I’ll just be in the corner, drooling

By Mir
February 2, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Some people are on a diet. Some people can barely remember what cookies taste like. Some people are very grumpy.


Some other people know that the way to the heart is through the stomach, and some of those people are hoping to utilize that stomach/heart connection for an upcoming holiday that has something to do with love. And chocolate chips.

Those people might want to know that there’s a variety of Valentine’s Day choices at David’s Cookies, and for the entire month of February you can use coupon code VDAYLS to take 15% off your order.

Some people will just be bitterly eating baby carrots at their desk while you enjoy your cookies, though. Hmph.


  1. Low-fiving you from the desk where I sit grumbling and spooning my fat free plain yogurt. Grumpily.

  2. So will Otto be carving radishes and fat carrot slices into heart shapes for you? Naaah, you’d probably throw them in his face at that point.

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