Target savings, so simple!

By Mir
January 13, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you love Target like I love Target… this one’s for you.

Yet another daily deal site has sprung up; meet DealPulp, where today they’re offering a $10 Target ecard for just $7. But if you’re new, sign up and you’ll get a $5 credit to be used instantly… making your $10 card just a cool $2 out-of-pocket. [Edited to add: It looks like folks are now not getting the $5 sign-up bonus, and no one seems to know why. Which stinks. Will keep you posted if I find out what’s going on.]

Go quick, before they sell out!

[Hat tip: Cuckoo for Coupon Deals. Thanks, Deidre!]


  1. Wooohoo!

  2. Thanks for sharing this one! I got mine for $2.00! Wow!!

  3. didn’t work for me – signed up but no $5 credit 🙁

  4. ;-( I didnt get the $5 credit for signing up.

  5. I did this, but I did not receive the $5 credit, even after confirming my subscription to the daily newsletter. I have refreshed and refreshed to no avail. Oh well, maybe it will show up one day… Still happy to get 10 bucks to Target for less though…

  6. Interesting… I’m in a chat room with a bunch of other DealPros and we’re all getting comments from our readers now that folks aren’t receiving the credit. 🙁 I got a credit when I signed up, and I know some of you did… I wonder if they pulled it.

  7. I’m missing where the $5 credit is applied. Is it coming later?

  8. Now I am seeing feedback that suggests you need to verify your account from the email they send you, then you get your credit. I didn’t have to do that, but maybe that’s what changed. Check your email!

  9. The giftcard’s only good online. For me, I just don’t buy things online there because of shipping charges. I do know they do some good free shipping deals though.

  10. No $5 credit for me either 🙁

  11. Didn’t work for me either, but it’s still not a bad deal, 30% off.

  12. Confirmed my account and everything, still didn’t get the credit. Oh well. I’m not going for that deal, but I love the daily deal sites, so no big loss.

  13. What Cheryl S. said. Confirmed, still no $5. Just an FYI, not complaining at you!

  14. Confirmed but no $5 credit. Bummer.

  15. I got the credit before I confirmed the email. But then I signed up as soon as I saw this so maybe they’ve pulled it.

  16. I signed up right away and received the credit. I guess they pulled it.
    Not cool DealPro.

  17. Not cool DealPulp!

    Sorry DealPro.

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