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By Mir
April 24, 2010
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I have to tell you, Want Not regulars are not only an extraordinarily good-looking bunch (because you are—I especially love those shoes), but you’re also very generous. Recently, lovely reader Crissy emailed me to say that her order from Heather Bailey had netted her a few extras she didn’t need, and did I want to give them away on Want Not?

Of course I did. Isn’t Crissy pretty?

So here’s what we have: The Henrietta Turtle pincushion pattern with the Gladys fabric kit to make one, and the Fresh-Picked Pincushions pattern booklet with the yellow pear fabric kit to make one. Both are fun little projects that yield pretty little pincushions in Heather Bailey’s signature fabrics, so if you’re a crafty type, this giveaway is definitely for you!

Want to win one of them? Pay attention, now—first you need to go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave me a comment telling me if you want the pear or the turtle by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, April 26th, 2010 for a chance to win. If you don’t pick one your contest entry doesn’t count, so please follow the rules. Winners, as always, to be selected by random number generation (and ability to follow the rules!) and whatever else strikes my fancy. Okay, just the random number thing.

Ready? Go!


  1. Oh the turtle is super cute, but I like the pear better! How sweet of Crissy! Pear please! Thanks!

  2. Oh how pretty!! I love the pear pattern!

  3. Crissy is a lovel, beautiful person and we all love her, not just because she’s donated these lovely gifts, either. I would have so much fun making that cute turtle and I know my darling granddaughter would just love to have it in her stocking at Christmas time. So, when you pick my number, please send the turtle.

  4. either! but maybe the turtle slightly more. 🙂

  5. I agree with Valarie – either is lovely, but the turtle a little more.

  6. Love the turtle!

  7. Oh, I agree, both are so cute, and it is so nice they are being given away. I really like the pear! Thanks so much

  8. I am in love with the turtle! Thanks for the chance!!

  9. turtle

  10. Wow, the sweet comments here make me want to buy some stuff and send it to Mir for her to give away. Really boosts the self-esteem, I tell ya! 🙂

  11. Oh, the turtle is just too cute!

  12. I love the turtle!!

  13. Turtle turtle turtle!

  14. Aww, Crissy.

    I’d love the turtle. It’s adorable!

  15. how nice of Crissy to share with us! I sorta have a crush on that cute little turtle!

  16. Oh the pear the pear the pear…

  17. gotta go with the turtle. Thanks!

  18. Hmmm, which one to pick…Turtle!

  19. I like the turtle!

  20. The pear is super cute!

  21. Love the turtle!

  22. Oooh! I have an embarrassing number of turtles in my house, and was just thinking the other day that I need to make a new pincushion. How wonderful of you to throw this contest just for me!

    Team Turtle!

  23. Turtle is adorable, and I’m looking for crafty stuff to do iwth my girls!

  24. I would pick the turtle, my daughter has a very under utilized sewing kit and would love this project.

  25. The pear, please–so sweet!

  26. Turtle, please!

  27. Crissy is gorgeous, just gorgeous. What a fun giveaway!

  28. Oops, forgot to say the turtle, please.

  29. The pear is super cute!

  30. I’ll say pear, but its a hard choice!

  31. Oh, how lovely! The pear!

  32. I’m lovin’ the pear. And since I have a new sewing machine it will be exciting to have a pincushion to go with it!

  33. They’re both so cute! But the pear is more cuter! 😀

  34. I vould like ze turtle.

  35. I would love the pear one. So cute.

  36. Turtle please!

  37. Yes, please!
    I’d love the turtle!

  38. Pear please!

  39. Aw, the pear.

  40. How sweet of her! The pear is soooo cute!

    LOL @ Crystal…”ze turtle”. 🙂

  41. I like the pear.

  42. The pear please!

  43. They are both extremely cute, but I’m leaning towards the turtle.

  44. Turtle please! Pretty please!

  45. Oh the turtle is adorable! Thank you so much, pretty Cissy and Mir!

  46. Thanks Mir!

  47. Really I’d love either but since I must choose I’ll go with the pear. 🙂

  48. love the pear!

  49. I gotta have that turtle, please!

  50. Oh, I love the pear, but I absolutely love love love the turtle!

  51. Oh…. I looooove turtles. That is so cute!

  52. that turtle is too stinkin’ cute!

  53. I love the turtle … though that makes me sad, because it looks like the odds are better for pear voters … but I’d still love a turtle entry 🙂

  54. Love Glady, the turtle!!

  55. My 10 year old has just taken up sewing. She would love the turtle. So cute!!

  56. OMG, I love turtles, and I just yesterday finally convinced Mr. Thorny to unearth my sewing machine from our storage room in the basement!! This would be perfect.

  57. I like turtles.

  58. Both are great but I love the pear!

  59. Our house could use a little Gladys (or would that be Henrietta?) right about now. Either way you call it, I have been eyeing that turtle pattern.

  60. pears are almost as pretty as you 🙂

  61. I like the pear!

  62. While my skill level is probably more pear, I like the turtle!

  63. I want the pear. Here’s hoping I win the pear!!

    And both Crissy and Mir are pretty.

  64. how adorable are those? i’d love the turtle!

  65. I love the pear – though they’re both so adorable it’s hard to choose!

  66. Pear. But admittedly I didn’t want to pick, they’re both cute. Still, I’m following the rules. 🙂

  67. The turtle is adorable–that’s the one I’d pick!

  68. So cute! Love the pear.

  69. They’re both adorable! Turtle turtle.

  70. The pear, the pear…

  71. My pins could use an adorable home!!!

  72. Oh….and the pear!

  73. Turtle! I can never pass up a good turtle!

  74. OMG the turtle! So cute!

  75. The Fresh-Picked Pincushions pattern booklet is probably more in my sewing skills range. Super cute – I need a reason to break out the sewing machine again… 🙂

  76. The turtle definitely.

  77. Pear!

  78. turtle please!

  79. My mom just got a new sewing machine! I would love to win the pear & give it to her!

  80. That pear is adorable! (Though I dearly love the turtle, too. Going with pear… it was a hard choice!) Thanks, Chrissy!!

  81. Oh I’d love the pear! Give me a reason to break out my sewing machine again!

  82. What a hard decision! I think I like the turtle a little better. 🙂

  83. Oh gosh! I’d loooove to win them both, but I have to pick, so I’ll say……pear. 🙂

  84. Please don’t think that I want to be entered. I really am not interested in the pear or the turtle, although both are very cute! I just want to say that Crissy really is pretty both inside and out. I know because she is my daughter. What a great idea to offer these extras for the give-a-way! I am proud of you, Crissy!

  85. Oooh, love Heather Bailey. And love the fresh-picked set.


  86. Oh, I don’t like that you make us choose from such beauty. Sigh. If I must choose it’s the turtle. Cuteness embodied.

  87. I love them both! I choose the pear but I may purchase the turtle someday too.

  88. The turtle is just too cute! Love it. <3

  89. They are both adorable. I think I’d feel more comfortable sticking pins into the pear than the turtle, though. :o)

  90. I think the turtle is adorable!

  91. pear please 🙂

  92. Oh, hard to choose .. but I’m gonna say pear.

  93. I’d like the pear!

  94. Turtles are adorable– would love to win one!

  95. Pick me for the perfect pear please! :>

  96. cute.

  97. ok, i am dumb. the turtle one is so cute

  98. The turtle!! I love it 🙂

  99. Turtle! He’s adorable!

  100. Pear! Lovely Mir, lovely Crissy, lovely Heather. The turtle’s lovely too, mind you…

  101. Pretty please on the pretty pear! I love Heather’s tutorials!

  102. turtle turtle turtle!

    thanks for the fun giveaways!
    you rock!

  103. I’d love the turtle! thanks!

  104. The Henrietta turtle pincushion would make a great gift for my mother in law for mother’s day-it is sooo cute

  105. Turtle please! Thank you!

  106. pear is so pretty!!

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