Save on Disney, before you go to Disney

By Mir
June 27, 2011

So you’re planning a big trip to see the famous mouse, and you’ve even got room in your budget for souvenirs. But the reality is that everything in the park is overpriced, and you can do better making those purchases before you go, and then whipping them out once you’re there—to the mutual delight of your kids and your wallet.

Today and tomorrow, shop The Disney Store and take 20% off your purchase of Park merchandise with coupon code PARK20. Coupon code SHIPTODAY can be stacked for free shipping on your $75+ order, too. And that’s all aside from their warehouse and swim sale items.

I mean, you can still go to the park and spend extra money, if you want, but I’d definitely rather get a little more for a little less, myself.


  1. I don’t have kids, Mir, but I absolutely LOVE this idea of yours to buy Disney souvenirs before you go on the big Disney trip. When I saw that you’d posted a Disney deal, I thought, “I just know what she’s going to say! It’s one of her best perennial tips!” Some day, when I do have kids and we do go to Disney, I’m going to do precisely this and think, “THANK YOU, MIR!”

    Such a genius idea.

  2. I came to your pretty site with exactly this delicious problem — grandma & grandpa are taking us to Disney! But we still can’t afford all the crap the kids will want.

    Strangely, the link you posted goes to a strange “The Disney Store is down” message.

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