For your little dinosaurs (and monsters)

By Mir
November 1, 2009
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Halloween’s over, and your kids are running around the house all jacked up on sugar. It’s adorable! And a little scary. Like any good parent, you know that your best hope for sanity this coming week is to park them in front of a movie and hope for the best. (… what?)

So let’s have a quickie weekend contest designed to ease your pain! One lucky Want Not reader is going to receive Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs from me, and hopefully enjoy 94 minutes of peace. Doesn’t that sound nice, right about now?

Want to win it? First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 7:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 4:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, November 2nd, 2009 to be entered for a chance to win. Winner to be determined by random number generation and who offers me the best candy. (Just kidding. I cannot be bribed.) (Unless you have truffles, or something.) (Kidding!)

Ready? Go!


  1. Would love to win this!

  2. Oooh, silence!

  3. This was the first movie my boys ever saw in the theater. How fun!

  4. This looks like a great kids movie!

  5. Or I could lock myself in my bedroom and watch this movie while the kids destroy the house. 🙂

  6. I could use that today – stupid time change made my kids wake up at 5am…

  7. This would be a big hit. The last movie we bought was Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure. A more manly movie would be great!

  8. Ooohhh, 94 minutes of peace sounds HEAVENLY right now! Thanks, Mir!

  9. Ooh! This would be wonderful. We loved the first movie!

  10. I’m in!

  11. my son is just getting into movies, he would love to see this

  12. That would be a nice stocking stuffer! How do you feel about Godiva?????? 😉


  13. Count me in!

  14. This would go perfectly with the Ice Age 1 and 2 dvds my sons are getting in their stockings. Shhh…don’t tell!

  15. I’d love to have this for the kiddos for Christmas!

  16. that would be heaven!

  17. My little girl loves this movie!! I would love to win it!

  18. great giveaway, hoping I win!

  19. We love Ice Age! And if it helps, I actually know how to make truffles!

  20. My lil boy loves dinos!! This would be great!!!

  21. Movie please

  22. My little guy would LOVE this!

  23. Count us in – thanks for the chance!

  24. My son would LOVE this!

  25. 94 minutes of hunting for more deals online…priceless

  26. Would be wonderful! Thanks!

  27. Yay for movies!

  28. me please! We never saw this in the theatres, and I have a kid here who would love it!

  29. Pick me, please!

  30. fun!

  31. me please

  32. That sounds fabulous!

  33. I’d love 94 minutes of peace…really I would!

  34. Sounds like bliss! Thank you!

  35. that would RULE!

  36. This would be a great start to my christmas shopping . . .

  37. We loved this movie!

  38. Count me in. Thanks!

  39. Yay! Love the Ice Age Movies!

  40. Sounds like fun!

  41. This would be a great Christmas present for my nephew since it was the first movie he saw in a movie theater.

  42. We LOVE the Ice Age movies — thanks for a chance to win the new one!

  43. My son has been talking about this movie all weekend!!! He’d love it. **crosses fingers**

  44. The kids would love this!

  45. Yeah for a movie!

  46. 94 minutes + dinosaurs = heaven for mom! please!!

  47. Pick me!

  48. oh my kids would love this!!!! so would the hubby and i!

  49. Much to my surprise, I loved this movie. I would love to win this. Thanks.

  50. I don’t have any special candy, but I’m from Portland, Oregon…Home of VooDoo Doughnuts (as seen on Food Network) where they actually have a doughnut with maple frosting and 2 strips of bacon on top. I could send you some of those for a free movie. 🙂

  51. maybe this would decrease the amount of time it takes them to dirty up what i just cleaned.

  52. The kids love the original Ice Age. This may be the answer to some peace and quiet for an evening!

  53. We love this trilogy! And I haven’t bought the third one yet!

  54. Our DD has just discovered movies, and we now need to upgrade all the VCR tapes to DVDs….or spend our whole life rewinding. Please help us get started!

  55. I am pro movie-as-childcare. Very much. Would love to win, Mir! You’re so pretty.

  56. pick me pick me!

  57. Yes!

  58. Truffels on the way!

  59. Yes, please.

  60. Love Ice Age. But my Almond Joys are all gone.

  61. I’m with Christy!

  62. I’d love something to chill the children.

  63. With as many great give-aways as you have, I’m surprised to find myself so excited about this one. That’s what having a dinosaur lover for a son will do.

  64. It is going to be a long winter I can use all of the movies I can get!

  65. Yes please!

  66. The previews for this movie look good.

  67. We’ll throw our hats in — thanks! Jessica

  68. My son just watched his uncle’s copy of this yesterday and was begging me to buy a copy for home. Would LOVE to win this!

  69. Thanks for the contest. 🙂

  70. haven’t seen this one yet…we would LOVE it!!!

  71. I love Ice Age! 🙂

  72. My husband and son LOVE the Ice Age flicks, so this truly would get me some quiet time. Count me in!

  73. 94 minutes of peace??? Is there such a thing? Would love to try.

  74. I need this for a stocking stuffer!

  75. I’d love to win but probably won’t. I’ll try anyway.

  76. Ice Age is quite popular in our house! This would be great.

  77. My kids love this movie and they’d love to actually own it. 🙂

  78. me, please!

  79. we love this movie!

  80. Huge dino-lover in my house — this would be great. Thanks!

  81. We would really love to win this dvd. Thanks so much!

  82. my kids are dying to see this!

  83. I love Ice Age. Thanks!

  84. looks likr a fun family night movie.

  85. Sure!

  86. Oohh truffles sound good. So does a nice movie.

  87. Movie!! Count me in.

  88. I’m in! It would be a nice break from the CHRISTMAS MUSIC already playing nonstop on not one, but TWO radio stations here!

  89. Oh yes, PEACE!

  90. sweetness… the sound of silence!

  91. oh me thinks me needs this!!!!

  92. We’d all enjoy this, thank you!

  93. Would love to win. Thanks.

  94. This would be great…

  95. I love the Ice Age movies! 🙂

  96. What did parents ever do without animated movies? Me please…

  97. Yes, that sounds heavenly! Thanks, Mir!

  98. Pick me!!

  99. Come on lucky 100…unless someone beats me to posting, then come on lucky 101! 🙂

  100. We love the Ice Age movies! My kiddos would be in heaven 🙂

  101. I need this so badly 🙂

  102. mmmmm Chocolate…I mean, oh yeah, I’d love to win this! 😀

  103. I could use 94 minutes of quiet.

  104. Pick me and I will make you truffles with a ganache filling…

  105. would love it….

  106. We love Ice Age!

  107. Between Halloween candy and all the rain we’ve gotten, I could sure use something to make my kids sit still for a little while!

  108. Oooh, my little one has been wanting to get this…please pick me!!

  109. This was our favorite of the Ice Age movies. And I have access to Lake Champlain chocolates…

  110. Excellent!

  111. My two boys would love to win this! Thank you!
    How about some 100 Grand bars??

  112. verrry nice! One more Xmas present down!

  113. I haven’t bought this yet, so I’m hoping to win one.

    Also, I make the best truffles in existence. I’m just sayin…

  114. Thanks Mir

  115. A little peace sure goes a loonnnng way!

  116. heck, i’d have settled for a mere 90 minutes of peace! thanks, mir!

  117. Jess loved this movie when we saw it in the theater!

  118. Oh yes, please!

  119. pick me!!

  120. Yes, please!!!

  121. This would be great! Six kids + two weeks Christmas Break = mom needs new movies!!

  122. I would love to win this!

  123. I hope it’s my turn to win!

  124. I love the Ice Age movies! And I’ve been looking for an excuse to make Stephanie’s Crockpot Peanut Clusters. I pink puffy heart love her, and want to make that candy very badly but it’s too much for just me and hubby. I’ll share if you pick me!

  125. would love it!

  126. Personally not a fan but my son loves this kind of stuff….

  127. This is on my son’s Christmas list, so winning would put me a step ahead on my shopping! 🙂

  128. Pick us, please!

  129. My daughter would love this! Thanks!

  130. Peace, quiet and dinosaurs.

  131. excellent giveaway Mir!

  132. Looks great.

  133. Love free movies, we are watchin one right now and eating popcorn from trick or treating!

  134. We love the dinosaurs…
    Thanks for the contests!

  135. cool beans

  136. roar!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Oh, that sounds like such a cute movie!

  138. enjoy the kids jacked up on candy soon they won’t even want to trick or treat;( Now I’ll just take my movie and pout!

  139. 94 minutes of peace…I might could read more than a paragraph before being interrupted.

  140. has the best recipe for “Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt” that you can make in your very own kitchen! And just in nick of time for post-halloween sugar withdrawal or for an early holiday treat! (oh ya, we would looooove to win the movie also!)

  141. Grandkids would love this!

  142. I wanted to go see it and my mother in law took my daughter instead!

  143. You make my day, even if I don’t win….. again. 🙂

  144. Would LOVE to win this movie!! 🙂

  145. mmmm 94 minutes of quiet sounds AWESOME!!

  146. My kid was a dinosaur for Halloween! Must get!

  147. My kids would love this!

  148. I have 4 kids, 3 of which are boys. I crave peace & quiet!

  149. Now that winter is coming we need new movies to pass the time inside!

  150. you are a life saver

  151. Something to fill in before the Christmas movies make their way out of the closet would be great, otherwise, it’s Christmas in November here!

  152. We’d love it!

  153. Merry Christmas gift closet for my kiddos! We’d love it!

  154. Thank you!

  155. Would love to put this one in a certain boy’s stocking!

  156. Heehee. I have truffles. Hidden where the kids can’t find them.


  157. Love the Ice Age movies!

  158. perfect

  159. I love the Ice Age movies!

  160. Not only did we have Halloween this weekend – we just got done with Fall Break. I could desperately use that 94 minutes. Please pick us!

  161. I’ve been on a Christmas movie buying spree! This would be great!

  162. Ice Age rules!

  163. Goodie!! We just saw this on Redbox the other night and the kids loved it! They want it for Christmas! Please, O’Pretty Random Number Generator, pick me 🙂

  164. We love ice age movies!

  165. Good times with this one!

  166. Great movie for a great cause (my sanity)

  167. We would love some peace in this house!

  168. I would absolutely love to win this for my son. I was planning on getting him all three dvds for Christmas. He loved the first two but I never bought them. With the third coming out, I thought that it would make a good gift (maybe add some boxes of popcorn and make a movie night basket). I never win anything, but it is worth a try. Thanks.

  169. Super fun! I’ve been on bedrest for…idk…a million weeks and would love a new way to entertain the kiddos!!

  170. Just got done with elk hunting and what a way to relax!

  171. Sad to say, we could use this for a date night 🙂

  172. I love the Ice Age movies!

  173. Pick me!!! I’d love 94 minutes of silence.

  174. I would be super happy to win! 🙂

  175. My husband loves Ice Age!

  176. You know children so well. Would love to win the movie…

  177. 2 dinos and a monster here!

  178. This movie cracks me up! My kids would love me to win this for me, I mean, them.

  179. The ice age movies are some if our kids favorites.

  180. I’d love 94 minutes of watching it myself 😉

  181. We have Kit-Kats!

  182. ooh, love Ice Age!

  183. MMMMMMM! Truffles!

  184. Sure, I’d love a free movie! We haven’t seen this one yet.

  185. What the heck! My kids would love it!

  186. Yah! Pick us!

  187. Yes, please. We love dinosaurs over here!

  188. Would love to win!!

  189. Seriously… we love this movie! I’m crossing my fingers!!

  190. 94 min of peace sounds great

  191. Peace, love, joy!

  192. Love it! 🙂

  193. This would also be welcome for the inescapable winter sick days…

  194. Yes please!

  195. Pick me!

  196. I love Ice Age! Umm, my daughter would like Ice Age. Thanks, Mir!

  197. I think I made it in time…it is standard time 6:31 am but it looks like your time stamp (from the comment above) is still on daylight savings time…

    Anyway, I digress…I would love this for my kids!

  198. Just perfect to add to the holiday travel DVDs!!

  199. Ooh, goodness, I’m just in time. Though I notice the person above me has a time stamp of 7:35 am, when right now it is 6:35 am. Maybe the time-stamp time hasn’t been rolled back yet?

  200. Ah, the Ice Age movies are faves around here. My son loves Scrat. This is a GREAT prize, would love to win. Thx for the chance.

  201. We just watched the first one with our son and he loved it. Would love to get this one also.

  202. NO WAY! This would be so cool!

  203. I’m in! 😀

  204. Please pick me!

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