For all my fellow tween girl moms

By Mir
February 8, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

We are not discussing this, because actually talking about it! Out loud! On the Internet! Would be, like, totally embarrassing, and stuff.

But let’s just say that for $3, Kotex may have something you’ll want for your daughter, in a pretty package, and we don’t have to discuss it, but it’s perfectly natural, honey.

Really, all that’s missing from that kit is a chocolate bar. (I may just add one, myself.)


  1. Definitely add the chocolate bar! That would make it a little less “Moooooooom!” and a bit more “Thanks, Mom!”

  2. Maybe add a packet of advil, lol. Although my daughter doesn’t get cramps. weirdo, not that I’m jealous or anything.

  3. whenever i reference this particular topic in an email or whatever, i refer to it a “punctuation for women.”

  4. I have two teens and two tweens. So I pretty much get the eye rolling no matter what I do. But girl stuff is always appreciated in my house. 😀

  5. Of course you’re not discussing this. That would be totally embarrassing! But to make this worse (or better) – my daughter and her college friends call their *ahem* periodic issues “a baby problem.” Threw her dad for a loop when he heard it the first time!

  6. My mom always called the items that go with the “punctuation for women” (Love that! Consider it stolen!) “Supplies”, which was beyond embarrassing, but handy as shorthand for those things that are Not To Be Spoken About.

  7. All I can say is think of the alternative….periods and birthdays. I’ll take em……

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