No. Seriously, just NO.

By Mir
April 20, 2011

Please tell me this is a typo. Or that I’ve stumbled into an alternate universe. Just do whatever it takes to convince me that Amazon isn’t actually selling chocolate-covered lentils. I love chocolate. I’m pretty fond of lentils. But this is an unholy union, my friends.



  1. Sounds like there’s no actual lentils involved – they’re just a variation on m&ms.
    But perhaps they should make that clear on the Amazon page… 😛

  2. OH THANK GOD. I couldn’t find any info on the Amazon page and I really thought maybe they were actual lentils. I feel so much better, now. Heh.

  3. Ha ha! Not COVERED. SHAPED.

  4. ….Or, I could have read the comments before commenting. Whatever.

  5. Whew. Thanks for the clarification. That would have just been wrong. On too many levels.

  6. They really need to clarify that on the Amazon page…
    I was half-tempted to order them just so I could say I had eaten a chocolate covered lentil.

  7. The genuine unholy union is that between chocolate and mint. Be Gone, Thin Mints! Depart, oh ye York Peppermint Pattie. Anathema!

  8. “Lentil” is the description of a domed disk shape that is used in jewelry making and a number of other fields. Sorry for the confusion!

  9. Oh, and it also implies size = fairly small

  10. Te, he. I love that:
    (a) they look like they are for Easter, but they are kosher.
    (b) this quote: “Not only are we renown for having created the most popular of today’s panned chocolates”

  11. BB, what? Chocolate and mint together is the holiest of unions for chocolate! Chocolate and mint. Chocolate and caramel. Chocolate and peanut butter. Chocolate and vanilla. Chocolate and toffee. CHOCOLATE AND MINT! Yum! I love Andes Mints (more of a spearmint mint), York peppermint patties, mint chocolate chip ice cream (again with more of a spearmint flavor), etc. Thin Mints should be crushed up and used as the crust of almost any chocolate pie instead of graham crackers!

    Is it chocolate and peppermint you have a problem with, or chocolate and ANY mint? (I do prefer the chocolate and spearmint combination, but I’ll eat either. I always have Andes mints in my freezer and York patties in my fridge. Yum. I’ll admit chocolate and toffee is a close, close, close second, though, and some days it catches up and surpasses choco&mint, but not often.)

    (Mir, sorry for the long comment about chocolate and mint. 😉 I kind of like the stuff.)

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