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By Mir
May 31, 2011
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So, the nice folks at Red Envelope came to me and asked if I’d like to do a little product review/giveaway with them, and I said heck yes because I already own several items from there and love all of them. Everything I’ve ever gotten from Red Envelope feels like it just adds a little bit of class to my home. But far be it from me to turn down the chance to get something super cool for free review an item for the benefit of my readers. Ahem.

I figured that with Father’s Day around the corner, I’d check out some of their Father’s Day gifts online; their photo frame valet seemed like the perfect “Dad” gift. I’m happy to report that—as with other merchandise from Red Envelope—the quality is excellent. The valet is substantial, it has a nice weight to it and the hinges for the lid don’t feel like they’ll break off or bend. The leather feels rich and the finish on the wood is gorgeous. And I love that we can slip a photo into the frame and it becomes something much more personal than the typical sort of divided box you find at a department store. This would make a perfect Father’s Day gift for the special dad in your life.

But here’s the thing—maybe you’d rather have something else. I understand. So how about this week our contest winner will get a $50 gift certificate towards anything at Red Envelope? That way you can get what you like best.

To enter this week’s contest, first please review the contest rules and regulations, and then please visit and “like” Red Envelope’s Facebook page, then come on back here and leave a comment by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Friday, June 3rd, 2011 for a chance to win. Winner to be selected via random number generation and fanciness of monogram. Except the monogram thing seems complicated, so I guess just random number.

Ready? Go!


  1. love Red Envelope!

  2. Could be interesting 🙂

  3. I’d like to get something for my dad from Red Envelope!

  4. love red envelope,,would love to win,thank u!!!friend on fb @betty norris rood
    alwaysatryin2 at

  5. Oh, I love Red Envelope!

  6. Please pick me!

  7. Oh, this would be a fantastic prize to win!!

  8. Yes! Yay for Red Envelope!

  9. i have loved red envelope for years! that red box/white bow is only rivaled by the blue box/white bow combo… 🙂

    thanks mir!

  10. Um, yes. Fab. Love to win!

  11. Yay!

  12. Yes please!

  13. I’m in!

  14. Red Envelope is wonderful. I totally agree about their items adding a touch of class. I have bought several items as gifts. They are always high quality!

  15. Yes, please!

  16. I now “like” Red Envelope on FB. I like them in real life, too, but now I am official!

  17. Great giveaway!

  18. I would love to try Red Envelope!

  19. Lovely.

  20. Ooo, they do have some very nice things. Hope the RNG is good to me!

  21. Yes, please!

  22. Haven’t even seen a Red Envelope catalog in months! Are they still mailing them out?? They were always my go-to place for great gifts. Gosh, I guess I’m just not buying cool gifts anymore.

    So I’d love to win this!

  23. Yay!!! Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  24. I actually really like that valet. I’d love to win this contest.

  25. Terrific!

  26. I’d like to win!

  27. I LOVE Red Envelope! Thanks!!!

  28. This would be great for gifts!

  29. It’s been a long time since I’ve ordered from them, but I love their stuff!

  30. Come on RNG!

  31. likey likey!!

  32. yes, please!

  33. LOVE Red Envelope!

  34. i want to win this. so i should win this. right?

  35. I’d love to win this!!

  36. Pick me! I’m getting married next week.

  37. This would be fun!

  38. cool!

  39. Love Red Envelope!

  40. Dude! Love that place!!

  41. Count me in.

  42. I’d love to win!

  43. I like them on facebook already! Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Id love to win! I like Red envelope on fb.

  45. yes, please!

  46. I would love to get something for my 88 year old father and these items look wonderful.

  47. I got my husband a valet from there several years ago, and he loves it. All of the Red Envelope items I have are great quality, and everything I’ve given as a gift has been well received.

  48. They have such lovely things! Great giveaway!

  49. I’m lovin it

  50. I lurve Red Envelope…

  51. Love this!

  52. Love Red Envelope!

  53. Yea!! Great give away!

  54. Oh yes for my Dad who has everything! I liked them on FB!!

  55. Love this!

  56. Good one!

  57. Totally agree anything with your view of them!

  58. Please!!

  59. Red envelope – nice!

  60. Love it!

  61. my mom was just envying something i got from red envelope. this would be nice.

  62. oooooh fancy

  63. ooh, interesting. thanks for the chance.

  64. Check, check, and check. (Three instructions?) A bit of a challenge for some of us. Pick me please.

  65. Ooo, so perfect for father’s day!

  66. Love, love, love Red Envelope!

  67. I’ve loved everything I’ve gotten from Red Envelope and would easily find a use for the gift certificate!

  68. Hook me up! 😉 love Red Envelope!

  69. Lovely things on their site. Wld love to buy something more!

  70. They have some of the best gifts.

  71. Uh oh…Father’s Day? Oops.

  72. This sounds like a good one!

  73. Please please please let the probability gods let me win.

  74. but how can a little wooden box park your car?

  75. I love looking at Red Envelope, but have never purchased a thing. I know.

    I’d love this!

  76. can’t pass this one up!

  77. Count me in!

  78. I love this store

  79. Red Envelope always seems so classy!

  80. I’ll take any help I can get picking out something for my father — he’s a tough one to buy for! Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  81. Pick me! Father’s Day gifts are SO HARD!

  82. I would really love to win this one!

  83. Fancy!

  84. Would appreciate that!

  85. I’d like this!

  86. Yes, please!

  87. Add me to the list!

  88. Pick me, please!

  89. Lovely!

  90. Count me in! Thanks!

  91. I’ve never ordered from there before but you are tempting me!

  92. I’m in!!!

  93. I’m in!

  94. This is a lovely contest!

  95. Red Envelope is highly superior to other color envelopes!

  96. Yes, please!

  97. nice!

  98. Red envelope has so many great gift ideas for the hard to buy for!

  99. Red Envelope has great gift items – also, the 20% Facebook offer is a nice perk!

  100. I could certainly find some gifts to buy at RE. Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. Pick me please!

  102. I love Red Envelope. I got some picture frames as a gift last year. I’d love to have fun picking out something!!

  103. This sounds like a great way to purchase a Father’s Day gift.

  104. OOOOOO Yes Please!!!

  105. Sign me up! Thanks!

  106. Come on, random number generator!!!!

  107. I love red envelope

  108. Yes, please! I love me some Red Envelope!

  109. I have looked at that website several times, but have never been able to bring myself to splurge. Thanks for the chance!

  110. I already “like” Red Envelope. Please pick me!

  111. Yes please to gifts of Good Quality!

  112. Done and done! Yay!

  113. I liked them on FB!

  114. I liked them on FB – fantastic prize – hope I win!

  115. I like/liked them on Facebook. I will totally use this for myself. Yes I am selfish.

  116. LOVE!!!

  117. I liked them on FB. Count me in!

  118. Oooo…..nice!

  119. Love, love, love Red Envelope.

  120. Oh, this would be perfect!

  121. Awesome giveaway!!

  122. still searching for the perfect gift!

  123. so very nice!!!

  124. Oooh, yes! Me please!

  125. Gotta admit, I have never shopped Red Envelope…count me in!

  126. love it and you!

  127. I have a giftee in mind…

  128. Everytime I give a gift from Red Envelope, I hear such great feedback. Thank you for the opportunity.

  129. Their website has so many lovely items!

  130. Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

  131. Would love this! Thanks!

  132. I love Red Envelope. This would be fantastic! Thanks!!!

  133. Wow–my first time hearing about Red Envelope, but their products look great!

  134. would love!

  135. I need some Father’s Day ideas so this would be perfect!

  136. Love Red Envelope!!

  137. pretty please 🙂

  138. I heart Red Envelope!

  139. That would be the perfect gift for a gent who has done me a hyooooodge favor recently. Thanks, Mir. You’re looking very pretty today.

  140. I love the things they have at Red Envelope – what a great prize!

  141. Like it? I LOVE it!

  142. love the red envelope!

  143. Ooh!

  144. I am alaways at a loss for Fathers Day gifts. This would really help.

  145. I “like” Red Envelope on Facebook.

  146. Love me some Red Envelope!

  147. Would love to try Red Envelope!

  148. Red Envelope? Never heard of it, but would love to expand my horizons.

  149. This would be perfect to use for a B-day present for my mom. I’ve purchased a few things from them before, and I’m always so happy with the product!

  150. Me me pick me!

  151. Oooh. Somehow I almost missed this one. I <3 Red Envelope!

  152. yo! this would be awesome.

  153. I too love Red Envelope! Please please oh wonderful number picker, pick me!!

  154. Love their baby items!

  155. Me, me, me!

  156. Pick me! Please? 🙂

  157. Of course, just bought something there last week, but would love the chance to shop again!

  158. I have a necklace that I love from Red Envelope. Would love to shop some more!

  159. thanks Mir!!!

  160. Nice – thanks!

  161. Awesome – thanks!

  162. Great gift ideas!!!!

  163. oooooh la la!

  164. You have the BEST job ever!! 😉

  165. I like Red Envelope..they have some nice gifts. I too have they have quality items.

  166. This would be great!

  167. I love Red Envelope!

  168. I do so like Red Envelope!

  169. Yes, this would be a nice summer gift! I would love to win!

  170. This would be nice!

  171. Maybe I’ll get something for my husband. Maybe.

  172. Well I like the page never purchased from Red Envelope but would love to.

  173. Please enter me!

  174. I actually found something I think my dad would love!


  176. This would be great! Thx

  177. Me please

  178. Count me in~

  179. Love this gift site!

  180. Sounds awesome!!!!

  181. Love red envelope

  182. Love this!

  183. yay!

  184. Would LOVE a Red Envelope gift card!!

  185. awesome….

  186. Would LOVE to win this!!!!!

  187. Love red envelope and I got my entry in just in time 🙂

  188. Ooh! Pick me!

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