Oh my, pretty purses

By Mir
August 30, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Okay, this isn’t a sale for most of us (unless you, like me, enjoy browsing and drooling while feeling a wee bit woozy about the purses), but check it out: It’s time for the Kate Spade sample sale. So many pretty purses!

The prices are great, just so long as you remember they’re Kate Spade prices. If you’re used to buying handbags at Target, you’re probably not going to be impressed.

Man. I really don’t need a new purse. But they’re so pretty….


  1. Thanks! I needed a computer bag!

  2. I might have already shopped the sale this morning! Not for my beloved Karolina heels, not in my size. But, if they are in your size, they are the awesomest shoes.

  3. I just told my husband my preferred style of Kate for Christmas in hopes that I will get one. Must. Not. Shop.

  4. Oooh, I love me some Kate, but we are saving for Disney! Must resist, must resist…

  5. What does it say about me that I thought the prices were awsome!???! Yes, it says I have paid $200 for a handbag. :-X

  6. I am definitely not up on the latest fashions, because these prices make me hyperventilate. My husband would kill me, if I didn’t kill myself first out of buyer’s remorse! I’ll have to stick with my Target and Kohls purses… although I have been working on making one for quite some time now out of crochet. Perhaps it will show up in my Etsy store soon and someone will pay Kate Spade prices for it! LOL

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