Winner of the Idbids contest

By Mir
February 4, 2010
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It’s time to reveal the winner of this week’s contest, your chance to win an Idbids Scout Starter Kit. I’m inserting a drumroll here, just for effect. (Said drumroll sounds an awful lot like my dog dismembering a stuffed duck, but nevermind that.)

The random number generator has spoken, and our winner is commenter 10, Chris. Congratulations, Chris—please check your email! You’ll be receiving Scout and everything your little one needs to start taking iddy biddy steps to make a biggie big difference in keeping our planet green and healthy.

Big thanks to all who played, and thanks to the lovely ladies who run Idbids for the prize.

Didn’t win this time? You know, I hear there’s a holiday coming up, or something. It means I’ve got plenty of awesome prizes lined up for the next few weeks, so stick around for more chances to win.


  1. So, it’s less of a drumroll and more of a ducksquawk? Cool!

  2. Congrats, Chris!

    And I’m still looking for a cool, cheap(ish) gift for my hubby for the greeting card holiday. I can walk into the gift closet for my kids, but there isn’t a thing in there for the 15th Valentine’s Day for a man.

  3. I’m really hoping a lifetime supply of chocolate is somewhere in there. 😉

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