Can you see me now?

By Mir
January 24, 2011
Category Contests

Another contest! Because it’s Monday and because you’re so pretty.

So here’s the deal: I have a HP HD-3100 TrueVision Webcam up for grabs. If your computer doesn’t have a webcam, you’re missing out! You can use it for video chatting, or—if you have kids, like me—you can use it to allow your children to entertain themselves for hours on end. Because nothing is more fun than a webcam, apparently. (No, I don’t really understand it, either.) This webcam even comes with the software that does all of the special effects the kids find so hilarious.

Want to win it for your very own? Of course you do! For a chance to win, simply go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, January 27th, 2011 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and winning smile.

Ready? Go!


  1. would love to win this to talk to my daughter – she is currently in Doha!

  2. Sweet! The far off grandparents would love this!!

  3. I want this for Skype!

  4. Thank you, Mir!

  5. Ooh, pretty.

  6. Wow, thanks Mir!

  7. Thank you for the chance! I’ve been complimented on my orthidontic work by every dentist I’ve been to – not sure if that translates to a winning smile but apparently parallel root structure is a thing to behold.

  8. Oh, count me in! I’m always looking for ways to keep the little ones entertained (that doesn’t include me!). Thanks for the contest.

  9. This would RULE!

  10. Thanks, Mir!

  11. I would love one of these. Pick me please!

  12. Oh.. I NEED this to see my grandbabies, please and than you.

  13. I know someone I’d like to share this with…

  14. Nice! I would love this

  15. You’re so pretty!!!

  16. Great prize!

  17. I would love this for my son to see his dad while he is traveling!

  18. This would be a great way for the grandparents to chat to the kids without running up the phone bill!

  19. I want one of these to see my daughter!

  20. I would love one of these and I can pretty much guarantee that my kids would love it too!

  21. I would like this–I would probably give it to my 13-year-old nephew for his new webbook, but I might direct (or have a cameo in) some of his videos.

  22. I could put this to use asap! 🙂

  23. this would be great to check in with long distance friends and fam! you rock, Mir!

  24. I’m getting a new niece or nephew this summer and would love to chat face to face in order to meet baby! 2000 miles is too far!

  25. I have a webcam but I would love to win one to give to my sister so we can video chat with her. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. This would be a cool gift for my mom so we could chat and see each other!
    Thanks for the chance!

  27. I do have a webcam on this computer but since I bought a cheaper computer, the webcam is a little slow.

  28. We are the only ones in the family that don’t skype so we would love this to catch up!

  29. This would be pretty cool. Hope you son is much better too.

  30. This would be awesome!!

  31. We upgraded our family desktop last year, but it doesn’t have a webcam. NEED! NEED! NEED! (Really, just want. But still, NEED!)

  32. Oh what fun. My son’s laptop doesn’t have a web cam. He’s have loads of fun.

  33. My mother in law is leaving for Scotland tomorrow for 2 years of studying overseas. We’re having Grandbaby #4 in March and she is INSITANT that we skype, especially when the baby is here so she can see him! Our webcam is really cheap and not good, so this would be a HUGE blessing to win!

  34. I’d love this, thanks!

  35. With a grandchild in another town I wouldn’t miss anything!

  36. Great giveaway! My family would love it for talking to the Grandparents!

  37. I would LOVE to be able to see the kids while they’re off at school!

  38. Look over here! Oops that’s right, I don’t have a webcam yet.

  39. Fabulous!

  40. A webcam would be loads of fun!!

  41. Sounds great!

  42. Me! Me!

  43. That would be skypetastic!

  44. OOOH that’s a good one!

  45. Very cool!

  46. I’d love to win this so I could chat with the grands.

  47. I would love to give this webcam to my fiancee, so we can see each other more often!

  48. This would be a wonderful gift for the grandparents!

  49. Eeee, to talk to my nephews in Australia? This would be ideal.

  50. I’d love to win!

  51. Neat.

  52. I so want a webcam so I can chat with my mom with Skype. And so my mom can chat with her grandkids of course. Fingers are crossed

  53. Would love to use it to chat with the grandparents in Florida!

  54. Sweet! A home laptop would be so great! Then the kids would stop messing with mine!

  55. DD’s best friend (7 hours away) broke her webcam and can no longer video chat with DD. This would be awesome! Thanks for posting it.

  56. Ohhh…awesome with awesome sauce! My daughters bff moved from here in MA to VA so this would be perfect for them!

  57. I have a house full of crazy military brat monkeys.

  58. don’t have a webcam and would love one….

  59. I’d love to set my inlaws up with skype.

  60. We need one of these… Looks like my hubby is getting deployed this summer. Thank heavens for Skype!

  61. *cheese* Count me in!

  62. I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance.

  63. The grandparent would love this. Thanks for offering.

  64. *smiles winningly* I’d love to have this for my husband. I’m trying to get him to talk more to his dad, but neither of them are phone people. They are doing a “book club” with just the two of them, but they are unsuccessfully trying to “discuss it” either via phone (as I mentioned above, not a good idea when neither wants to talk on the phone) or email (still not a good idea when neither of them has time to sit there and type out a bunch of his ideas). Neither are working, and this was my next idea. 😀

  65. Ohhh the fun we could have!

  66. We could really use this to keep in touch with my brother and sister in law. Thanks!

  67. Yep. Five kids. Could really use some entertainment! Thanks!

  68. Ooo. To finally use Skype on my faster computer would be awesome!


  69. Oh, my kids would love this!

  70. I would love to give this to my parents.

  71. Yay! we need an updated one!

  72. Pick me! We’re getting skype so we can keep in touch with our friends moving to England.

  73. Yay! The kids could Skype with Daddy at work!

  74. would love it !!!

  75. what a great giveaway!

  76. I have been meaning to buy a new webcam for my dad so we can Skype! This would be great!

  77. Would love it!

  78. Oooh–this would be lovely for the distant grandparents!!

  79. My parents could use this!

  80. WOohoo!!

  81. need one!

  82. I know a grandma who would LOVE this! Thanks

  83. I am a grandma who would love this!

  84. Awesomest prize, ever. Right after the Zombies.

  85. I would love to win this! It would allow my 10 year old daughter to monopolize my computer even more than she already does! Apparently it’s more fun to play on mom’s desktop than her own laptop!

  86. I am hoping to study abroad this summer & this webcam would be fantastic for chatting with my family!

  87. yes please Mir! thanks

  88. Must … Skype ….

  89. This is a gooooood one. Love!

  90. I’d love to finally be able to Skype on this old computer! Thanks!

  91. I didn’t know web cams could do special effects! Fancy.

  92. Sounds awesome! Thanks Mir!

  93. I would love this! Thanks!!!

  94. This would be great! Thanks Mir!

  95. Maybe my kids would talk to their grandparents more if they could see them on Skype? I’m willing to try it even though it means I’ll have to tidy up the portion of my house in the webcam’s view!

  96. Would love to win this!!

  97. yeah!!! I’d love to win this!

  98. FUN!!!!

  99. If you have loved ones far away, a web cam is the only way to stay connected.

  100. OH!!! We need one SOO badly! The other day, I tried to Skype with our friends who live in Papua New Guinea. While we could see and hear them, we could only type out chat to them. Not near as fun for the kids as if they could see and talk with each other.

  101. pick me plz!!

  102. I’d love to win! I’d love to skype with family.

  103. With one grandbaby in Atlanta, GA and another one due in June…this would make all the miles seem not so distant!

  104. I need this for my soon to be deployed husband’s computer so we can see him! me, me, me!

  105. Our web cam is pathetic so an upgrade would be awesome!!!

  106. My kids’ Nana has been bugging us about a webcam…aren’t we supposed to be the hip, techno savvy ones?

  107. OK Hate this… Count me in. Last one on the bandwagon still rides! I am sooo not techno savvy, ask my kids.

  108. Very Cool!

  109. I would love to have this to monitor our house when I’m at work or we’re out on a mommy/daddy date and want to check on the kids.

  110. My son’s father’s webcam just broke and he’s 1500 miles away from us. This would be AMAZING. I’d win a ton of Good Mom points if I won this and gave it to him.

    Thank you!

  111. I’d love to have one. 😉

  112. My family would love this!

  113. I’m feeling lucky 🙂

  114. Cool! Thanks pretty!

  115. This would be great so I can give our old one to my in-laws to Skype!

  116. Yes,please.

  117. thanks for the give-away!

  118. I would love to win! My dh is deploying soon, so this would come in handy! 🙂

  119. The in-laws in Taiwan would LOVE it if we had a webcam so they could see their grandchildren. I would love to win.

  120. another great contest! Thanks Mir!

  121. I’m sure my kids would love to hook this up and then show Momma how to use it.

  122. My family would get a lot of use from this product. My kids love all things digital.

  123. Sounds great!

  124. Another great product up for grabs! Thanks.

  125. Yay! This would be great!

  126. I’d love to win this.

  127. I would love to give this to my mother in law so she can skype with her first grandbaby!

  128. I’d love this! My sisters are so far away…

  129. This would be awesome! My sister, parents, and husbands mom and sisters all live in different states! They would love to be able to see my 4 kids!!

  130. Cool! We don’t have a webcam, despite my MIL’s insistence that we should skype…

  131. My mom needs this. To see her grandkids. All. The. Time.
    It’s kind of like a babysitter, right?

  132. Hoping I’m lucky enough to win this!

  133. I really need this for my decrepit and disabled Mother.

  134. This would be perfect for our family! We are moving away from friends & family this spring and I’m so sad that my boys are going to miss being with their grandparents & cousins! Thanks Mir!

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