A full luggage set for a single-suitcase price

By Mir
June 29, 2011
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I hate spending money on luggage. I can’t think of anything else that annoys me as much; we use it so rarely, but it’s not like you can just… skip it. I mean, I guess I could just check a garbage bag full of clothes when I go somewhere, but that seems… not classy. Ahem. My philosophy is to get the cheapest bags I can that I think will last a while. Even super-expensive stuff can be destroyed by the airlines, so a nice middle-of-the-road approach in terms of quality is how I do it.

Today I see that Buy.com has this US Traveler 4-piece luggage set available for $70, which seems like a pretty good deal. Of course, I went looking for reviews, and discovered that in addition to decent ratings, it’s only $64 for blue or red if you want to get it from Amazon, instead. (Grey and navy are still cheaper at Buy.com.)

Either way, a full set for this price kind of pays for itself. And looks way better than garbage bags.


  1. I’m seeing $80 at Amazon for all colors?

  2. Surprise surprise, Amazon changed the price. Okay, Buy.com wins this round. 😉

  3. Personally, I wouldn’t buy any luggage without spinner wheels!

  4. looks like it is sold out, or the site isn’t working right for me,
    DO need new luggage for trip cross country in August though,
    thanks for reading my mind Mir and scoutin out deals!
    Need another ds too……

  5. We’ve only traveled by other-than-car once since the luggage size regulations showed up, and were bold enough to borrow from our neighbors. Perhaps tacky, but we travel soooo rarely!

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