One of the hardest things to spend on

By Mir
August 25, 2011

I remember having a really hard time spending any money on maternity clothes. Because they’d only fit for a few months! It seemed like such a waste! But on the other hand, it wasn’t like I could just walk around in a burlap sack. (Or my husband’s t-shirts all the time.) (I mean, I did sometimes, but that wasn’t a good look for cocktail parties….)

Anyway, I totally get not wanting to spend a ton on maternity stuff. But a good sale is a good sale, and look, here’s one now: Right now at Motherhood Maternity, everything already on sale is automatically an extra 40% off when you put it in your cart. Like magic!

That means you can afford to buy a few cute things that really make you feel good. Because—trust me!—you can’t just steal his t-shirts every single day.


  1. I am not even pregnant (yet) but that was too good of a deal to pass up! THANKS!

  2. At this point, I’ve given up and am just wearing mumus. One month to go!

  3. Being overweight actually worked to my advantage in the clothes department when I was pregnant; since I (oddly) LOST weight during pregnancy, I could just keep wearing most of my regular clothes the whole time.

  4. Thank God for you. This is exactly the kind of sale I was looking for.

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