The semi-annual drool

By Mir
September 1, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Twice a year, Godiva has a big sale. Twice a year, I try very hard to find someone I need to say “thank you” to, and I send them some chocolate.

It’s not just that Godiva chocolate is delicious (it is) or that it’s beautiful (it is) or that they package it with such care, and even ice when shipping in the heat (they do), it’s that Godiva—to me—says: Hi, you’re pretty and you deserve to be pampered.

Needless to say, the sale is on right now. And if you spend $65+, shipping is free with code SUMMERSALE.

Go spoil someone you love. Or yourself! Because you deserve a little decadence, too.


  1. Why do you hate my ass, Mir?

  2. Well, I just thanked myself. I suppose the “gems” could go out in a pretty bowl on the coffee table for guests, though. If they last that long.

  3. Ugh. My lips will thank you – but my hips will not.

  4. I thought, “No way am I spending $65 to get free shipping.” Turns out it would be really really easy.

  5. Well, if you’re having a hard time finding someone to thank, I volunteer to fill that role!

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