Have a rockin’ holiday

By Mir
December 7, 2009
Category Contests

Today’s contest is for an item I totally did not expect to receive. I’d had a few emails back and forth with a PR rep, and the next thing I knew, a giant box appeared on my doorstep. A giant box which it is now going to cost me a bunch of money to ship to one of you, but I’ll do it, because you’re pretty and you deserve it.

I’m speaking, of course, of this shiny Nintendo Wii Band Hero Super Bundle I currently have sitting here in my office. It’s everything you need to rock out with Taylor Swift and everyone else featured in the included music, and yes, there’s a guitar, drum set, and microphone in the box. (Heavy!)

You would totally win at Chrismahanukwanzakah with this bad boy. Just sayin’.

Want to win it? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and ability to walk in stilettos (just because).

Ready to rock? Go!


  1. My daughter loves Taylor Swift!

  2. me please

  3. Hmmm….methinks if we left the windows open while playing we could reeeeeeeeally irritate the neighbors. I’m in!

  4. What a great giveaway!

  5. Yes please!!!

  6. Oh wow. That is a HUGE prize!!! Please oh please oh please…

  7. What noise my grandchildren could make with this set!

  8. Wow, what a gigantic prize!

  9. Wow! Pick me please!

  10. Awesome!

  11. Not sure I could rock the stilettos, but this would be awesome!

  12. I’m in!

  13. Rock on Baby! That would so make an awesome Christmas gift!!!!!!!!

  14. Would love to win!!!

  15. FUN!! my kiddos would love this!!

  16. This would definitely rock!

  17. Wow!

  18. Now this would make my kids Christmas!

  19. Merry Christmas it would be!

  20. Wow! Yes!

  21. Oh! I hope I win this!!!!

  22. All my boys would rock with this!

  23. Sweet! Thanks!

  24. Oh Yeah! I could totally rock out with that game. I think we would have a blast playing this as a family. And, more importantly, I can walk really well in stilettos.

  25. Holy cats!

  26. WOW! Pick me please?

  27. Perfect. My kids would be all over this AND we now have a new kids’ hang-out/playroom at the FAR end of the house. So, pleeeeze pick us. MKW

  28. My daughters would think they died and went to heaven if we won this! Pick me!

  29. Wow! This would be great!

  30. Wow! This may be your best giveaway yet!

  31. My daughter would love this…and my husband has a serious dislike of Miss Swift…so it would be fun to drive him crazy and play her songs over and over…not that I would do that! 😉

  32. ooohhh…aaahhh…

  33. Wow…my kid would LOVE me forever for this one.

  34. wow pick me

  35. I would be so excited to win this .. it is actually on my kids list and between you and I ….. I would love to play the drums!

  36. Yes yes yes! Please, pretty Mir?

  37. I’ll come mop your floors if I win!

  38. As my two year old says – we’re ready to rock!

  39. ME!!!! C’mon random number generator, pick me!

  40. Wow, that would knock a big present of santa’s list 🙂

  41. My podiatrist would kill me, but it would be so worth it to put on the stilettos! 🙂

  42. My 8 year old would be in 7th heaven!

  43. I am ready to rock out in my stilettos.

  44. This would be AWESOME!!!

  45. We don’t have *any* of the band heroes yet… my daughter would think she’s died and gone to heaven! Her brothers would probably even agree to back her up 🙂

  46. Rock on! Hee. Mir and the random number generator are both pretty pretty princesses.

  47. Oh, would be fun to win this! We’ve yet to get on board with these music games, maybe this would be a good way to start!

  48. this would be really great for our family!

  49. Great Prize!

  50. Already got my heels on! Rock on!

  51. Very cool! I’d love to win!

  52. What a great prize!!

  53. Sounds like fun.

  54. I want to rock around the Christmas tree!

  55. Count me in–pick me PLEASE!!

  56. This would be a welcome gift at my daughter’s home. She and her hubby are both among the layed off masses and this would be a special unexpected gift for the kids. Fingers crossed!

  57. Oh so exciting….. this would be a great gift to win!!

  58. Amazing giveaway!

  59. Mir

    You are such a pretty thing to offer this. I hope I get picked…

  60. This would be a FABULOUS Christmas gift for my family!!

  61. Love it!

    PS: You’re pretty. 🙂

  62. Oh my. This is soooo fantastic!

  63. What a great Christmas present to my grandkids (brother & sister) and wouldn’t their mom be just thrilled!!!!LOL

  64. Wonderful!

    (And you are very pretty.)

  65. I would love this! And definitely rock out on it in my stilettos!

  66. My husband would love that!

  67. Pretty please!!!

  68. Holy cow – this would definitely be rocking our house out! My daughter would flip!


  70. We’re getting a Wii for Christmas, this would be a lovely addition.

  71. Wooohoo!

  72. I’m born to rock. No one else would want to hear me but I’m born for it.

  73. woohoo would we love this in our house!! It would be the best christmas ever!!

  74. what a great giveaway!! my daughter LOVES Taylor Swift!

  75. My daughter would die from happiness if this managed to make it to our house! Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. I’d love this for the grandkids….they can play it all they want….as long as i’m gone

  77. Whoa! Thanks for the chance, and you are very pretty for ponying up the shipping on that monster.

  78. What a fantastic gift!

  79. a comment

  80. Cool!

  81. Hope we’re rockin’ around the Christmas tree this year!

  82. I love that you host contests I can enter. Pick me!

  83. awesome!!!!! me, please!

  84. SWEET!

  85. Pick me, you wont regret it!

  86. Awesome, dude – or dudette! Thanks for the chance!

  87. This would be FUN!!!!

  88. Yep, ready to rock!

  89. Thank you for the opportunity.

  90. Great prize – my kids would love it. Rock on!

  91. The hubby would love this!

  92. oh awesome!

  93. Oooh pick me, pick me!!

  94. We’d love that game for our family!!

    And I can totally rock in stilettos. (o;

  95. Wow! What an awesome prize! My kids would love this!

  96. OMG!!! My kidlets would love this!!!! We love Taylor Swift and Band HERO!!!! PICK ME!!!!!!!!

  97. spaz – my husband would be super excited!

  98. This would be fantastic!!! I know that my kids and husband (and me too!) would love it.

  99. Oh, wow! Great giveaway!

  100. If this is for the Wii i would love it! Please!

  101. Sounds great1

  102. Pick me pretty please!!

  103. Awesome – thanks for the chance to win.

  104. I need to ROCK OUT! I’d like to win.

  105. Our family of 7 would love this for Christmas!!!

  106. WOW, this would ROCK!!! LOL

  107. What a great gift!

  108. This is awesome!

  109. Wow . . . would love to have this one!!

  110. Rock on family!

  111. Rockin’ sweet contest! Count me in!

  112. Crossing my fingers…

  113. Oh, me, me, me, me. I long to humilate my children in front of their friends by insisting on being the lead singer. Please give me that joy.

  114. ME! 🙂

  115. I cannot walk in stilettos, but I can fall on my tush in them like nobody’s business. Does that count? And if I win this, I promise I’ll play it in stilettos!

  116. Santa is bringing the Wii. Maybe Mir will bring this game…

  117. Rock out! I’m not too old for this, right?

  118. That would spell serious family fun!

  119. Wow! What a fantastic surprise for someone!

  120. WOW! Count me in PlEaSe!

  121. Sweet!! You go, Mir!

  122. Awesome!

  123. yay! we would totally rock out in your honor, mir!!!!

  124. What a great gift! Taylor is one of our own here in middle Tennessee and I would love to win this prize.

  125. very nice!!! Just in time for Christmas 🙂

  126. This woudl be an AMAZING family gift! Thanks for the opportunity, Mir!

  127. pretty please!

  128. Very cool!

  129. Okay, I will try for this…my family would love it even if it might drive me crazy.

  130. My niece and nephew would love to have this!

  131. I hope this is for the Wii!

  132. Woo hoo! My boys would freak out for that. Thanks, Mir!

  133. Great gift! My boys would love this!

  134. Please!! 😀

  135. Wow I think I would have to tell you how pretty you are in person on a daily basis via webcam if we won this!

  136. Sounds great! Me, please!

  137. I’m not sure that either of the males in my household have even heard of Taylor Swift, but the drum pads alone would make their heads explode with joy. (Trust me on that one. I took an almost-7-year-old to the music store on Saturday. “I want to look at the BIG drums now, Mama!”)

  138. Ohhhh, the kids (and I) would love this!

  139. Ooh, that WOULD be fun!

  140. Amazing!

  141. Fun! Thanks!

  142. My kids would freak if they got this!!!!

  143. Wow! What a great giveaway and the ultimate gift under the tree from Santa:)

  144. What fun!!

  145. FUN!!! 🙂

  146. Awesome! We could have a lot of family fun with this!

  147. I’ll pay for shipping if you’ll let me win, lol 🙂

  148. wow, that looks awesome!

  149. Wow!

  150. Thanks Mir!

  151. Thanks

  152. This is great! Just to clarify, this is for the Wii? It is not explictly stated in your note but it looks like that is what the Amazon link points to.

  153. Pick me! Pick me!!!!

  154. How exciting!

  155. I would be the most popular mom in town if this was Rockin’ under out Christmas tree. Oh and I’d owe it all to pretty pretty Mir!

  156. Darn that annoyingly charming Taylor Swift!

  157. Yes, love to win it!!

  158. Would be so much fun. =)

  159. Wowzers!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. You’re right. I would be a rock star, maybe not the kind I dreamed of as a girl…this kind is way better.

  161. Wow! I love all of your contests but this one would be amazing to win. I would have one happy family on Christmas morning!

  162. What a great Christmas suprise this would be for my family. Pick me please!

  163. Wow! My kids would go crazy over this!

  164. AWESOME! would love it! thanks for the chance!!!!

  165. Me, me!!!!! 🙂

  166. Me, Please!!!!

  167. This sounds like an awesome family gift, and family time is something my kids could use a lot more of this year!

  168. Wow- awesome! Please pick me!

  169. I don’t know who would love this more – me or the kids!?

  170. Wow! Major prize! Crossing my fingers…

  171. just found this blog….i think i like it!

  172. 🙂

  173. Winning this would be the perfect incentive to get that Wii I’ve been trying to avoid!!

  174. OHHH YEEEEAH! You are so very pretty today, Mir!

  175. Pick me!

  176. My IL’s are getting us a Wii for Christmas – this would be the icing on the cake!

  177. This would be an excellent surprise under the tree on Christmas morning!

  178. If I can find stilettos in a men’s size 10, I’ll be all set.

  179. just to be clear, this is for the Wii?
    if I win it, I’ll be able to talk my family into switching from the Xbox. (or will Amazon be happy to exchange it for the Xbox version?)

  180. Oooohhhh! If we won this I don’t think we would ever leave the house, and I am ok with that!

  181. I want this!

  182. Wow! What an awesome prize!

  183. My grandkids would love this!!! Please pick me and make me the best grandmother in the world ~

  184. Pick me O Random Generator!

  185. Pick me, pick me!

  186. couln’t walk in heels if my life depended on it…but I bet I could put those drums to good use! 🙂

  187. Oh my goodness could mygirlsand Iannoy my husband with this!!! LOL

  188. This would make a little boy very happy on Christmas!

  189. I definitely need this! Pick me! Pick me!

  190. FABULOUS!

  191. Mele Kalekimaka!

  192. Wow! What a nice Christmas gift!

  193. OH MIR! If I only win this and never anything else online, I’d be ECSTATIC. I always have my family over for the holidays and we love playing the Wii – this would keep everyone (including the teens) entertained the whole time! Not to mention the rest of us playing it all the time!

  194. I would love this. Please please!!

  195. I’m in! Thanks!

  196. My kids would love this!

  197. You would be my Hero!!

  198. Pick me!

  199. Rock on!

  200. I think I can still rock it in ballet flats.

  201. Three of us would love you for this!
    (The fourth will be covering his ears, amazed that the three of us sing so very badly. But we’ll just sing louder!)

  202. I would probably regret the drums eventually, but it sounds amazing!

  203. We’ve got several teens in the family–this would be great!

  204. I live to rock out.

  205. May daughter thinks Taylor Swift is the be all end all to music! Please pick me!


  207. I would love to win this for my neice. 🙂

  208. Ooh! Pick me!

  209. Count me in!

  210. Thanks for the contest Mir, this would DEFINITELY get me a Good Mom Award. 😉

  211. Wow-wii! Thanks for the fun contest.

  212. Oh my gosh. I was just feeling bummed because I missed the last book contest, but winning this might just help heal the sting. 🙂

    Thank you for the offer!

  213. i LOVE taylor swift! my kids will flip!!!
    you’re sooo pretty!!! xo

  214. My kids would be so happy if I won this!

  215. this gift would make the people in my house so happy (myself included)! thanks for the chance. 🙂

  216. Sweet contest Mir, almost as sweet as you!

  217. hubby would love this

  218. I would be the prettiest, rockin-est mama *ever* if I had this to give to my kids!

  219. The only reason I’m saying “me please!” for this is that we now have the Wii in our basement. I don’t think I could take those drums otherwise.

  220. Holy Christmas, Batman! Somebody is going to be very happy!

  221. my boys would love it! Me I will buy some ear plugs, lol!

  222. Oh this is an awesome prize! We would love this! Alas, I can’t walk in heels at all, much less stilettos, but for you I would try and happily crash onto my face for this!

  223. I’ll cover the shipping if I win!

  224. ok seriously…i NEEEEEEEEEED this!!! For myself…and my kid:)
    Thanks mir

  225. Oooh, I want that!

  226. I’m ready to rock!

  227. WOW, this is AWESOME!!!

  228. My husband would love to mock me playing this!

  229. Oh please, please, please, pick me random generator thingie.

  230. This would be one amazing prize to win! Thank you!

  231. Please let me win a contest!

  232. Awesome contest!

  233. Wow this is a big prize!

  234. this is at the top of my kids list! Thanks for sharing.

  235. My kids would love this!

  236. Oh. Mah. Gaw! Awesome!

  237. Oh, this would be so fun!

  238. I’ve heard it is totally entertaining – especially for the kids at heart 😀

  239. Sounds Fun!

  240. That would be fun! Thanks.

  241. oooh, that looks like fun!

  242. I wanna be Freddie Mercury. This game set would totally help me pull it off! Calling in all my favors to the cosmos to win this one. Thanks for the opportunity, Mir!

  243. me please

  244. wowee!!! This would be a hit in our house!!! My daughters would go crazy!! Thanks for the contest!

  245. Whoa. Seriously? I would love to win this, and I can walk in stilettos…or at least I think I can play guitar in them!

  246. Whew Wee!!! You rock, girl!!! Thanks for sharing.

  247. Me please!

  248. My daughter would love this!

  249. Awesome! Thanks!

  250. Oh. My. Goodness….this is ALL my boys want for Christmas, but we decided not to get it because my husband still hasn’t found a job…Come on, RNG!!! Pick ME! xoxoxoxox

  251. Love Taylor Swift!

  252. Pick me please

  253. Oh, heck, yeah! I would totally win Christmas with this one.

  254. fun!

  255. I can think of two teens who would LOVE this – and also a mom, who, by the way, totally rocks the stilettos. Just sayin….

  256. I hope it’s me! As a bonus, SC isn’t that far for shipping.

  257. office parties would never be the same if I won this one….

  258. oh oh PICK ME!

  259. Dude– we’re gettin’ the band back together!

  260. Oh, me, please me!! My kids would think I was the bestest mom ever!

  261. This would be so great!!

  262. I’m ready to rock!

  263. What a great gift that would make, my kids would love it and my husband too. (ok, secretly I would love it too, shhh)

  264. This would be awesome!!!

  265. Oh wow — my kids would freak!

  266. Oooohhhh!!! Pretty shiny happy!!! That has to be the BEST POSSIBLE Christmahaunakwanzaka EVAH!!!! Go you for sharing too!!!! 😉

  267. Okay so seriously did you KNOW that we had just decided to get this for Douglas for Christmas?

  268. Rocking out would make me feel very pretty!

  269. Oh my goodness! This would make my children so very, very happy. It would be an amazing gift, and we actually celebrate all 3 holidays (plus the Epiphany, so 4 really!)

  270. I know I’ll get my heart broken again when I don’t get picked, but this is too awesome to pass up!!!!

  271. This sounds awesome! What a fun giveaway!

  272. I bet you break a record with this contest!

  273. I am *so* ready to rock!

  274. !!!

  275. oh wow! this is awesome

  276. I can’t play those kinds of games or walk in stilettos to save my life, but my husband can (I won’t tell you which). I do, however, like free stuff.

  277. Hee! I would SO win at Christmas!

  278. My girls would pink puffy heart this!!

  279. Yes Please!!!!

  280. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  281. Wonderful!

  282. Oh one can only Hope!!!

  283. Enter me please. 🙂

  284. this is your prettiest prize!!

  285. Pick me! pick me!

  286. this would be the best present for my kids! please please please!!!!!!!!!!!

  287. I stink at Guitar Hero. Perhaps I’d do better on the drums? Maybe singing? Maybe not, but I’d still like to WIN! 🙂

  288. Oh my, this would be the best Christmas gift ever!

  289. Awesome prize!

  290. Yes Patricia….there is a Santa Clause (named Mir)

  291. sounds fantastic!

  292. OMG! I predict that this contest will have more posts than any of your previous contests… ever!

  293. Fun prize!!! Someone is going to be very lucky!

  294. me please?

  295. Please Santa!

  296. Rockin around the mas tree!!!!

  297. Have a happy holiday!

  298. Totally rad! Would love to have this for my son.

  299. Love it! Pick me!!

  300. Oh…I’ve been wanting one of these 🙂

  301. Happy Festivus!!!

  302. My head would explode if I won this. You know you want to see that.

  303. ooooooohhhhhhh please pick me random number generator thing.

  304. This is awesome. I know several kids I could give it to.

  305. Uh oh I might be disqualified on that stiletto part!

  306. I totally could walk in stilettos, if only I didn’t have foot problems. But, you see, I do not need to walk in stilettos anyway and I’m still stylish, because someone I know is able to find me such great deals on shoes anyway. I wonder who that could be…? 😉


  307. I will buy a pair of stilettos and learn to walk in them if I win this contest! I’ll even post video! Now… how do I bribe the random number generator?

  308. Is this for the wii? If so, I think my family would love it!

  309. I read your contest rules — you crack me up. 🙂

  310. I’ll get a wii system if I win this… then it would be fate for me to get one.

  311. Gosh, I hope it gets along with the Beatles.

  312. My family would LOVE this!!! Thanks Mir!

  313. pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me

  314. I don’t think the Number Generator can count this high!

  315. Too cool!! Keeping my fingers crossed on this one!! Thanks for offering it to us.

  316. When you’re 38…and someone tells you you can win a prize, you’re going to believe it…

  317. Rock on!

  318. Ohh, this would be sooo fun!!

  319. Ooh! Pick Me!

  320. Rock it!

  321. This is such an awesome contest! Thanks for the chance to win!

  322. This would be lots of fun with the kids!!

  323. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome set!!

  324. Wow, that is an amazing offer–they should give you money for shipping though! 🙂

  325. OMG…I think I would love it. maybe more than the kids!

  326. This would be great for Christmas!

  327. Awesome – my kids would love this and Daddy too!

  328. That would be sooooo great.

  329. Fingers and toes crossed…

  330. My kids would kill for this. Maybe not kill. Maim?

  331. You’re so pretty and smart and pretty and you have great hair and you’re so pretty.

    What an awesome prize!!!

  332. What’s a little more noise around here? Count me in.

  333. Oooooohhhhhhh, me please! My kids would sooooooo loooove this–and so would I!!

  334. Thanks for the compliment!

  335. Good luck in high numbers? Let’s hope so!

  336. This would be INCREDIBLE.

  337. me and my boy band could really rock this town!

  338. Awesome!

  339. My oh my.

    What a fantabulous Chrismahanukwanzakah present this would be. Supercalifragilistic, even!

  340. Ohmigosh! Yes, please!

  341. Please,please,please pick me!!!!!

  342. I’m over here!!!

  343. me! me! me!

  344. oo! oo!!

  345. Sounds fantastic! Love the deals you have here! 🙂

  346. Wow, that’s an amazing prize.

  347. Wow! Pretty cool contest!

  348. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! You are EVER so pretty Mir!

  349. This is a great prize!

  350. Winning this would just make my Festivus.

  351. Ooh, yes please!

  352. Oh my, I would just *love* to win this!

  353. Pick me! pick me!

    Thanks, Mir!

  354. Very nice. Thanks, Mir!

  355. Oh, how I need this!!!!!

  356. sure, I’m ready to rock!

  357. Oh for wow. And my stiletto-cred is impeccable. I’m currently 8 months pregnant, and I’m totally rocking tall boots with 3 inch heels today, just because. I refuse to surrender to the belly!

  358. Oh what Fun! How awesome are you??!!

  359. Ohhh, my kid’s would be your slaves forever for this one. 🙂

  360. Oh, pick me, pick me!!! Then I won’t have to say “I never win anything” anymore.

  361. Oh, my girls would kill for that!! I hope I win!

  362. I can save you a LOT of $$$ on shipping…I’ll come to your house!

  363. This will make a great family Christmas present!!

  364. My kids would LOVE this and so would my husband 🙂

  365. My kids are getting a Wii for Christmas and this would top it off!

  366. Wow! wouldn’t this be the cu-dee-ta of all prizes!!!

  367. This would be wicked cool!

  368. ROCK ON!!!!

  369. I can’t believe I’m going to admit, I’d love it!

  370. This would be awesome!

  371. woohoo!

  372. sweet. DH will kill me but I LOVE Taylor Swift.

  373. oh amazing! please count me in!

  374. Oh, you are so generous. And pretty!

  375. Awww! You’d do that just for one of us!? Mir, you’re SO awesome!

  376. My son would flip for this.

  377. I would love this!

    Would it help if I mentioned how pretty you looked and how smart you are to find all these bargains for us?

    OK, random number generator, just feel free to pick me…

  378. Awwww….MAN!!! I SOOOOO need to win this! I could send the one sitting, unopened, in my garage, back to Amazon!!!!

    (crossing fingers, toes, eyes, arms, hair, legs and anything else I can find to cross….)

  379. Please pick me!!

  380. Just what I didn’t know I needed, but now do!

  381. Oh Random Generator, this would be an awesome gift!

  382. What an awesome gift that would make!!

  383. me!


  385. oh wow, enter me please!!

  386. hehehe, I bet this will blast all the other contests out of the water, comment-quantity-wise.

    oh, and I hope “ability to walk in stilettos” means the likelihood of winning is inversely proportionate to stiletto-wearin abilities. Because if so, I WIN.

  387. I’m ready to rock!

  388. i’m excited to rock out!

  389. That is so cool! I wanna rock out! 🙂

  390. What a blast! Fingers crossed….

  391. Oh please please please my kids would so love me if I won!

  392. This would save me $170! 🙂

  393. I need to rock out!

  394. Wow! Great giveaway!

  395. this looks awesome!!

  396. Wow!!

  397. I”ll gladly pay for the shipping. How fun!

  398. That would be SO cool! Thanks!

  399. Sounds like fun!!!!

  400. There is NO way I can fit these size 11’s in some stilettos but to win this I would sure try!

  401. Who’s Taylor Swift? (hahaha -jk)

  402. Neat prize and I DO need it so!

  403. I wanna rock!

  404. feeling lucky!! rock on 401!

  405. Sounds fun!

  406. What a fun prize! My daughter would love it.

  407. I’d love to win this one. 🙂

  408. Rock on! I think I need this!

  409. oh, me, me!

  410. I so want to rock out with this!

  411. We would love this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  412. Gahhh!!! Could this be the time I win!? I’ve been craving one of these, but low funds have prevented the purchase!

  413. I love Taylor Swift! What a great gift this would be!

  414. oh my oh my…..we would sooooo be loving this….especially considering santa is bringing us a wii for christmas!!!

  415. wow! yes please!

  416. Me, me, me!!!

  417. I think this is the one that I’m supposed to win… thanks!

  418. This would, well, rock! Maybe I haven’t won any of your other contests because my luck’s been saving itself up for this one? How awesome would that be?!

  419. This would make my husband SO happy…

  420. This is awesome! Hope its me… 🙂

  421. Oh….my husband would love this!!!! I would love this!!!! My kids would love this!!!! Please pick me! You are pretty! Thanks.

  422. Holy fricking great rockin gift giveaway!!!! Thanks for the chance, Mir 🙂

  423. This is such a cool prize!!! Pick me random number generator!

  424. *Crosses fingers toes and kitten mittons!!!*

    (random Sunny reference)

  425. Ooooh! That would be cool!

  426. Cool! Pick me!

  427. This is awesome! My family could really rock out with this!

  428. ohhhh. Please pick me!!

  429. Oh what fun. Thanks and you are beautiful today!

  430. We just bought a Wii – and this would be so fun! 🙂

    I think you migh

  431. WooHoo!

  432. please pick me

  433. Oh, I really want this one. Have I told you how pretty you are lately?

  434. Wow would love to give that to my kids and get some bonus Mommy point!

  435. OMG – yes please!!

  436. So cool! What an awesome Christmas present for our family.

  437. Merry Christmas, indeed!

  438. OMG! I wanna win! I wanna win!

  439. My kids would love this! Great giveaway!

  440. Would love to win! Thanks!

  441. Wow – my kid sure would love this!!! Of course given the number of comments, we are going to need a Christmas miracle for the number generator to pick us…. fingers crossed.

  442. Wow! That would be so much fun!

  443. This would complete my Christmas shopping! (OK I’m done with Christmas shopping, but it would be a great gift and I would look like a hero!)

  444. Pick me. I need to play the Tom Cruise part. (No, the FUNNY part from his movie, not the CRAZY MAN part from Oprah and everywhere else.)

  445. Me!!!! What an amazing prize!

  446. WOW! Awesome contest. Thanks!

  447. oh please, beautiful Mir…. The unemployment gods just laughed at me & messed up my holiday… wouldn’t this awesome prize be a good way to laugh back at them just a little?

  448. Pick me Please!

  449. I can totally rock in stilettos!

  450. Rock on!

  451. Whoa! That is awesome – pick me, RNG!

  452. Oh please pick me! I just bought a Wii for my kids and don’t have any games yet!

  453. My mom & dad just bought a Wii for the grandkids so this would be perfect for them!!! 😉

  454. My child will call me king…..

  455. Oh yes! Sure the kids might play a bit, but it’s going to be mom & dad rocking out like only white suburban cliches can!

    Thanks, Mir.

  456. That is SO cool. However, I am not so cool and cannot walk in stilettos. I do have a child who can not only walk in them but also run (downhill, in GRAVEL). Does that count?

  457. I would love this simply because my 5 year old son is so adorable singing to Taylor Swift’s “You belong to Me”.

  458. Please let me rock out at Christmas!

  459. I wanna win Christmas! 😛

  460. Enter me!

  461. Wow cool

  462. I can walk in stillettos! Pick me!

  463. I could tell you I want this for my kids, but the fact is that I would love to have this for myself!

  464. Seriously?! That’s an incredible giveaway! Thanks so much!

  465. WOW!!! What a give-away!

  466. This looks like soooo much fun! That is just awesome!

  467. Oh, I would be such a hero at my house!

  468. My family would love this!

  469. Awesome… Band Hero rocks!

  470. This would make our family parties oh so much funnier!

  471. me, please!

  472. Oh my!! Oh my!! This rocks!!

  473. “You belong with me!”

  474. Hey, I just discovered I have a secret band hero living inside me!

  475. This would be awesome! Go Wantnot!

  476. Yahoo!

  477. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH! I was going to buy one next week. So just pick me and I wont have to.

  478. My son would love this., Heck so would I.

  479. My teenage sons would love it! And the whole family could get in on the action. Family time is much needed around my house.

  480. You are so pretty, Mir!

  481. My family would rock with this.

  482. Sounds really great my grandaughters would love it…….

  483. This is on my kids wish list!

  484. Santa would love to be a rock star with this on Christmas morning!

  485. Rock on!

  486. me me me

  487. Ok, so my kids still believe in Santa, but would I not be the COOLEST Santa EVER for putting this under the Christmas tree???

  488. we would LOVE it..
    I know—not much chance, but I’m willing to try!

  489. Puh-leeeze. You are not EQUIPPED to know the things I’m capable of in stilletos.

  490. How cool would this be!

  491. Unbelieveable prize. Thanks for the chance!

  492. Oh, yes, please!

  493. Getting a wii for the family for xmas, I’d love to add this to the pile!

  494. We would love this. Thanks.

  495. Totally would LOVE this! My drummer husband and electric guitar playing sons would definitely flip.

  496. Great prize! Hope it comes to us!

  497. We would totally rock out with this!!!

  498. This would totally ROCK my son’s Christmas!!

  499. Can’t wait!

  500. whoopeee.. my girls would LOVE this!

  501. My sister just lost her job, and this would MAKE her son’s Christmas. Plus, I can rock a pair of stilettos, even at 5’10”.

  502. My turn to win!! I can easily walk in stilletto’s! My prego belly isn’t too big yet that I couldn’t do it!!

  503. changes of winning are slim.. since its such a killer give away..but i wont stand a change AT ALL if i dont enter…. =)

  504. 501..sounds like a lucky number. Wow..didn’t realize there were that many of us Want notters out here.

    You’re really really really pretty Mir (rules say nothing about bribery)

  505. Wow a lot of commenters. Maybe I will be lucky 502

  506. this would be so much fun!

  507. mmmmmmmm – this might solidify what our family Christmas gaming system would be…

  508. Sure I can walk in stilettos (you didn’t say I had to do it gracefully)

  509. Super duper!

  510. Crossing fingers!

  511. This is great! Thanks!

  512. Oh, man. My four-year-old niece just introduced us to Wii, and showed us the Wii personas she made for us in anticipation of playing games with us (and, I guess, so she can throw snowballs at us as NPCs when she’s playing solo). We are hooked.

    Full disclosure: I totally cannot walk in stilettos. But maybe we can work something out.

  513. Awesome giveaway! One of these days, I’ll get lucky and win!

  514. This would distract my four boys for at least five minutes…

  515. Ooh! Ooh! Pick me!

  516. This would make my kids day, especially since our holidays are going to be a bit lean! Thanks for always giving us something fun to try to win!

  517. Fun stuff!

  518. May I be the random one, LOL!

  519. Oh, please pick me, pretty Mir!!

    And, might I say that you are looking especially fine today, Ms Random Number Generator. Have you lost weight?

  520. wow, this is a lot of entries! lol here’s to luck!

  521. This is huge and 518 might be my lucky number….Thanks, Mir.

  522. Pick me! My Taylor Swift loving 5-year-old will love you and say you’re pretty, too!

  523. Ohh me please pretty Mir

  524. We just got a wii as an early Christmas present from out of town relatives, so this would pair quite nicely! Yay!

  525. I always wanted to be in a band!

  526. My Grandson would love this!! Thanks.

  527. This would be a blast.

  528. great christmas gift!!!

  529. Our family would use this way too much!

  530. I can’t actually walk in stilettos, but I still rock.

  531. Please. I need to beat my son at something other than Guitar Hero. Especially since he is an actual drummer (9 years old) and I need to practice on this set.

  532. My daughter would love this. So would the rest of us.

  533. My kids would love this.

  534. I never win know matter how much I enter. Sniff.

  535. Random number generator please pick me, I’ve been a very good girl and mama!!!

  536. What a wonderful opportunity!!!!

  537. My boys would love it !

  538. I am in my last semester in nursing school and I am a single mother of two, getting no child support. It’s going to be a short Christmas for my kids this year and this would be one cool gift to give them.

  539. Yay! 🙂

  540. If I thought this was the house to gather after school (I keep them supplied with popcorn and snacks), this would make them never want to go home. Not a bad thing, since all of them a great kids, but I’d definitely have to do something about my grocery budget 🙂

  541. Ooooo,yeah! Count me in! 😉

  542. My kids would totally LOVE this. BTW….you are so pretty!!

  543. oO Just what I’m looking for!

  544. Yes please!!!

  545. Not much of a chance as #547, but we’d love this!

  546. I can’t walk in stilettos AND I’m tone deaf, so think how much fun my kids would have watching me dance in stilettos and trying to sing with Rockband… and I would do it all in front of their friends! Yes, this could be the gift that just keeps giving!

  547. The look on my kids face while opening this Christmas day would be PRICELESS!!!!!

  548. This would be great for our family!

  549. This would be AWESOME!

  550. well. I’ll give it a try. We do some mean rock band over here!!

  551. Pick me! Pick me! Please??

  552. Oh oh oh OH.

    I’ve FINALLY managed to get my kids a Wii for Christmas this year – and finding it hard to get the games at the same time cuz we be PO’… so any additional games I can snag would be most awesome and so appreciated and so PICK ME PLEEEEEEEASE RANDOMIZER!

  553. Oh, PLEASE random number generator, please pick me!

  554. woot! i’m glad you put the reminder up on facebook, i woulda missed this contest!!

  555. Need this 😉

  556. Santa is bringing my son a Wii this year. This would be wonderful for him. He is very musical and this would be a blast for him. One of the jobs he wants to do when he grows up is to be a rock star like Elvis.

  557. Oh my husband would kiss me if I won this. Of course he will kiss me anyway, but you know… 🙂

  558. Santa I’ve been good all year! 🙂

  559. Oooh, I would love to win this!

  560. oh It would be perfect, we are getting our first Wii this year!

  561. I love Rock & Roll, so put another dime in the jukebox baby!

  562. Sounds great, I know my husband would love it!

  563. By “walk” do you mean “fall down”? Awesome! Covered.

  564. Oh what the heck! I’m in!

  565. My daughter would love this!!

  566. Oh sure, why not?

  567. never played my kids would love it

  568. I’d love to win this, if only to quiet my husband who asks if we can buy this on a daily basis. Having this set under the Christmukkuh tree would guarantee me a week’s worth of housework from him. Maybe two. And he’d probably take bath duty for the kids.

  569. pick me, pick me!

  570. oh we want this so bad just dont have the $$ for it this christmas

  571. That would be awesome

  572. pleeeeze, meeeee

  573. Praying to the Random Number Generator as I type….

  574. Wow! I’m 14 & I’d love to win this 🙂 Taylor Swift is my idol!

  575. I have entered so many contests lately, this is the one I really want to win!

  576. We finally broke down and bought a Wii for Christmas this year… and Rock Band would be a FANTASTIC addition to it!!!

    Off to sacrifice a chicken to the gods of random number generation!

  577. Mir, you’re so pretty. If I win, this will go to my niece and nephew.

  578. How exciting for a blog giveaway! Would love to win!! Count me in!

  579. I finally broke down and bought a wii so now its time for games, please

  580. Me please! Me please! Come onnnnnn, 582! 🙂

  581. Could use something for the Wii besides the standard Sports package… which is all we’ve had for nearly a year!

  582. I know a certain 14 yr old who would go ape for this! Woohoo!

  583. woohoo – pick me!

  584. pick me pleeeezzzeee

  585. I would love to get this for my wife.

  586. My mom would love if I won this.

  587. Yeah…save Santa a trip!

  588. Because I totally rock.

  589. Rock ON!

  590. Just the thought of this makes me giddy…. I am not even kidding!

  591. This would “ROCK”

  592. This contest rocks! My daughter would love it!

  593. Maybe my new lucky number is somewhere in the 590’s – thanks!

  594. Oooooooo!!!! That would be awesome, thanks Mir!

  595. I’ll take it!

  596. Our family would love this!!

  597. What a great Christmas present this would make!

  598. This would be a terrific gift for a dear friend!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  599. Pick us!!! We could pay back all of the college kids around us that blare us out!!!

  600. yay for more wii games!

  601. We are dying to get this!

  602. This could finally get us on stage where we belong!

  603. guitar hero 5 would be my pick!

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