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By Mir
March 27, 2010
Category Contests

Whoops, I guess technically it’s no longer afternoon. Today sort of got away from me. But! I have been out shopping (for seeds, as it’s nearly garden time) and that got me thinking that it’s time to give away a super fantastic reusable shopping bag.

Meet What’Surbag, a company based in New Orleans that makes bags out of something called its-laS-tik (composed of nylon and lycra—durable, reusable, and in the end, recyclable). These bags are a little different than the typical reusable bags you see around most of the time, and the fun part is that they’re super-stretchy to accommodate whatever you need to put in them.

I have a Confetti What’Surbag sitting here that’s going to go out to one lucky Want Not reader. If you don’t want to use it for a reusable grocery bag, my daughter has assured me there are a thousand things she could use it for, please please pleeeeeease, Mom, so I’m guessing any tween/teen girl would find it pretty hip and happening.

Want to win it? First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, March 29th, 2010 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and elasticity.

Ready? Go!


  1. That is one cute polka dot bag!

  2. That looks like an awesome bag. I’d love to win!

  3. My tween assures me I’m never hip or happening, but maybe if I had a cool bag she’d rethink that opinion.

    probably not, but it’s worth a shot!

  4. Would love to try this.

  5. Love these bags! I could use it for knitting, or the grocery store, or the farmer’s market or . . .

  6. me, me, me, please! it’s a fruitless try, but i do it anyway. hope springs eternal. i’ve been growing tired of these plastic bags that are forever in my way. they make nice lunch bags, but really…i’m beginning to rethink it. i’d love to try this one!

  7. Cute bag- would love to try it!

  8. My name is Mary Poppins and I need a new bag!!

  9. love that bag!

  10. That’s a great look even for us non-tweens!

  11. I lurve polkadots, partick-u-larly on black.

  12. That’s super cute!

  13. Lucky 13?????

  14. What a fun bag!

  15. I’ve always wished I could be Elastigirl!

  16. these look really neat,oops or is it cool.
    whatever, I want one.

  17. Fun polka dots!

  18. Pretty please!! Will it improve my chances if I tell you how much I LURVE that I can get my WantNot fix on Facebook now???

  19. Nice.

  20. That would be perfect for toys!

  21. mememe

  22. I like it!

  23. Totally cute bag! I’ve got a tween so maybe we can share it? LOL

  24. That bag is awesome! I want!

  25. wow. way cuter than any of my existing bags!

  26. I’d love to win one of these!

  27. SO awesome!

  28. Very very cute!

  29. Someone needs a new bag to go the farmer’s market..Please.
    So nice of Chickadee to give her bag up !!!

  30. How cool is that?

  31. We use tote bags for groceries, for shopping, and for “wrapping” gifts. They are highly functional items in our household. What I didn’t realize is that they could be so darned CUTE!

  32. How super cute and neat is that.

    I love it!

  33. How cool! A grocery bag that isn’t another boring logo! So cute.

  34. Oh, my reusable bags need an update!

  35. sounds great thanks.

  36. Me please…

  37. interesting..count me in!

  38. It so totally goes with my hair, I must have, not really, but it’s so girly that my 4 boys will want nothing to do with it, making it just MINE, and I can’t tell you how little of that there is around here..

  39. I think that is one of the cutest ideas to come along in a while.

  40. That would be a really cool take my junk to work bag.

  41. Adorable bag! Very cute.

  42. Sounds like a perfect grab and go bag for the Farmers market in the late spring!

  43. cool! I’m a bag addict.

  44. It makes me want to carry it to the beach.

  45. Yup. Could use another bag. Cause I’m an old one. 🙂

  46. I’d love that!

  47. Maybe this time? I faithfully carry my reusable bags in my purse.

  48. Yes, I would like to win, please! 🙂 Did I mention how pretty you’re looking today?

  49. OMG – that is ADORABLE! Want one SOOOO bad!

  50. Very cool bag. I would love this!!

  51. Now if I could only remember to bring it with me to the grocery store instead remembering at the checkout that I don’t have it… 🙂

  52. Oh, that is cool. Please enter me.

  53. awesome!

  54. I thought using reusable grocery bags would be a pain, but it’s not. I could use another.

  55. I was just in New Orleans this past week! Crazy.

  56. i love having bags like this around!

  57. Please let me be the one to disappoint your daughter!

  58. Ooh, pretty! All my reusable bags are ugly, I’d love a pretty one!

  59. Much cuter than my Trader Joe’s bags

  60. That is SO cool! Both the bag and the cute pattern of the one you have to give away!

  61. Cute! Pool bag, maybe. Or crochet bag. Hmmmmm.

  62. Great concept, cute bag! Yes please, pretty one!

  63. I could use one of these! 🙂

  64. Purty cool…I think I could find something to do with that.

  65. ooh lala! This kinda reminds me of those ForceFlex trash bags- you know, when the two idiotic movers drop the piano and then stuff all the pieces into one bag to bring it to the homeowner. Would love to try it!

  66. Cute bag!

  67. Cute – and sounds quite useful. I’m in!

  68. cool bag

  69. That’s one cool bag! I’d love to win it!

  70. it’s cute! Would love to give it a home.

  71. I love bags (except these ones I keep finding under my eyes, here)!

  72. What a cute bag! I’d love one…

  73. I’m lucky # 69. How could I pass up an opportunity be 69. Also, while my inner child is 9, my real outer self much older. (Dont disqualify me 4 lame humor.) I know it doesn’t matter, but you & that random # generator are very purdy Mir. *wink, wink*

  74. That’s a very fun bag!

  75. oh man, how cute! I’d love to win!

  76. Very cute for a beach bag!!!

  77. How cool is that? I’d love to win.

  78. Very cute!

  79. What’s cool? that is!

  80. please please pleeeeeease, Mom. . . . pick me!!! MKW

  81. I happen to be very elastic! 🙂

  82. Boodely doodely doo. I like confetti.

  83. That’s a pretty cute bag.

  84. looks cool. maybe sturdy enough the boy won’t destroy it in a week.

  85. They look super cute and functional. I would like to find an alternative to the bags I’ve been using, so pick me!

  86. Adorable! I always need bags!!!

  87. I love your contests, Mir!

  88. I must say I stretch well. It’s just the snapping-back-into-place part that’s not so great.

  89. I’m in!

  90. What a great bag. And I am only recently discovered your Web site and LOVE IT. Thank you so much.

  91. Cute!

  92. I’m with Chickie…please, please, pleeeeease?

  93. So colorful! Love it!

  94. Cool bag! Love to win it

  95. Please pick me random number! Love them!

  96. I’ve never heard of its-laS-tic, looks cool–and definitely a cuter pattern than the usual grocery store bags.

  97. Neat o. They look lovely, and make you look pretty, too, Mir.

  98. Adorable! Much cuter than my other bags!

  99. what a great bag! i love having an eclectic mix for shopping!! thanks!

  100. I love bags and this one looks like it could have SO many uses!

  101. that bag is adorable!

  102. looks great!

  103. Those bags look fun-I would love one!

  104. “Sur” I want a bag!

  105. I would loooooove to have that bag. Thanks!

  106. dots dots dots dots dots dots dots dots dots
    sing at your own rhythm

  107. Anything that can carry something from here to there sounds great to me as our move draws ever nearer…

  108. This is like the 80s meets reusable bags! Love it!

  109. What a cool bag! Count me in!

  110. Me, me, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Ok, I’ll now put my inner teenage girl away for a while…

  111. ohh please count me in!!

  112. I have an almost tween who would love this bag.

  113. Thank you!

  114. Looks like a fun bag to save the earth with.

  115. Tween, I am not. But I find it to be hip and happening as well. Pretty please, pretty Mir?

  116. Cute! We would put this to good use.

  117. I have wanted to be the mom in The Incredibles since the moment she wrapped her arms around the table to catch both of the kids. I think that’s a far out wish, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll feel like her if I have this bag!

  118. This baglady WANTS that cute bag! Would be great for my school stuff!

  119. I LOVE bags, and this one in partiular! Would be great for my school stuff!

  120. How ADORABLE is that bag? I love it!

  121. I love bags

  122. Cute! I would love it!

  123. Such a cute bag! I’m trying to build up my collection of grocery bags.

  124. I can always use a new bag!

  125. Yes, please.


  126. Ooh it’s gorgeous!

  127. Perfect. I need another cute bag.

  128. I hope I have this “in the bag”! 😉

  129. Pick me!

  130. We use our reusable bags for everything. This would be great!

  131. Too fun! I would love to win!

  132. Those look awesome!!!

  133. me, me, me please!

  134. The random number generator keeps snubbing me, and I’m about as elastic as year-old concrete, but I’d love one.

    (If sucking up will help, you’re looking awefully pretty today, Mir.)

  135. Have I told you how pretty you are today?

  136. That’s so cute! Please enter me!

  137. I could use something cute…

  138. looks like fun.

  139. Thanks mir!

  140. I love reusable bags. My husband makes fun of me, but I love to use them.

  141. great-looking bag!

  142. I’m not very elastic-y, so I suppose that means I’m mainly out of the running. Or…maybe you like rooting for the underdog…? 😀


  143. I’m not very stretchy at all, so I guess I won’t win based on elasticity. But if I won the bag, at least I’d have a stretchy bag! 🙂

  144. My daughter would flip for this one!

  145. Wow, what a cute bag! Alot prettier than my other cloth bags!

  146. Really Cute Bag

  147. That’s super cute. Pick me please!

  148. Too Cute! I love reusable stuff!

  149. Would be nice to win for my sweet, turning-10-in-a-couple-of-weeks, girl. I’m not very elastic, these days, though….although, my emotions involve lots of ups, downs, ins and outs…does that count? 😉

  150. Pick me! 😀

  151. Cute bag, great contest!! Pick me!

  152. We love our reusable bags!

  153. Love it, perfect for shopping!

  154. Oh, I love that bag! I could see using that as a knitting bag or tote bag as well as just for groceries.

  155. I definitely have a “thing” about bags and never have enough – would love this, I’m sure!

  156. Oh please, please, please MIR. 🙂

  157. Yes, please! Thanks, Mir!

  158. pick me, pick me!

  159. ooohhh….cool!

  160. how cute! count me in 😉

  161. Pick me please!

  162. This would be so handy!

  163. Would love to use this bag!

  164. That looks like a great bag! I’d love to win it!

  165. Oh, how lovely! Thanks for the opportunity. Now I’m off to think positive random number generator thoughts, doncha’ know.

  166. Awesome bag!

  167. Yay New Orleans! me me me!

  168. Thanks for picking me …. finally.

  169. Pick me!! I need a cool reusable bag!!

  170. I love reusable bags!

  171. This would be a cool addition to my other bags.

  172. I want to be environmentally friendly too!

  173. oh that is a very cute bag!

  174. Love it! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  175. would love this. thanks

  176. How cute! We always seem to need more reusable bags around here…

  177. me, me, pick me.

  178. I’m a bag lady!

  179. Count me in!

  180. can never have too many bags! (Especially with the bottomless pits aka two growing boys in my house…)

  181. I can never have too many shopping bags – even though husband laughs at me when I approach the Farmers’ Market with bags in hand.

  182. I would love to have one to keep in my purse, instead of moving the two I have back and forth, back and forth…

  183. Tell you what, I already have reusable grocery bags, so if I win, so does Chickadee!

  184. Always can use another bag : )

  185. Reusable bags are so much better. You can put more stuff in them and they are easier to carry. I would like this bag!

  186. Cute Bag! Please pick me 🙂

  187. That is SO cool! I wanna win one!

  188. Daughter’s birthday coming up…would love one!!

  189. Oh my goodness, that is adorable…maybe too cute to carry home groceries in!

  190. another reusable bag would be GREAT ! I use them all the time. And if its cute, all the better.

  191. Really cute!

  192. I love reusable bags and this is one of the prettier ones!

  193. awesome

  194. Cool bag! I’m addicted to reusable bags.

  195. These are really cute bags. I hope I win it!

  196. Cool and cute! We love reusable bags here, use them for everything.

  197. Cute, cute cute!

  198. Great bag!

  199. Anything from New Orleans is GREAT!

  200. Love it! Just too cute!!

  201. Oooh, super cute!

  202. How cute!!!

  203. What a nice prize!

  204. Cute bag! Thanks.

  205. cute cute cute, count me in

  206. love this bag, so cute!

  207. Being 7 months pregnant, I don’t know how elastic I am, but I will take it 🙂

  208. Pretty. I would love to use this at the local farmer’s market. 🙂

  209. Just cleaned out the bag closet. Need some new replacements for the uglies that went to Good Will. Pick me!

  210. Me please! I never seem to have enough bags. Or shoes, but I digress.

  211. I am extremely elastic! Okay, not really, but I’d still love the bag!

  212. Love this bag!

  213. Love it!

  214. I’m going to buy a couple other from the site, but I have an awesome babysitter that I would love to treat to this cute bag! 🙂

  215. Super Cute – I would love this!!

  216. I wanna win.

  217. I like it!

  218. Pretty! Thanks!

  219. Love it!! We are just learning about being green. I have a daisy girl scout and she loves being green.

  220. Those bags are so fun!

  221. yes plz!! they are awesome!!

  222. reusable!

  223. Could always use another reusable bag…

  224. So pretty! So bright!

  225. Fun company, cute slogan. Thanks!

  226. Ooh, I’d love to win this one! I may not be elastic myself, but I sure can stretch a dollar. Har. 🙂

  227. Hope I win!

  228. Pick me, please!

  229. Awe, so cute!

  230. Nice.

  231. I never win, but if I win this, I will be glad.

  232. I love grocery bags like this!

  233. What a cool bag!

  234. Cute! Love reusable bags and the more the better since I’m always forgetting them.

  235. I’m a bagaholic. Reusable bags, that is.

  236. Gee, I never could bend over and touch my toes, even as a skinny little kid. Guess I’m not very elastic! 😮

  237. Would love something fun like this, would hopefully inspire more to not only buy one of these but to go more green in general. I live in a college town (Rock Chalk Jayhawk) and I can see these being very popular. Thanks for the chance!

  238. Looove it!

  239. cute bag

  240. They look very very cool.

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