sodium. Nothing like it.

  184. yum-yum-yum!

  185. Mmmm ham. Then soup (made with the bone & leftover ham). Yum!

  186. Love, love, love a good ham!!! Yummy!!

  187. Yummy Yummy Yummy I love ham in my tummy!!

  188. Ham tastes good.
    Ham tastes great.
    Free ham I’d appreciate.

  189. love ham!

  190. Ham me!

  191. I am definitely pro-ham.

  192. Thanks Mir!

  193. Love me some ham!

  194. Everybody loves ham – thanks!

  195. Sounds great. Count me in!

  196. In the words of my ten year old daughter, “I love me some piggies.” 🙂

  197. Mmmmmm!

  198. I lurve ham! (And bacon!)

  199. My family could eat a lot of ham!

  200. Ham is second only to bacon on my list of favorite meats!

  201. I am a ham fan too!

  202. nothing better than ham for Christmas!!! YUM

  203. To quote the great Emeril Lagasse, “PORK FAT RULES!” Yum!

  204. Free ham!! That’s like, the best kind of ham! Yay ham!

  205. Ham, ham, ham, and then…hambone soup! pretty mmmm!

  206. Everything’s better with pork fat on it! Yum!

  207. I love me some ham!

  208. Boy I would love a ham!!

  209. Will soon be sick of turkey and would welcome a good ham!

  210. Sounds Yummy!

  211. I would love to win a ham. So many ways to serve it we love having leftovers.

  212. Pick Me! 😀

  213. I love Ham!

  214. Mmmm ham! My middle daughter is a vegetarian, but there are still a lot of meat eaters in the house.

  215. my husband loves ham!

  216. Yum! I made a Stephanie O’Dea recipe for my Easter ham last year, and everyone raved. Here’s hoping I can do it again – but, um, before Easter…

  217. Ham, ham it’s good with yams. Hmm, I need to work on that!

  218. Doo de doopee do
    De doopee do dee do do do
    Pork! Pork! Pork!

    –Swedish Chef
    (Pretty sure.)

  219. Thanksgiving is at my house–free ham would be GREAT!!

  220. My 4 yr old says, ” I love pig, Mom”. Guess who’s the vegetarian in our family? Anyway, the rest of my family would love it and it’s a lot easier to cook than a turkey. Thanks.

  221. Bring it on so I can ham it up.

  222. Ham? I can dig it. Or dig into it.

  223. Pick me Please!

  224. Please pick me; sounds yummy!

  225. We love same

  226. We love ham here!

  227. I want free Ham. Mmmmmmmmm ham……

  228. yummy.

  229. Perfect for the Holidays. Thanks!

  230. My hubby and kids are ham fiends…maybe I’ll keep this one to myself! :o)

  231. This would be a hit at our house!!

  232. Ham is the only meat everyone in the family will eat. What happened to the days when you ate what was put in front of you or else? Sigh. Yeah, we love ham…

  233. Free ham – the best!

  234. We would never turn down some salty ham.

  235. Ham is my favorite! tOnce again, thanks for a great contest!

  236. Mmm, free ham!

  237. mmmmmmmm…………..ham.

  238. Pick me, I love ham! Thanks for all the great deals.

  239. YUM HAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. Free ham please.

  241. Count me in–a ham sandwich sounds really good right now (11:30 a.m.)

  242. I like ham. I like free ham even more. Thanks Mir!

  243. mmmmm…..bacon…..mmmmmmm…….ham……

  244. Thanks for the chance to win!

  245. woooooooot!

  246. Food is my friend. Free food is my BFF!!

  247. Ham ham ham ham (in my head it’s a sort of a song)

  248. Food is my friend. Free food is my BFF!! Hey, Mir have you ever had chocolate with bacon in it? Saw it on Food Network and thought of you.

  249. I love ham!

  250. I lurves me some ham.

    Let ME supply the ham for Christmas dinner this year, RNG. Pick me!

  251. Mmmmm, Hammmmmm.

  252. Ham is heavenly, but bacon is better!!:-) Thanks for the great giveaway!! Love your site!

  253. Sounds delicious!

  254. I’m having a baby in 2 weeks and this would make Thanksgiving SOOOO much easier! 🙂

  255. mmm, ham!

  256. Oh, I do love me some ham!

  257. Ham is my favorite holiday meal! YUM!

  258. Sounds like a holiday ham!

  259. I am Sam. Sam I am. Ooops, no eggs? I’ll just take the ham then.

  260. We absolutely could use this!

  261. A ham would be wonderful! Just in time for the Holidays!

  262. yumm-o! What a good time to win some ham!

  263. My daughter showed me your site and I’d sure love a ham for the holidays!

  264. Loooove ham (and my hubby’s a pig!)

  265. Oh – that sounds so good. Our family would love the treat. Thanks for the chance to try it!

  266. Mmmmm…. ham…. Mmmm…..

  267. my kids love to eat pig.

  268. mmmmm bacon is good for me!

  269. My 8 year old spied the spiral sliced hams at Costco this weekend and is looking forward to us getting one! Thanks for the chance, Mir.

  270. Yum.

  271. Awesometastic contest! I imagine you will have quite a few entries!

  272. Ham = Yum!

  273. Mmmmm…makes a yummy pea soup with the leftovers.

  274. I’m thinking this would make a great Christmas Ham!

  275. you never pick me! 🙁

  276. My husband loves ham! I hope I win this time!

  277. Ham is always a hit in our house~

  278. Oink. Oink. Oink?

    (OK, I just oinked for ham. That has to do something for your random number generator thingie — also known as the machine counter thing that has a 100 percent, perfect-score at ignoring-Gretchen during contests.

    Could this ham, this free ham, change all that?

  279. We love ham! Thanks for another great contest Mir!

  280. Myself and the three other males that live in this house love ham! thanks for the giveaway.

  281. Awesometastic!!! Like the new word. I hope I win!!! 🙂

  282. mmmm ham!

  283. Yummy ham!

  284. I LOVE HAM!!!!!

  285. Ham please

  286. Yum!! Pick me!!!!

  287. Always been a fan of ham

  288. I’m ready to ham it up.

  289. love, love, love ham!!!!!!

  290. mmmmm….ham! Bake it…then take the leftovers, throw them into a crockpot with water for awhile (10 hours or so), pull it off any bones, chop, chip or cut it…then add bbq sauce, mustard (honey mustard works best) and cook it some more. PULLED Ham!

  291. Ham…Who doesn’t need $30 worth of ham!!

  292. Ham= Crazy delicious.

  293. Thanksgiving at my new house this year. Please help!

  294. I’ll take it

  295. we like some ham around here!

  296. i’m having my third baby in 3 years next week, and goodness knows i won’t have time for baking hams for the holidays!

  297. Ham & me, perfect together.

  298. Luv me some free ham!!!

  299. Love ham! Thanks for this opportunity.

  300. I’m ready to ham it up for the holidays! {groan}

  301. My 13 year old has bee

  302. yummy ham……I Love me some ham!

  303. Yum! The only thing better than ham is FREE ham!

  304. Sounds great. =)

  305. Oh ham! Glorious ham!

  306. SPAM = $, Bacon = $$, Free HAM = priceless!

  307. I would love to say that I won a HAM ONLINE! How cool would that be?

  308. Sounds good! Pick me!

  309. I heart ham!

  310. mmmm sounds great to me!

  311. sign me up for a ham! YUM!

  312. Spider Pig, Spider Pig. Does whatever a spider pig does. Including Getting in Mah Belleh!!!

  313. My husband would love this for the holidays…

  314. That would make Thanksgiving soooooooo less stressful!

  315. Now how delicious is ham!!!

  316. We love bacon so much I made a bacon costume for my hubby for halloween! I’d take a ham too. 🙂

  317. Free ham is great! Thanks Mir!

  318. This would be great!

  319. I like ham, but I love ham leftovers. Ham salad is my favorite.

  320. love ham even green eggs and ham!!!!!

  321. Green Eggs and Ham is my favorite book from my childhood. It started me on the path of loving ham, bacon and most everything pork related.

  322. Yes yes!

  323. Why are hamsters called HAMsters? I don’t know, but I know a free ham would make me stop thinking about it!

  324. I am all for ham!

  325. Ham is yummy!

  326. Ham for a ham? Yummy

  327. Ham is goooood

  328. beam me up

  329. Can’t come up with a suitable rhyme at this time – but we love ham for thanksgiving! No turkey roasting around here – any other time of the year, I just don’t follow the holiday *rules* is all. 🙂


  330. Ham is delicious, the kids hope we win!

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