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By Mir
January 11, 2010
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Just in time for “life is finally back to normal after the holidays,” I’m here with some new toys for your kids. Ow! Who threw that??

Ahem. The kind folks at Bandai sent me some goodies to give away. For this contest you’ll have your choice of two get-your-kids-revved up pairs of hero goodness.

Choose the Ben 10 prize if you’re wanting a Ben 10 DNA Alien Hero Swampfire figure and a Omnitrix Illuminator. Or select the Power Rangers prize if you’d rather get an Auxiliary Trax Shark Guardian figure and a Racing Performance Lion Cycle. Don’t know what any of these toys are? Don’t worry—your kids (or grandkids) totally do.

To enter this contest, first go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post telling me which prize you want to win by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 for a chance to win. Winners determined by random number generation and ability to fight crime.

Ready? Go!


  1. Oh boy oh boy! Ben 10! Ben 10!!

  2. Ben 10 please!

  3. Ben 10 please!

  4. Lion cycle please. And thank you.

  5. POWER RANGERS PRIZE RULES! Say that 5 times fast 🙂

  6. Power Rangers! Awesome prize.

  7. Ben 10! 🙂

  8. Have a 7 year old who loves Ben 10!

  9. Power Rangers please

  10. Ben 10 and the illuminator…thanks.

  11. We are all about Ben 10 in our house.

  12. ben 10 would be cool.

  13. Power Rangers please 🙂

  14. Power Ranger RPM Racing Performance Cycle please!

  15. Ben 10. . . I guess?!? (I’m SO not a cool Mom)

  16. No clue what either of these are, so maybe I’ll be able to give my nephew the Ben 10.

  17. What a great give-away – Ben 10!!!

  18. Ben 10 please!

  19. The Ben 10 thing, I think. My son likes aliens…

  20. Ben 10, Ben 10. Thanks!!!!

  21. Ben 10 would make my day easier!!

  22. power rangers prize is awesome.

  23. Ben 10!

  24. Power Rangers!

  25. My son would just die for the Ben 10 toys.

    But I’ll be darn if I know who he is or how my son came to know of him.

  26. Ben 10, Ben 10, he’s our man!
    If he can’t do it no one can! 🙂

  27. Power Rangers, please! Thanks!

  28. While I wouldn’t give them to my kids right now – they would be great to stash away. And I’d have to go with the Power Rangers – my son got a Ben 10 toy for Christmas and had no idea what it was 🙂

  29. Power Rangers!!!

  30. We’d like the Power Rangers, please. 🙂

  31. Power rangers prize and I will be the coolest grandma ever!

  32. oh my 4 yr old would love either, but would like the power rangers the best

  33. I think the Power Rangers stuff looks cool!

  34. I do believe my Boy would like the “Auxiliary Trax Shark Guardian figure and a Racing Performance Lion Cycle”

  35. Ben 10 prize, please! 🙂

  36. Ben 10 would be great!

  37. Think my boys would like the Power Ranger one.

  38. I’ll take any of those things…we have a boy birthday coming up!

  39. Ben 10 please.

    Though if I win I will harrumph since the giftee is the one that LOST the Omnitrix I bought for his Halloween costume.

    🙂 And yet, this would make such an awesome birthdya present for him.

  40. Yup I don’t know who Ben 10 is but it looks cool and I know of a Feb birthday this would be the perfect gift for!

  41. we’re just getting into Ben 10 here.

  42. I’m going with Power Rangers here, cuz I have no idea about Ben 10.

  43. Ben 10 Rocks!

  44. So the Power Rangers are still around!? My kid brother was so into them, so I’ll pick the Power Rangers. My son is only 2, but I’m sure he’ll have fun playing with them soon (if not, his uncle will have some fun with them for a while!).

  45. Ben 10 please

  46. My 4yo Ben 10 fanatic would love this!

  47. Ben 10 for my daughter! What? Girls can like him too! Even grown-up ones, who might think Kevin Eleven is a cutie. 😉

  48. Ben 10 please! Thanks Mir

  49. BEN”OMG-HE is SO COOL!” 10…It started when an alien device did what it did…Whoo-hoo!

  50. Power Rangers plzzzzzz

  51. Power Rangers!

  52. Oooh! Ben 10 for me!!

  53. Ben 10 for my friend Ben.

  54. Power Rangers would be cool. Actually, either would be welcomed but I like PRs.

  55. My grandson loves Ben 10!!

  56. My daughter’s birthday is in 4 weeks, and she would totally LOVE the Power Rangers stuff. She’s a complete tomboy! Thanks!

  57. So my nephew would think we were even more awesome if we had a stash of Power Rangers stuff to give him!

  58. Power Rangers please! I got in trouble with my 5-year-old after Christmas because he apparently told Santa he wanted Power Ranger stuff and didn’t tell mommy or daddy – maybe he was testing Santa?

  59. This is a Ben10 household. My boys would be so excited!

  60. My nephew assures me I want Ben 10!

  61. My son is completely obsessed with Ben 10 – so Ben 10 please!

  62. Ben 10. For the gift closet. Because it’s fun to be a mean mama.

  63. Ben 10!

  64. Ben 10, for my 10 year old!

  65. Power Rangers please!

  66. Power Rangers, please!

  67. Ummmm…I can’t choose just one! But, since I’m nothing if not a rule follower, I’ll say the Power Rangers prize. (Not that I’m going to win. I never win anything. *cue violins*) My almost-seven-year-old would love either prize, though!

  68. Power Rangers please 🙂

  69. Power Rangersssssss! 😀

  70. I’m in for the Power Rangers Lion Cycle

  71. Power Rangers please! Only because we already own everything Ben10!

  72. Lion Cycle. Please.

  73. Ben 10, please.

  74. The Power Ranger stuff would be awesome!

  75. Ben 10 for sure – thanks.

  76. Power Rangers for sure!

  77. Ben 10 would be sweeeet.

  78. My son is obsessed with the Power Rangers and would greatly appreciate one!

  79. ooh ooh! I have Ben who’s going to turn 10 this year, and that Ben 10 prize would be sweet!

  80. My son would love the Ben 10 prize. Not really sure where he learned about it from though.

  81. Power Rangers.

  82. Well, the Power Rangers prize, OF COURSE!

  83. Tough choice. I’ll take the Power Rangers. I think my 6 year old will go nuts for it.

    Thanks, Mir!

  84. Power Rangers, please. I have two boys at home – they love this type of stuff. Thanks, Mir!

  85. Power Rangers Pretty Please!

  86. Power Rangers please:)

  87. Ben 10 – thanks 🙂

  88. Power Rangers! Thanks!

  89. power rangers for us! THANKS

  90. Power Rangers, please!

  91. Ben 10

  92. Ben 10 all the way!

  93. Power Rangers.


  95. Ben 10 please!!!

  96. The Boy says Ben 10, so Ben 10 it is.

  97. Ben 10 Please!!

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