Better than Barbie dolls

By Mir
December 12, 2010

Have you been looking for Barbie-size dolls for your favorite little girl(s) that don’t involve huge, um, tracts of land, stiletto heels, and skimpy outfits? Meet the Liv dolls, more realistic teenager fashion dolls. They have removable wigs (pop ’em off and swap ’em out) and fourteen points of articulation, so they can be posed a lot more easily than Barbies. Plus, they wear non-hoochie clothes and do all kinds of outdoorsy things that real girls who don’t live in malls or nightclubs do. (I bet you can’t tell how I feel about Barbies from all of this….)

Anyway, all of the Liv After School Cool dolls are currently on sale at Amazon for over half off. For just $7 apiece, choose from Katie, Daniela, Hayden, Sophie, or Alexis.

Or if you’d rather get the doll with a few accessories, choose the Katie Outdoor Fashion Doll (she comes with her gear and ripstick) or the Sophie Outdoor Fashion Doll (she comes with her stylist tools) for $10 apiece, instead.

You have to love a doll that comes with skateboard gear. C’mon. Girl power!


  1. WooHoo! Got one doll for my youngest and two of the outdoor sets for my nieces!

  2. My daughter loves these dolls. They are also $7 at wtih free site to store shipping and .97 cents shipping to home (in case you don’t have free amazon shipping). I noticed walmart also has a 2 pk of liv dolls for $10. I agree, better than barbie – a little bigger too.

  3. I was needing to get a toy for my niece, as clothes don’t count as acceptable presents! What a wonderful idea. Also, we share the same thoughts about Barbie. I will never understand how playing with dolls dressed as hookers is good for little girls! Whoops, let me go before I stay on this soap box! Thanks for letting us know about this deal!

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