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By Mir
July 21, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

You know how I feel about Games magazine. (Hint: Love!) I received my first subscription at age 13, and it was quickly a love affair in progress between me and the cryptograms. (Yep. I was a giant nerd, even then.)

Whether it’s for you or your kid, I wouldn’t pass by Tanga today—they’re offering a one-year subscription to Games for $25. That’s not bad, considering that Amazon’s discount price (the cover cost is almost $5/issue) is currently $30. But this is Tanga we’re talking about, so go ahead and apply coupon code GAMES to drop the price to a cool $9.99. That’s about a buck an issue, or 80% off the cover price.

Okay; fine. Don’t like Games for some reason? (I bet you hate kittens, too.) Pick up Healthy Cooking, instead, and apply coupon code COOKING to drop it down to just $6.99 for the year. Or, heck, get both! You’re going to need some good eats to get you through all those cryptograms, trust me.


  1. Nice! I can tuck away the issues that arrive before Christmas and then surprise my man with them + rest of the subscrip. 🙂

  2. Mir, do you happen to know if buying this deal will extend an existing subscription? I signed up for Games through Tanga last time it was offered, so I have a subscription throuhg May 2012, but I would definitely extend that another year for $10 if that’s possible!

  3. Jess: Some Internet research suggests that you can go ahead and purchase it and then call the magazine to make sure it’s processed as an extension. Fingers crossed!

  4. Looks intriguing! Love these kinds of things and gives me a chance to get my mind on other things at times as well! I am giving it a try and will carry it around with me in my purse for those times when you have a moment to twiddle your thumbs! Thanks!

  5. I LOVE YOU!!! My aunt gave me a gift subscription to “Games” when I was about 14 or so, and my mom was kind enough to keep up my subscription for several years. Then I became an adult and had to pay my own bills… and I just couldn’t afford it. You have just given me a great gift with this info! Yippeeee!

    Do you remember the issue that said “Who ARE This?” on the front and it had a photo that was both Rosanne Arnold and Arnold Schwarzenegger? My mom and I still talk about that photo game sometimes!

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