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By Mir
January 30, 2010
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There’s absolutely nothing like reading with a child, y’all know that getting books into the hands of kids is something about which I’m pretty passionate. It starts when they’re little, and—as the saying goes—cultivating that love of reading in your little ones is a gift that will last them a lifetime.

So today I’m offering up a pack of four great kids’ books, compliments of Scholastic and Simon & Schuster. One lucky Want Not reader will win:
Boo Hoo Bird and Too Many Toys from Scholastic
Robot Zot! and Olivia Acts Out from Simon & Schuster.

These are all funny, engaging hardcover books your little ones will adore. Wouldn’t you like to add them to your home library?

To enter this contest, first go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, February 1st, 2010 to be in the running. Winner to be determined by random number generation and read-aloud voice.

Ready? Go!


  1. Oh heck yeah! 🙂

  2. Would love this!

  3. My kids love books! =)

  4. Books are our friends.

  5. Yeah! Thank you.

  6. We all love books here! Pretty please! 🙂

  7. You can never have enough books!

  8. Books! yea!

  9. My children are crazy about books!

  10. Great books! Thanks!

  11. We read a lot!

  12. My preschoolers would LOVE these!

  13. Hearing my 2-year old read “Grumpy Bird” is one of my favorite things! Haven’t gotten our hands on “Boo Hoo Bird” yet, but would love it! And I swear my daughter is possessed by the spirit of Olivia!

  14. Of COURSE I’d love to win these! I have a new baby niece; a new one to snuggle and share the love of books.

  15. I have an awesome read aloud voice. Pick me!

  16. Books are the Best!

  17. Sounds like a fantastic giveaway!

  18. yay for books!

  19. Just in time for a birthday!

  20. It makes me so proud when I catch my kids looking at books instead of one of the many other activities they could be doing!

  21. Thanks!

  22. Oooh! Does this mean I wouldn’t have to read Fox in Socks again???? Me please!!!!

  23. Love Books, can’t get enough!!!!

  24. yes please!

  25. Love it! Sick of our books and can’t seem to make it to the library… down the street. Thanks for another great contest!

  26. Books?! yes, please!

  27. books!

  28. WE LOVE BOOKS!!! 🙂

  29. we are bookaholics in our family

  30. Yeah for reading! Woo hoo!

  31. Awesome!

  32. Pretty please!

  33. I love to read with my 3 yr old! Hope I win!

  34. We love books!

  35. This would be great!

  36. Books? Yes please!

  37. Yes, please!

  38. love books!

  39. We love books ’round here!

  40. I would love, love, love these.

  41. Yeah, books!

  42. books books and more books, please!

  43. My daughter started bringing books to us to read. She’ll hold them up high and then give them to us. We read a few pages and then she repeats it all with a different book! So fun.

  44. Absolutely! We can also use more books!

  45. My Grandson absolutely LOVES books…and our motto is that you can never have too many!! Pick me PLEASE!!

  46. Oh, yea, we love books!

  47. Great contest! My daughter would love these!

  48. Love Wantnot, love books and especially love children’s librarians. My daughter is one.

  49. My kids would love these!

  50. I seriously have a great read aloud voice. It’s a must with my job–school librarian.

  51. My son would love these!!!

  52. ME–Please!!

  53. Mir, you make me happy.

  54. Oh my goodness… what a great great prize!!!

  55. Wonderful books! Thanks!

  56. Oh, we love getting new books, too!

  57. I have an *excellent* read-aloud voice!

  58. Boo Boo Bird is one of my nicknames!

  59. My kids will be thrilled!

  60. Would love to win these, but added 3 of them to my “wish list” just in case. Thanks for this opportunity!

  61. yes please!

  62. We love books at our house!

  63. Yea….books! 🙂

  64. Love books!

  65. One can never have too many books!

  66. I do have a pretty awesome read aloud voice.

  67. We love books.

  68. Books are great!

  69. these are fantastic – what a great contest! Might I say that contests are very slimming on you Mir! So pretty!

  70. My new baby needs books!

  71. we love books!!!

  72. my little guy loves his books!

  73. love this

  74. My kids would love this, although my read aloud voice even puts me to sleep sometimes.

  75. Books! We love us some books. 🙂

  76. It’s snowing here today, A LOT! New books would be wonderful for these days when we are stuck in the house.

  77. Sounds great!

  78. Pick me!

  79. I would love these for my granddaughter!

  80. I have officially reached my threshold of repeats for the 2.3million books we own, so some new ones would be great!

  81. Oh I hope I win! My daughter loves Boo Hoo Bird and she’s a big fan of the Olivia books. Thanks!

  82. My girls both love books! I’d love to win these!

  83. Love to add more books!!

  84. This would be great, thanks!

  85. Count me in!

  86. One can never have too many books!! Thank you.

  87. what a great group of books…and I have an olivia at my house….she is 5 and would LOVE these books!!!! my fingers are crossed. and even if i don’t win, you’re beautiful!!!

  88. This is awesome!

  89. We love to read in our house!

  90. Ooh! We looooove books! Thanks for the chance-

  91. Great giveaway! Sign me up!

  92. READ> READ>>> That’s my very best read aloud voice. We hope we win some books!!

  93. Olivia is my daughter’s fave!!!

  94. Awesome!!!

  95. can never have enough books

  96. My daughters L-O-V-E books, and I’ve become quite good at reading aloud as a result… 😉 Thank you for another great giveaway!

  97. we adore books, especially olivia! thanks, mir!

  98. I LOVE getting new books for the kids. And I also love to have a few in the gift closet as well!

  99. My two LOVE books!

  100. great giveaway!

  101. I would love this.

  102. Sounds great!

  103. ooh ooh books!111

  104. Books! Books! And more books!

  105. We love books!!!

  106. Yes, please! 🙂

  107. gift closet!

  108. We are HUGE and I mean HUGE Olivia fans in our house.

  109. Love books!

  110. We’d love these!

  111. Books are very very big in my house. We have so many and yet I can’t stop buying them. Crazy, but fun!

  112. you can never have too many books

  113. Pretty please . . . we just LUV books!!!!

  114. Awesome! Thanks Mir.

  115. We do a LOT of reading aloud around here. Variety would be appreciated.

  116. Thanks for the contest – we always love the treat of new books.

  117. Books, hooray!

  118. Boo Hoo Bird is one my favorites (in fact, I read it for a packed storytime room this morning!) I’d love to have our own copy for home.

  119. Books books we love books!

  120. We <3 books! Thanks, Mir!

  121. This would be great! 🙂

  122. Yes please!

  123. Love to read to children

  124. I’m feeling lucky!

  125. please, please, please? 🙂

  126. yay! thanks mir!!!!

  127. Can never have enough books!!!

  128. Ooo, pick me, pick me!

  129. count me in .. yippee

  130. this would be great for my great-nephews.

  131. My boys would love these books!!

  132. I’m always looking for new books to share with the wee one.

  133. Pick me! 😀

  134. Yea books!

  135. I have a good read-aloud voice. Lots of practice with 2 little guys who love to read. 🙂

  136. Ohh! I need some good kids books!

  137. Oh we love to read. Library day is the best day ever around here.

  138. What a great idea. I’d love more books to read with my girL!

  139. Books!

  140. My girls would love these books, especially Olivia!

  141. we love Olivia! Thanks!

  142. totally crossing fingers and toes!

  143. very cool.

  144. My son would love these.

  145. I’d love to win. Thanks!

  146. We love books in this house….my little girl would be thrilled!

  147. I’d love these books for my preschool class!

  148. I’d love to win these books for my kids! Thanks!!

  149. YAY BOOKS!!

  150. It’s always great to get new books!

  151. Great assortment – they would have a great home here with us!

  152. Love all those books!!

  153. I love to bring home new books for my 3 little ones!

  154. My little girl loves her books–especially her Olivia books.

  155. Need those books for my little grandchildren who LOVE books!!!!

  156. I happen to have a lovely read-aloud voice! 🙂

  157. You can never have too many books. I have to restrain myself at the store.

  158. books yehaw

  159. More books, por favor.

  160. Any of these would be a welcome addition to our homeschool library.


  161. That would quite a day brightner for my kids! Thanks for a fun contest!

  162. My girls would love new bedtime stories!

  163. We have to read a book a night. something new YES!!

  164. Kids books are always good.

  165. Kids books always a good thing.

  166. You can never have too many books! Thanks Mir.

  167. perfect books for my little ones. Thanks.

  168. We love reading. Please add to our little library!

  169. We are a booky family and love to get new ones…hope we win!

  170. And they all lived happily ever after.
    The End~

  171. We love to read together and Olivia is a favorite

  172. Yay for books!

  173. My 5 year old is going through books faster than we can buy or borrow them!

  174. I’ve had 7 early readers so far because I’ve always read to them! Bring on more books for the next 3! 🙂

  175. I’d love to win….

  176. Don’t know if she’ll ever be as obsessive about reading as me, but it’s worth a shot!

  177. My son woud love these books!!

  178. I’m a pre-k teacher, and a mommy…. I got your read aloud voice! 🙂

  179. of course i’d like to win these!

  180. We’d love these books. With the economy in the toilet we’ve stopped buying new books, so this would be a great boost to our library.

  181. Pick me, please!

  182. Ooh! Love these – somehow missed that new(ish?) Olivia book. Pick me please!

  183. Yes, Please!

  184. Combat the Kindle culture; read real books!

  185. me, please! my preschooler would love it!

  186. Oh yes! And for Robot Zot I get to read in the ROBOT VOICE!

  187. Can’t pass up a good book (or four!).

  188. Kids love story time – pick me please!

  189. count me in, thank you!

  190. Reading is fundamental!

  191. yes please

  192. We’d love these!

  193. Olivia acts out sounds as if it was written for my grandaughter Olivia!

  194. I suspect my daughter is nearly too old for these but we haven’t mailed a package to the cousins in ages!

  195. A comment. 😉

  196. We love books!

  197. More books please!

  198. We’d love more books!

  199. Fun! Thanks! Jessica

  200. yes maam!

  201. My emerging reader needs all the books he can get! (we’re on a perpetual quest to find books that capture his interest)

  202. We would love these, and we’ve only read one of them already. Thanks, Mir!

  203. wooooot!

  204. There’s no such thing as too many books!

  205. Book time is a favorite at our house, thanks!!! 🙂

  206. Books, books, books…we love books! 🙂

  207. Me please!

  208. Oooh, good one! I’m a parent and a primary school teacher, so my read-aloud voice is well-practiced. 🙂

  209. We love new books!

  210. Would love for my son.

  211. These would be perfect for our house!

  212. Yes!!

  213. More books are a must!!!

  214. Always need additions to our library!

  215. Books! Books!

  216. yee haaa!

  217. Yes, please!

  218. We can always use more books!

  219. We love books!!

  220. A child can never have too many books! I know a little one who would love these AND I’ve got a great read-aloud voice.

  221. I have a new little one on the way and he needs new books!! ;o)

  222. Marvelous contest. You rock, Mir.

  223. My read aloud voice rocks

  224. Would be delighted to add these to our library.

  225. My bookworms would love these!

  226. My 4 year old LOVES books. This would be a wonderful surprise to add to our bed time reading.
    Thanks for the contest!!

  227. We would love these!!

  228. I would love to win some books!!!

  229. The more books the merrier!

  230. Yes! We’d love these books!

  231. Nice!

  232. I have a *lovely* read-aloud voice!

  233. You look lovely today RNG!

  234. Nothing makes us happier at our house than new books!

  235. Great gift for my grandchildren

  236. My boys devour books! We’d love to win this! Thanks pretty Mir!

  237. Pick me, please!

  238. We love to read, and those books are great! thanks

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