Two winners, and one last chance

By Mir
March 13, 2010
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Hey, I haven’t forgotten you. I have just been trapped in my closet, cleaning. (For those of you who’re always asking how many pairs of shoes I have? The answer is now “not as many as I did yesterday.”) But before I start hauling bags to Goodwill, I owe you winners.

First, the winner of the aden + anais swaddle prize is commenter number 6, Leah. Congratulations, Leah! And the winner of last week’s second GoodNites swag bag of goodies is commenter 83, Caty. Congratulations, Caty! Winners, please check your email so we can coordinate getting your prizes out to you.

Now, there’s just one awesome GoodNites swag tote prize (filled with $175 worth of goodies—check it out in the first post if you need a reminder) left, and your chance to win it is about to happen right here.

For today’s contest I thought we’d switch it up a little bit; while I certainly advocate the golden rule and kindness in life (and with my kids), the fact of the matter is that sometimes we take a wee bit of pleasure in less altruistic feelings, isn’t it? A while back my daughter was having an issue with a child and became rather obsessed over the idea of revenge (this kid kept getting her into trouble in class, by engaging her and then telling the teacher she was talking/cheating/whatever). I tried to steer her elsewhere for a long time (work it out! try being nicer to her!), but finally I realized it would continue until she put a stop to it. “The next time she does that,” I told her, “I want you to say very loudly ‘Why are you talking to me when we’re not supposed to be talking?'” My daughter said she didn’t think it would work. I suggested she try it anyway.

And she came home the next day all smiles, because guess who got in trouble that day? (Hint: Not my kid.) (Thankfully, that was the end of that particular issue. But I suspect that tiny bit of revenge was sweet.)

So here’s the deal: First go read the contest rules and regulations, then you have until 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 to leave a comment on this post telling me about some sort of sweet revenge to be entered in this final drawing for a GoodNites swag tote. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out contest on the Bedtime Theater site, where you stand to win $2,500! I mean, the swag tote is nice and all, but $2,500 sounds even better, no?

It’s another chance to win, and it starts… now.

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  1. OK, this is the best I’ve got.

    My college roommate’s fiancee loved to play April Fool’s jokes. Our senior year he and I worked together and he told me that his father had a heart attack that morning and he was waiting for his mom to call him with any news. He would check in with me periodically and about halfway through our 3 hour shift he says, “Oh I heard from my mom and she said April Fool’s!” and he had a huge grin on his face.

    I burst into tears and told him that my dad’s best friend had just had a heart attack (true) and he was still in the hospital (false) and that I thought he was just sick and awful to joke about such things. He apologized profusely and left with his tail tucked between his legs. He came back once more before our shift ended and apologized again, at which point I forgave him by saying “April Fool’s!” The look on his face was priceless.

    He has not played an April Fool’s joke since, says I ruined the fun for him. Still brings a smile to my face when I think about it 17 years later! 🙂

  2. Beating my husband at tennis! A looooong time coming.

  3. Very recently, some “mature, professional” colleagues of mine, who are known for back-channel gossip, mistakenly posted one of their petty, childish rants on the statewide listserv for all to see. While these missives were hardly secret, it was excellent karma for them to be exposed to all!

  4. I don’t know about revenge, but I do want to win!

  5. The best revenge is looking back at all of the popular kids in high school who are now fat, bald and still living in our hometown.

  6. My sister used to have a very short temper when we were kids and would always hurt me when she was angry. My mom said that one time when I was about 3 I bit myself, started crying, blamed her and she got in trouble. I don’t actually remember the even but I’m sure it was sweet revenge. We get along great now.

  7. can’t think of anytime i have gotten revenge (i am sure there were some just don’t remember right now) but i do love to watch when people with bad attitudes get their just desserts.

  8. Well, here’s one from my daughter (she’s 4). She told me that one particular little girl had been bothering her all day. Teasing her, pulling her hair, etc. I asked if she had told the teacher — no. Did she ask her to stop — no. So, What did you do? Her answer:

    I punched her in her eye!

    I stood there for a second and then said “Did you get a time out?” Her answer:

    “Mom! I didn’t do it when Miss Eva was LOOKING!”

  9. Several summers ago (pre-kids) my husband and I were driving down the highway, on our way to visit friends for a weekend. It was a big travel weekend, so traffic was pretty dense. From behind us came this white convertible, top down, driving way too fast, weaving in and out of traffic – totally being reckless and disregarding safety, never mind courtesy.

    We shook our fists and muttered choice words as the convertible zoomed past and shot out of sight.

    A couple miles further down the road, who should we see pulled over by a state trooper but our pal in the white convertible? We had nothing to do with it, but we laaaaauuuughed and laaaaauuuuughed to see karma so clearly in action. 😀

  10. This isn’t an actual instance of revenge…but instead what I did when I was so distracted by wanting it. I had been angry with a member of my family for years for various reasons (including his refusal to attend my wedding). I used to dwell on his misdeeds and hope that somehow he’d be hurt like I had been. One day I realized that I had invested entirely too much time and energy thinking about him and what he’d done and that the only person who was suffering was…me. It sounds like a cliche but, seriously, the best “revenge” is to just let it go and move on.

  11. I was bullied and teased mercilessly by a mean girl, first grade right through senior year in high school. She was pretty, athletic and hung out with a tough crowd. I feared and (eventually) loathed her, but being a smart, nerdy and mousey sort, I figured that’s just how things were. She especially teased me for being an artist. “Dwawing more pwetty pictures? Awwww!” in a rising tone was her usual taunt.

    Revenge came three years after my BFA. I visited my parents in my hometown and went to a mall to shop. As I am wont to do, I walked into a bookstore, and there she was, working behind the counter. She was still full of vinegar, and her old taunt about my drawing flowed easily from her lips. As fate (and lots and lots of sticktoitiveness and hard work) would have it, my first book jacket had just been published. And was sitting right by the cash register. All I had to do was wave my hand. I’ll never forget the expression on her face.

  12. I was driving when a couple of bugs hit my windshield, so I turned on the spray and wipers to clean it off. Then the car behind me zoomed past me, pulls in front of me and turns on their spray and wipers…I guess I sprayed them and they were getting revenge. This was the weirdest “getting revenge” that I have ever been a part of.

  13. LOL. Isn’t the Bedtime Theatre prize $2,500, not $25,000?

    I’m half Sicilian; we live for revenge. I just can’t think of any examples at the moment…

  14. I, sadly, cannot think of any–but have enjoyed reading the comments of others! 🙂 I’m usually not that quick thinking.

  15. I’m horrible at this revenge thing. Really bad.

    …I actually can’t think of a single revenge story.

    Oh! Wait. It may not be revenge but the husband and I were driving and a car cut us off, did an emergency stop, and put his car in reverse. We, being the quick ones, memorized the license plate and called the cops.

    He was pulled over in a matter of minutes and arrested. Yay!

  16. I read everything I could possibly read about divorce law, and helped my mom get a settlement without having to go to court. Her own lawyer said no judge would have awarded what I managed to finagle. And she deserves every red cent.

  17. my husband wouldn’t like it if i posted my revenge story on here!! hahahaha…. 😉

  18. Yeah, my best revenge is along the lines of Thorny’s, waving at someone who got pulled over after recklessly driving past me. Thanks for the chance anyway!

  19. Mine’s a bit childish, but it’s still a favorite of mine:

    I’m the youngest of three. My sister never believed anything I said. No idea why. (HA!) Anyhow, one game we liked to play was to pretend we had a mouth full of some drink and then the other person would squeeze the pretenders cheeks and, of course, nothing would come out. Till one day, my sister walked in just as I took a big sip of coke. Somehow, she didn’t believe I really had a mouthful, despite my shaking my head no and pointing to my mouth. She squeezed my cheeks, and got a nice spray of coke in her face!

  20. I guess I am a little bit petty, but my sweet revenge was completing college and having a stable income and insurance and then getting married, all BEFORE having kids, unlike a certain sister of mine.

  21. I have two.

    1. Preparing to be the first member of my entire extended family to graduate with my Bachelor’s from college this May while single-parenting my three-year-old. Most of my family told me that my life was wasted when I got pregnant at 19, so I’ll be serving up a delicious entree of CROW at whatever graduation festivities occur. And honestly? Having my child gave me the time and perspective to pursue a career that I LOVE – I would have rushed into one I hated had I kept with my pre-child career plan.

    2. A year or so ago, we were preparing to leave on a family vacation. My brother was supposed to check with his school to make sure that going on vacation wouldn’t affect his grades (if he missed a certain number of classes per quarter, he’d fail the classes). He found out the day before we were supposed to leave that he would fail three classes if he came – while I’d been telling him for months to check his absence number. That night, rummaging around the guest room/his room for a place to charge my cell phone, I came across two plastic water bottles filled with a yellow substance. He was 17, so I said, “Hey! It’s beer! I’m going to show this to our father and he’s going to be busted!” I twisted off the cap to smell. Uh… it was urine. In a water bottle. He got a Serious Lecture, and my two younger sisters and I still haven’t let him live it down.

  22. my favorite revenge these days is seeing a car that just raced around and ahead of me get pulled over. Childish I know but sweet nonetheless!

  23. So this slowa… uh, overly careful driver was in front of me on street with an already absurdly slow speed limit. I was anxious to pick up my son, as I worked outside the home at the time, and was irritated that this man wanted to keep me from ma baaaabeeeee. Well, Overly Careful evidently thought he was above the law and ran a red light. Right next to an officer of the law. He so got pulled over and I was really unreasonably happy about it. That’s all that comes to mind at the moment. (But I am totally with JoAnne and the cool kids in high school? Still single and witchy.)

  24. I am not a vengeful person and find forgiveness comes easily…unfortunately, this hasn’t always served me well. Eight years in a toxic relationship and I decided last month I was leaving it as soon as I could get my financial ducks in a row. Now every time he tells me I’m stupid or fat or clumsy, I smile inside and tell myself I won’t have to hear it forever, and that’s not who I am anyway. It’s the best feeling!

  25. I don’t have good revenge story 🙁 I feel lame.

  26. Not just winning, but totally crushing an opposing counsel who made a certain litigation a living hell.

  27. Hmmm. Interesting question!

    I don’t have any really good “revenge is sweet” stories, although I do think that my parents felt that way after one of my cousins from the perfect side of the family became unexpectedly pregnant before she was married. Jill and I didn’t even move in together until after our wedding.

  28. Sweet revenge? That’s a hard one! There was a girl in high school who was really mean to me and would frequently make fun of me with her friends. A few years later she got a job and I was her boss! That was pretty sweet.

  29. When I was a kid there was this girl who’d steal my chips at lunch EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Just walk up and snatch them from the unfolded cling-wrap (oh yes, I come from a long line of cheapskates) and this particular girl would KILL YOU DEAD if you crossed her at all.

    So one week my dad (who was a chef) got barbecue chips, and on the third day he told me not to eat any myself and covered them with habanero powder.

    Wasn’t as if she could complain to the lunch monitor or anything…(please don’t disqualify me for not providing my real name; if I win and you e-mail me I’ll gladly tell you but I blog anon!)

  30. Revenge on my ex husband: living a good, financially-responsible and happy life and raising my children to be great adults.

  31. The first time my daughter stood up to her big brother and pushed him back, I reminded them both that we only use gentle hands, but was secretly proud of her!

  32. Having my fiancé send a “I win” postcard to my ex-boyfriend. 🙂

  33. Can’t think of any good revenge stories, at least not that I can share here! 😉

  34. I can’t think of any revenge stories. But I do believe in Karma. I try to let go of situations where I would like to exact some revenge (sweet revenge) and hope that what comes around goes around!

  35. Ok this is terrible but this guy broke my best friends heart! He broke up with her on a holiday in a bar and she was shattered and embarrassed. So to get him back I called him pretending to be a girl he met at the bar and asked him to meet me out for drinks one night. Of course he took the bait showed up and waited as my friend and I sat in the corner watching him. She felt better and I felt better cause my best friend was smiling again :-).
    Of course now they are happily married with two kids and to this day he does not know the truth!

  36. The best revenge for me was when I graduated from college with three honor’s cords after my ex-husband mocked me when I decided to go back to school. HA!

  37. When I was a little girl, there was a bully down the street and he made my little sister cry. So I stole his GI Joe and buried him in my yard… I wonder if it is still there?

  38. I’d have to say all of those childless people who have their “opinions” on children and then become parents and the reality just completely throws them for a loop. Love that.

  39. My sister-in-law’s third kid was a real crier- kind of like my colicky babies, who I got so much advice about. Not anymore!

  40. Revenge, HMMM. Not good at it. I must be too nice. Now my kids who are teenagers, always are getting back at each other. Holding each others stuff hostage. Scaring the begeebers out of each other so much they won’t stay home alone. Maybe this is a good thing. Then I don’t have to worry about parties.

  41. My sweetest moments “of not so much revenge but rather I told you so” are when I hear my daughter tell her daughter things I said to her that she swore at the time she would never tell her children when she had some!!!

  42. I’m so not a revende type person. I remember this one instance when I was a teenager and wanted to get back at my little sister for being a bi#c-, um, I mean, her lovely charming self. I put hydrogen peroxide in her shampoo with the hopes that it would bleach her (very dark) hair. Well, it lighted her hair more and more over time. Expect that she was talking about how much she loved how her hair had lighted over the summer because of the sun and pool. That was my last attempt at revenge. I try to let things go ever since then.

  43. being truely happy in life after my exhusband filed for divorce, the best revenge:)
    (don’t worry this was 23 yrs ago)

  44. My only ideas for revenge come hours after the humiliation has occurred. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, much to late to do anything about it. I’m just not the type to take revenge I guess.

  45. My “revenge story” is actually my mom’s best revenge ever. My mom comes from a culture thats put a tremendous value on physical beauty. Being tall and ‘fair skinned’ is highly prized. She was the 3rd of 4 kids. My aunts (her 2 older sisters) were considered to be quite the beauties of their time. My uncle was the typical spoilt baby boy of the family. My mom was the forgotten child. She was “short, dark and dumpy” (her words, not mine…) and just an after thought. My mom was a brilliant student and sweet person (still is), but my grandmother would rather show off her fair girls and dote on her son.

    My mom is from a large, close knit extended family. Growing up, my mom was brutally teased by her cousins – for being dark. She was constantly teased by her siblings too. She was actually told that she shouldn’t bother having kids b/c no one would be able to find them at night. Mom is in her 60s now & still feels the pain.

    My grandparents figured no one would want to marry my mom, so they allowed her to focus on her studies, instead of rushing her to get married (like her sisters). All the while, she focused on her education & career. She eventually met my dad & married him.

    To my mom, her best revenge was her kids. My brother & I look nothing like my cousins & other kids of my generation on my mom’s side. Somehow, the tall/fair gene skipped them all. My late grandmother would shower her love & affection on me and tell the world that I looked just like her (I’m also her namesake). She loved her other grandkids, but you could tell she was different with me. I remember meeting relatives as a young child who were surprised that I was my mother’s daughter. I never understood all that until I was much older.

    Personally, I believe that my mom’s best revenge was not how her kids turned out looking, but what she was able to accomplish in life. Since she did not have any outside pressure from guys at a young age, she didn’t feel the need to get married & settle down right away. She was able to obtain a graduate degree (the first female of her generation to do so) and have a successful career. She managed to raise 2 kids while working full time & always being there for us. Now, she’s retired & enjoying life w/her even more beautiful (and super smart!) grandkids. Who says karma doesn’t exist?!

  46. I really don’t have any revenge stories that I can think of right now…I’m sure I have them but I can’t remember any! WAH!

  47. My next-door neighbor was a terror. Nosy, officious, quick to complain, and saddled with a laundry list of things she didn’t like. (This list included trees. TREES. If you say the words “I hate trees” it means you have a shriveled black grinch soul.) Not only did she frequently yell at us, every day we had to endure listening to her yell at her family. I spent years wishing she would move, but eventually I moved instead.

    So how did I get my sweet, sweet revenge?

    I wound up renting my house to a rugby team from the nearby college. Have as many noisy, messy, spilling-into-the-alley parties as you like, boys.

  48. When I was in elementary school, there was a girl named Jennifer who kept picking on me. It was just verbal stuff, but she just kept bullying me with her words, day after day. I told my Mom about it, and she offered to talk to the girl, but I wasn’t sure I wanted that. I told my mom that if she bullied me three more times, then I’d let her say something to the girl. I remember thinking to myself, over the next few days, “OK, two more times and I’m gonna sic my mom on you. OK, one more time…”
    Finally, she reached the limit. She always walked home after school, so that day, my mom (who picked me up) just drove up beside her and asked, “Jennifer, why are you being mean to Lisa?” Oh, the look on her face was PRICELESS! When I got home, she called the house and said something like, “I didn’t think you’d tell your mom!” I just told her I was tired of her being mean to me.
    We actually ended up playing together several times after that, but then she was held back in 5th grade, so I didn’t see her again.

  49. I feel pretty bad about it now, but here’s my revenge story. In high school I was our yearbook editor. As part of that job I had the final say on what candid photos to use on the homecoming court spread. Needless to say the homecoming queen was the stereotypical pretty cheerleader with the less than pretty attitude. When she was crowned queen her face contorted into some pretty ugly expressions. Oh, there were some lovely photos of her too…the rhinestones of her tiara sparkling under the football stadium lights while she beamed at the camera, her beautiful eyes filled with appreciative tears, a la Demi Moore in Ghost, etc. But the photos that were published in our high school yearbook made this girl look like she was being tortured. Sweet revenge for a 17 year old…

  50. My story is really my Mom’s…she gets her due whenever she sees my daughter rebel against me. I apologize to her every day for the things I did!

  51. I don’t think I have the guts to actually take revenge on anyone, but I do get really excited when I see and HOV violator being pulled over during rush hour or a red light runner being pulled over. Really, anytime someone gets it for breaking the rules, I feel a lot better about my rule-following self. 🙂

  52. The best revenge I have ever gotten was when I had an issue with someone I called a friend. I was about 13 years old at the time, and my neighbor was about 30. I don’t know what it was with her, but looking bad on it, I know she wasn’t “right.” Her elevator didn’t go all the way to the top. We were poor, and so was this lady. I loved her so much, though, and shared everything with her. She was always so sweet and kind to me. But I eventually learned that while I thought she was sweet and honest and kind to me…well, she really wasn’t. Not only did I share secrets with her, but I would share food. I would sell bottles to the store and get a nickel a piece. I then would buy some M & Ms and take them to my “friend.” But when I would do the “give her one, give me one routine,” she would mix me up. I would only end up with like 5 out of the entire pack. I just thought I was going crazy, the pack was smaller than usual, whatever. One day I decided to save all my M & M’s and eat them later that night. I had 8. My mother was proud of me until she saw I had only 8. She then told me the neighbor was mental–I forgot the exact term she used–and that she was using me. She took me to the store, and she bought a Hershey’s chocolate bar and an Ex Lax bar. She took out each of the bars and switched them. She took me to the neighbors, and I as supposed to tell her I got her a bar and give her the Hershey’s one that really contained Ex Lax. I didn’t know what my mother had done, but I knew it was revenge. So I did it. I ate my candy bar in front of her, being careful for her not see the Ex Lax package. She ate hers. I’ll never forget it. She never asked for my food again!

  53. Humm. This is not an easy one for me. I don’t think I’m a very vengeful person. I do take pride in seeing all the popular people from high school now fat and bald. I’ve tried to take good care of myself and feel pretty good about the way I look and the way I live my life.

  54. Oh my…where to begin? I have SO many…lol…just kidding…sort of 😉

    If you haven’t had at least one or two “sweet revenge” stories, by the time you’ve reached the half century mark, you’re either living in a box or lying. 😉 I actually have a favorite, but I’m not going to share it. Instead, I’m going to share one that happened recently…there’s a girl in my daughter’s class who is constantly being mean and just trying to push Sydney’s buttons. Her “cubbie” is directly under Sydney’s, and every day, at the end of school, she would run out to her cubbie, sit on the floor and brush her hair, making Sydney wait to get her books to go home. Sydney would ask her to move, and she would toss off some snotty comment. Sydney complained about this, almost daily. I began by telling her to just wait patiently. Finally, I suggested that she just strike up a conversation with the girl, saying things like “Wow! I love your brush!” “Your hair is SOOOO pretty!”…stuff like that…NICE stuff, said in a GENUINELY nice way. The next day, when she got in the car, she told me she’d done what I suggested and the girl first looked at her with surprise, then jumped up and ran outside. 🙂

  55. My BIL totally deserved the ice cold water that I poured down his back over Thanksgiving last year after he REPEATEDLY did that stupid his knee to the back of my knee trick to make me fall.

  56. *sigh* I frequently PLOT revenge, but I’m a keep-all-the-rage-bottled-up-inside type, so I can’t think of a time I’ve ever acted on it. Very sad.

  57. I don’t have a good tale of revenge about myself, but my husband tells a story about a time he was sooo angry at the babysitter for sending him to bed before his brother (who was 5 years older) that he snuck out of bed, got the glue from a model kit his brother was working on, and walked up and down the (carpeted) stairs emptying the glue tube as he went. He then went to bed. In the morning all evidence was gone, and he found out that the babysitter and his brother had spent the rest of the evening cleaning it up so that his parents wouldn’t find out!

  58. I don’t have any as good as this! I’ll just go with the idea that the best revenge is having escaped my little hometown and made good…

  59. Wow, i also can’t think of any, but am amazed (and somewhat surprised) at some of your alls! Wow. . .

  60. I don’t have much of a story either, but like so many others, the best revenge is being happy after divorcing.

  61. Okay, so I have an ex that I’m not particularly proud of. I let him in and out of my life for far too long b/c I really cared about him. Unfortunately, it was just a physical thing for him. About 10 years ago he meets me at work out of the clear blue sky one day and tells me he has been dating a girl for a couple of years and they just got engaged! What?!?! We had been seeing each other during this time! Still, he ends up calling me up the next time he was in town. So I asked if he was still engaged…silence…he was. He thought I would still go out with him! Uh, no! Flash forward a couple of years, I see him and wifey at a huge local event. I don’t say anything but walk by conspicuously. I walk back by after going to the restroom, they had packed up and left! Flash forward again, I am now awaiting my 4th wedding anniversary and have 2 children. He finds me on Facebook and is CLEARLY testing the hook up waters – makes it sound like he is divorced. So I casually tell him how FABULOUS my life is with my adoring husband and beautiful children oh, and our gorgeous house and financial stability, etc. He suddenly back peddles and starts talking about his wife and FINALLY apologizes for being such an a** (which he clearly still is but it was nice to hear nonetheless). Living well is the best revenge!

  62. THESE are great! I’m disappointed that I’m not able to recall exactly once case of revenge to share, but isn’t all revenge SWEET?!!

  63. I too can’t think of a specific case of revenge…I guess I believe you should “turn the other cheek” and “be the bigger person”! Not always easy, but I try to live by the idea of WWJD. 🙂

  64. I cant think of any revenge stories… but I’d still love to win the gift!

  65. When the shoe is on the other foot seems to be when I feel a sense of sweet revenge. Back in elementary school, a classmate had those cinnamon flavored toothpicks (remember those?) and he was sharing a few. When I asked for one, he wouldn’t let me have one. Days later, I had some trading cards that were popular at the time and was passing some duplicates out to my friends. He asked for one, and was shocked when I wouldn’t give him one. He was the popular kid, no one denied him. I just said, “remember when you wouldn’t give me a toothpick?” Ahhh… the things that seem so important when you’re a kid.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your sweet revenge stories. The vicarious schadenfreude was very satisfying. 🙂

  66. I don’t have any good story either, but I’ve loved reading these!

  67. Is this reverse revenge? A decade ago I was dating (again) a guy who I had been off and on with for a couple of years. I met another guy and decided to give it a go with him so broke it off with my on-again-off-again guy. Well, that really bit me in the butt as I ended up marrying the new guy and regretting it. I figure that the on-again-off-again guy feels some sweet revenge that I dumped him for something that completely ended up not as good as what we had.
    I’m not even sure that makes sense.

  68. How about someone accusing you of taking revenge on tehm when it was their own stupidity that caused an incident?

    Years ago a guy who worked in our department and lived near me got a new sports car. He was always speeding around the lot at the apartment and in the parking lot at work. One day he left work early and I ended up putting in a lot of OT that weekend to finish his work. I wasn’t too happy and told about it on Monday. He was unapologetic and told me his social life was more important that work. I told him to watch it because one day he’d regret making me work all that OT.

    The next Friday night he left work early again and was caught speeding in the next county. When the cops checked he had a bunch of unpaid tickets and warrents from another state for traffic offences and bad checks. It was a holiday weekend and they wouldn’t let him bond out. Four days later he went to court and the judge gave him jail time and then they took him to the other state. Yeah, he lost his job.

    He told all his friends and family it was my fault he got caught.

  69. I was a nerd in high school. My weight was in check. I ate right, wore glasses, made great grades, but I didn’t have any friends. It was only because the kids considered me “nerdie” because I was “smart.” This past weekend was my 25th high school reunion. Today almost all of the ones who were instrumental in making fun of me are “nothings.” Some are into drugs; some have 50 thousand kids on welfare; I could go on and on. I am glad that I am still the same person as I was then. That’s the best revenge.

  70. My revenge wasn’t so sweet. When I was 8, my sister poured a cup of water on my bed and made it look like I wet my pants in bed. I did the exact same thing to her bed the next day (not very creative), but she squealed (and I didn’t) so I got in trouble.

  71. When I was in grade school someone stole my lunch dessert out of my lunch box (I was saving it for later). The next day my dad (who worked in a very tough manufacturing plant and knew how to “deal” with this type of theft) put in a bunch of oreos that had pepper inside of them. And they were stolen after lunch too. Not my parenting style…but at the time I loved the revenge.

  72. The best revenge is that which comes to those deserving without any doing on your part…and it always happens, you may just have to wait awhile.

  73. When my dad was in college someone kept siphoning gas out of his car. This happened almost every night and he couldn’t catch the guy. Finally he left a container of gas in the back seat and left his doors unlocked. He had added a couple of cups of sugar to the gas. Sure enough, then next day it was gone. The day after that, one of his frat brothers complained that someone had added sugar to his gas tank. Bwahahaha!

  74. When my sister and I were young our older brother babysat. He would make us go to bed really early and we would sneak down the hall and listen to him talk to his friends. He would chase us back to the bedroom and spank us so one night we put hard back books in our PJ’s. We then let him see us so he would chase us and we jumped on our bed face first. He hit my sister really hard on her butt and hurt his hand. I thought he would be mad but instead we all rolled around laughing. After that he never tried to spank us again.

  75. I was in the theatre department in college, and one of the other actors in the program treated me horribly–I think she thought she could psych me out so I would audition poorly–and while it is true that I was cast more often than she, it really made my life less lovely than it could have been.

    I didn’t see her for fifteen years. Then last year, I saw her at an audition…for a show I WAS DIRECTING.

    Do you think she was cast? Go on, guess…

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