Because you’re tired of turkey (or ham)

By Mir
December 28, 2009
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Don’t get me wrong; I love having holiday leftovers. But the time comes when one cannot help but say, “Dear lord, I cannot eat another bite of [insert dish here].” Am I right?

Of course, who wants to cook again after that big meal, and who has the money for take-out. Why not pick up a frozen pizza? Say, on me?

I have some coupons here for Red Baron’s Fire Baked pizzas*. Each coupon entitles the bearer to one free pizza. Hooray! We’ll have three winners today: The first winner will get three pizza coupons, the second will get two, and the third will get one.

Want to win? First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 to be entered. Winners to be determined by random number generation and crispness of crust.

Ready? Go!

* I received eight coupons in the mail for this promotion and have been encouraged to let you know that they contacted me and offered the coupons for “me and my community.” I am saving two coupons for my family, as my rotten children sometimes enjoy frozen pizza and I am far too mean to buy it for them with any regularity. The other six coupons are going out to you, because you’re pretty.


  1. My kids love frozen pizza and I love NOT COOKING!

  2. Not having to cook….priceless!

  3. Love it! πŸ™‚

  4. Huzzah! Pizza!

  5. Yum.

  6. yum pizza…count me in pretty Mir!

  7. I can’t remember the last time I had a frozen pizza, but I bet my kids would love them!

  8. Oooh, my hubby’s favorite dinner.

  9. These would be great!

  10. Pretty? Me? Why thank you!

    And yes, I WILL have a slice of pizza. Thanks!

  11. Yay pizza!

  12. Mmmm…sounds good

  13. we love pizza (and I love not having to cook)

  14. I like a nice soft crust, thank you.

  15. I am ready for some pizza!

  16. ohh free pizza

  17. me too!

  18. mmmm…… πŸ™‚

  19. Lovely Mir….pizza!

  20. Pizza is always good around here, thanks!

  21. sounds delicious!

  22. We love pizza, and we love it even more when it is free!

  23. Pizza. Yum.

  24. PIZZA!

  25. Count me in for the pizza coupons!!

  26. My kids love pizza!

  27. Free pizza rocks!!

  28. Sounds good!

  29. Yes, please!

  30. Frozen pizzas are great! Thanks.

  31. Thanks for the contest Mir!

  32. MMMMM Pizza

  33. The only food my toddler eats! Thanks!

  34. Thanks, Mir! yummy!

  35. We’re all about free pizza!

  36. pizza, PIZZA…

  37. Mmmm… pizza! I wish I had one right now!

  38. We are SO TIRED of Turkey, Ham and Stuffing!!

  39. I love not cooking just as much as my kids love pizza!!!

  40. One does not have to be tired of turkey (or ham) to enjoy free pizza! I sure hope I get lucky on this one!

  41. Pizza Pizza!

  42. Very very nice these are great for the days when I don’t get around to making a gourmet feast.

  43. I’m so in the mood for pizza! although didn’t have ham or turkey

  44. Love frozen pizza!

  45. I have no qualms about free pizza.

  46. Mmmmm….pizza!

  47. Yes, count me in. I’m tired of cooking!

  48. Gotta love being able to pull a complete meal out of the freezer (especially for free)!!

  49. Mmmm…. pizza. Mmm…. not cooking.

  50. Ooh, ooh, pizza!

  51. Pizza… a big yay from this household!

  52. why not?!

  53. love pizza !!

  54. I like it…pizza for emergency dinners when the day has been crazy! Me please!

  55. Yay crispy crusts! πŸ˜‰

  56. Those are our favorite frozen pizzas!

  57. I’m pregnant, tired, and don’t want to bake for my family. Pick me please!!!

  58. My rotten children also love pizza. And free is great. And I’m glad you kept some for your family. And my, you ARE looking pretty today.

  59. Yes, I want them for emergency dinners too! Yes, right, emergencies…

  60. Red Baron is the only frozen pizza I buy, for reals.

  61. I’m in! Thanks!

  62. Yum. Thanks!

  63. Pizza makes dinner time an easier place.

  64. Aw, heck, if you can give your family free frozen pizza even though you can’t have gluten, I can give my family free pizza even though I’m lactose intolerant.

  65. I could sure use an easy dinner in coming months.

  66. I’ve been a cooking fool for the holidays. I need a break!

  67. Ah pizza… our default lazy night meal. Yum!

  68. My kids love pizza and I am also too mean to get it for them all that often! Free would make me not feel so bad about getting it for them!

  69. yum.. pizza

  70. I want these because I really hate cooking!

  71. We’re such lucky readers!

  72. Well dang. Pizza. We had that last night, just because we could. And because I NEVER WANT TO EAT HAM EVER AGAIN.

  73. We were talking about this very thing the other night – we know we should be thankful for leftovers, but sometimes you just get a little tired of them. Pizza would be a welcome change! (How come no one ever gets tired of that?) πŸ™‚

  74. We actually had pizza for Christmas Eve because we had expected to be out of town, but were snowed in and nobody had shopped to prepare a holiday meal. We love pizza!

  75. I have pizza at least once a week. Yum

  76. We LOVE Red Baron!!!!

  77. I’d like to try these!

  78. woohoo – my husband would be a happy man. and yeah, we’ve eaten a LOT of ham.

  79. PIZZA!!

  80. Free food? The way our budget looks? Awesome!

  81. Wahaa! Pizza.

  82. Never met a pizza I didn’t like…

  83. I’m going back on a diet after the first. Would it be wrong to eat a frozen pizza as my reward for losing a couple of pounds?

  84. Thanks for sharing your coupons!

  85. My boys love pizza!

  86. Did someone say Pizza?

  87. Yum! Pizza!

  88. Aside from bacon, pizza may just be the world’s most perfect food. I’m in!

  89. Pizza, my most favorite food. Thanks for the chance!

  90. Mmmm, pizza!!

  91. Never saw a Red Baron pizza that I didn’t want to eat it!

  92. Sounds delish!

  93. My family has never seen a pizza that they didn’t love!

  94. We love pizza any old way!

  95. Pizza is my friend…

  96. Sounds great! Please enter me!

  97. Pizza…mmmm

  98. So there’s no way I can get those tonight? Because it is already 5 and I so don’t feel like cooking.

  99. These are great to have on hand for a quickie dinner!

  100. love it!

  101. Oh, I DO LOVE frozen pizzas. Well, I mean after they’re heated up.

  102. My kids love pizza! I love not cooking!

  103. Red Baron saved me on more of one occasion from having to cook. I love it.

  104. You are pretty!

  105. Pick me, please!

  106. Pizza? It’s a good thing to keep around, especially now with my college kiddo at home for a few weeks. Random Number generator, pick me, please!

  107. mmm mmm good!

  108. Don’t you always crave pizza after HAM and HAM??

  109. Have I told you lately how pretty you are?? I am SO sick of ham!

  110. My children LOVE pizza – you are so pretty!

  111. Forget the kids… I love pizza, even the frozen ones.

  112. Sounds yummy.

  113. We eat way too much frozen pizza here, but we just can’t help ourselves!

  114. Yumm! πŸ™‚ Pizza!
    I’m thinking pizza sounds way better than all the Christmas cookies I continue to eat! Bleh.

  115. Pizza!!

  116. We love pizza and not having to cook! Thanks Mir!

  117. What goes better on pizza than ham?

  118. love pizza!

  119. Sounds yummy!

  120. My son is a pizza lover!

  121. No cooking? I’m all for it!

  122. Yay, pizza!

  123. Seems like a perfect holiday meal to me…

  124. 3 young boys (5-1/2, 3-1/2, and almost 2) need to eat wayyy too much. Coupons would come in handy!

  125. Can’t say no to free pizza!

  126. Yes, pizza! No more ham leftovers!

  127. Yum Yum Yum!! count me in!!!

  128. Mmmm pizza!

  129. Pizza is yummy πŸ™‚

  130. My kids wish they could live on pizza!

  131. Yum Yum. Tired of turkey and ham!

  132. Sounds quick and easy . . .

  133. My favorite “fast” food!

  134. Yipee!! Pizza . . .and it’s free (even better)!!

  135. Pizza . . . Yipee . . .and it’s free (even better)!!

  136. I heart free pizza!

  137. I am not too proud to admit that my family eats frozen pizza on a regular basis!

  138. Pizza! Yay! Crusty! Yummy! Not-me-cooking! Mir is pretty!

  139. I would love some pizza!!! I’ve never had one before :)!!

  140. Pizza? Yes please!

  141. Yea for pizza!

  142. Can’t do without our staple of frozen pizza!

  143. Hooray for pizza!

  144. Those look yummy!

  145. Three Cheers For Pizza…Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah!

  146. i LOVE pizza…. but i REALLY LOVE free pizza!

  147. Great timing. I am a coupon queen.

  148. Pick Me Pick Me!

  149. I LOVE to have a few pizzas in the freezer for “emergencies” (or Mommy forgot to pull things out to thaw).

  150. I love pizza!

  151. Pizza, yay!

  152. I’m glad you get to keep some for yourself! I understand why, but it seems a little ridiculous that you have to tell us you are keeping some for yourself.

  153. My husband keeps Red Baron in business!

  154. Pizza would be good.

  155. Free pizza!

  156. My kids love pizza!

  157. Pizza! Pizza!! Pizza, Please!!!!

  158. With a house full of holiday visitors, I could use a pizza break!

  159. mmmmm, pick me please! πŸ™‚

  160. Yumm-O pick me!

  161. We are sick of leftovers!

  162. We like pizza too!

  163. Would love one of these!

  164. Yay! Nobody likes to cook on Christmas vacation! Frozen pizza fits the bill!

  165. Mmmmm…. pizza! We would love this!

  166. I’ll help take those off your hands.

  167. Pick me!! πŸ˜€

  168. Being a million months pregnant, this would make a nice easy dinner night for me for the kids! Sign me up!

  169. Oh pretty Mir, pick me.

  170. Pizza, Pizza, Pizza ROCKS!

  171. Frozen pizza is a regular part of our diet! Count me in!

  172. Free pizza? awesome!

  173. Pizza! Pizza!

    Thanks for another great contest.

  174. Love pizza, espcially free pizza!

  175. Awesome–thanks!

  176. Who doesn’t like pizza??

  177. You’re getting prettier everyday!! Plus we love pizza.

  178. We love pizza, especially free pizza πŸ™‚

  179. We’d love it!!

  180. We would love free, frozen pizza! Thanks!

  181. I can’t cook another second! And free is my middle name!

  182. Free pizza is the best!

  183. Love having a frozen pizza around to feed the masses…

  184. We like to keep a frozen pizza on hand for those nights when we are just both too tired to make something. Thanks for the offer, Mir! πŸ™‚

  185. I love making homemade, I am weird like that – but hey, a frozen pizza on certain nights is a God send! Thank for the opportunity!

  186. sounds delicious. πŸ™‚

  187. Hmm. $10 Pizza Hut, or free Red Baron….

    Thanks, Mir!

  188. Yummy!

  189. Pizza…Did you say PIZZA!!!!

  190. Red Baron is the only pizza my son will eat. A few coupons here would save me some money. I am crossing my fingers now.

  191. Oh this is just too awesome.. I just love love Pizza!!

  192. me please?

  193. Free pizza would be awesome!

  194. Would love this as it’s one of only 5 things that everyone will eat.

  195. I make homemade pizza, but I like store-bought, too!

  196. mememe!!

  197. hope im not too late!

  198. Who couldn’t use some FREE pizza??? Thanks!

  199. Mmmm . . . frozen pizza. Not on my Christmas list, but might be on my teenage son’s?

  200. I would love to have some pizza how cool!

  201. Red Baron is my favorite! Yum!

  202. Mmmmm, pizza. And the crisper the crust the better.

  203. yum! pizza!

  204. Me! Me! Me! Choose me!

  205. sounds good!

  206. sounds like a great freezer meal for post-partum!

  207. This one’s the winner!

  208. Pizza is good food! Thanks, Mir!

  209. Mmm, pizza is great. Free pizza is even better!

  210. Love us some pizza around here. Sometimes it is all the picky preschooler will eat…

  211. I’m in your community for new year’s!

  212. Back to school – the perfect time for frozen!

  213. Pizza is one of the rare foods my daughter will eat without an argument.

  214. yummo! pick me!

  215. I would totally take some free pizza!

  216. Perfect for those nights when I don’t feel like cooking! Thanks for the contest Mir!

  217. Yes, pizza would be great!

  218. Thanks Mir. I love it when you play Santa and pizza would be like getting a full stocking because I wouldn’t have to cook. Win/Win!

  219. Seriously tired of ham. Two Christmases with two families and both had ham. Ready for pizza!

  220. My husband loooooves pizza (and, well, I’m kind of a fan too). Plus I’m pregnant and tired and don’t feel like cooking, and he’s sick of cooking (or getting take out).

  221. ohhh this would be fabulous!

  222. Who doesn’t love free pizza?

  223. Pizza Night!!

  224. just bought two tonight. . . .mkw

  225. Sex is like pizza: when it’s good, it’s really good. And when it’s bad, it’s stll pretty good!

  226. pizza is yummy!

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