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By Mir
May 5, 2010
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I’ve been looking for a few storage ottoman’s for the kids’ space, even though intellectually I know they will only end up crammed full of “treasures” and make me insane, a hopeful and emotional side of me believes that it will help magically hide the mess and make things more organized.

I know, it’s cute when I’m like this.

Anyway, at just $16, I can certainly afford these nesting storage ottomans from Kohls, because at that price, I can afford to have my hopes and dreams dashed.

(Shipping is just $.99/item right now. Anyone can use coupon code THANKS1498 for an additional 15% off, too.)


  1. Just what I was looking for – but already sold out (at 12:20PM!)!!

  2. Still showing in stock for me, Grace…? I just added one to my bag!

  3. FWIW, this looks very similar to a leather set I bought for my nephew… only the large ottoman has storage, the small one is a solid cube.

  4. I just got one… don’t know why Grace is seeing it out of stock.

  5. Great! Thanks so much! Grace, I was able to buy 2 just right now.

  6. I can’t get the site to work!! Anyone else having an issue right now?

  7. I went back after I saw all your posts…looks like its available now (at least on my end of things)! I quickly added it to my shopping bag & just purchased it before it disappeared again. Even in this transaction, I was able to add a lap table to my cart and then find out that it’s no longer available after going through the checkout. This has happened to me 2x before. Thanks for the heads up – glad I was able to get the storage pieces!

  8. BTW – all items ship for free w/$50+ purchase w/coupon code: HOME50FREE

  9. I’m wondering if you take the smaller one out…is there a lid for the larger one or is it just open….

  10. I didn’t even know that I needed these, but I do. Purchased. Wheeeeeeeee….

  11. I just bought this too, for my daughter’s room. It looks like, in the picture, the big one has a lid and the little one is just a little seat/ottoman, no storage. Either way, it works for me! Thanks!

  12. Gone, Baby, Gone. This item is *sniff* no longer available…Anyone getting anything different?

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