Time to stock the gift closet

By Mir
February 2, 2010

Gift closet running a little low? No problem! Check out these bargain beauties, for your birthday party pleasure:

Right now Amazon has the Wizardology Code-Writing Kit, Egyptology Code-Writing Kit, and the Dragonology Code-Writing Kit all available for around $3.50 apiece and eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion. Pick up any combination of 4 of ’em and you’ll pay just about $2.60 apiece (eligible for free Super Saver Shipping or Prime), and I can attest that these kits will keep medium-smallish people busy for hours.

They will also end up all over the floor. But that’s a small price to pay for hours of entertainment, I suppose.


  1. I’m buying a bunch because I’ve already thought of two people I can ship these to. But I have an only daughter who is 7 and I’m wondering how much longer she’ll be invited to boys birthday parties. Yes, girls can use these as well but all her girl friends are into the Polly Littlest Pet Ponies stuff.

  2. Thanks, Mir! BTW, the Wizardology ones are “out of print” but I was able to snag one for $9.05 with free shipping by clicking on “show more options.” So, with free shipping and the 4 for 3 promotion, all evened out. The girls are reading the Percy Jackson books so I got the Mythology book to build on that. Nice.

  3. Thanks Mir ~ they only had Egyptology at the bargain price by the time I got to the sale, but I grabbed 4 for my boys and their friends to use (after we give them as gifts). 4 gifts for under $11!

  4. They’re gone. : (

  5. There are now all gone….

  6. Man…working really messes with one’s ability to snatch up deals! :-/

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