Monsters and middle school and girls (oh my)!

By Mir
September 26, 2011
Category Contests

I promised you another contest, and despite my pathological disorganization, here we go. This week you have your choice of two prizes, though both make my inner bookworm feel all warm and fuzzy.

Prize option number one is two books in the Girls’ Life series (yes, books from the folks who make the Girls’ Life magazine): Ultimate Guide to Surviving Middle School and Head-to-Toe Guide to You. This pair is perfect for your favorite female tween, assuming that you haven’t already sold her to the gypsies because of her mood swings. (I kid!! Obviously the gypsies aren’t going to pay.)

Prize option number two is the very cool You Can Count on Monsters illustrated book of factoring and prime numbers. Seriously, I know it sounds weird, but follow the link to take a look at it, because it’s both gorgeous and ingenious. This prize also comes with some themed stickers and flash cards, too, just for kicks.

So: Tween girl survival or artistic math geekiness. The choice is yours.

Want to enter? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment telling me which prize you’d like to win by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, September 29th, 2011 for a chance to win. I’ll determine the winners via random number generation and also possibly by counting on monsters.

What are you waiting for? Go!


  1. You Can Count on Monsters!

  2. Got a nerdy kid who would love the monsters book!

  3. Ooh, the monsters the monsters! Nice!!!

  4. Awesome! Is it wrong to say both? I guess if I have to pick I’d pick monsters, though the books for girls would come in handy someday. I just put the monsters book on reserve at the library, I think my kids will love it.

  5. Count me in for Monsters. Looks awesome!

  6. Monsters, Monsters, Monsters!!! My girls won’t be tweens for a while. Thanks!1

  7. Love the monsters book! and also I am pretending my 6yo girl will never be a tween. 🙂

  8. Would have to say the Girly pack, my almost 10 (going on 24) yr old would surely love them.

  9. Tween girl pack, please!

  10. Tween girl pack for my niece who is about to drive my sister insane.

  11. I would love to win the You Can Count on Monsters book!

  12. You Can Count on Monsters. Because anything would help when it comes to my kids and math!

  13. the tween girl books look perfect for my daughter! (although she only just turned 9, she thinks she’s 20. why won’t they listen when you say “you’re just a little girl?”)

  14. Tween girls books, please! I’ve got another birthday coming up and she’s the perfect age 🙂

  15. Bet my son would like the Monsters book. Thanks!

  16. Since my teen is a boy, I’ll opt for the monsters book.
    I do NOT have math inclined kids, so anyway to introduce them to math in a different way is a win in our house.

    Thanks Mir!

  17. Artistic math meekness for my kids. My girl is only three. I’m hoping they find a cure for tween angst in the next few years…

  18. You can count on monsters!!

  19. Oh lordy, either would be awesome. But since the gypsies just returned my tween, saying she was too hormonal, I think the books would be great!

  20. Monsters please!

    thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Definitely need the tween girl books! First year of middle school for our family! EEK!

  22. you can count on monsters, please!! 🙂

  23. Artistic math geekiness, please!

    Thank you!

  24. Oh, oh….artistic math geekiness!!

  25. I have boys who are math geeks, so we’re totally putting our names in the hat for the monster math!

  26. Monsters, even though my tween girl is already a monster, she’s more of the mathematically geeky attitudinal monster type.

  27. How to pick, how to pick? BLAH!!! Okay, I choose Monsters because my oldest dd is a math geek. (Related news: soon she’ll be esplaining this newfangled numbers business to *me*.)

  28. I think the one for tweens would be most needed right now. Thanks!

  29. We like monsters here. I promise to give them a good home.

  30. Monsters! Thanks, Mir.

  31. My sweet monsters pick the Monster book! Thank you for the great give away.

  32. Damn you people, all picking Monsters. Well, me too. We already have the Head-to-Toe Guide, and the cranky tween to match.

  33. My daughter started middle school this year, so I’d love the tween books!

  34. Monsters, please!

  35. Math GEEK!!

  36. Tween girl pack, please.

  37. I’m a giant math geek and already have the monsters book. My daughter, a budding math geek who is almost a tween, is a little afraid of the monsters. So the book is in the closet waiting a year or two.

    So the tween pack, please.

  38. Oh, we need some tween girl survival, please.

  39. You can count on Monsters, please!

  40. You can Count on Monsters! Oh my! You are so pretty.

  41. You Can Count on Monsters! Sounds great!

  42. I homeschool my youngest and we are literally doing factorization this week! Timely and pretty, Mir! The Monsters book would be wonderful.

  43. You Can Count on Monsters!
    Perfect for my budding mathematical genius of a daughter…

  44. The tween girl books would be awesome! Thanks!

  45. Monster Math for me!!

  46. Math geekiness, of course! You Can Count on Monsters, please.

  47. I won’t actually have a use for those tween books for a few more years (I hope!) so I will go with Monsters! Thanks!!

  48. Girls Life books please, thank you!

  49. geeky math of course

  50. Monster Math for my little monsters!

  51. You Can Count on Monsters plz?!!

  52. Tween girl survival…my daughter turned 10 last week! And I need all the help I can get!

  53. monsters, of course!

  54. Monsters!

  55. You Can Count on Monsters looks gorgeous!

  56. I’d love to win the geeky goodness of You Can Count on Monsters! (Pretty, pretty please.)

  57. My math-phobic middle schooler (she seriously used to get hives in Math class!) could use both of them, actually, but she has the world’s greatest math teacher this year and last week got an A+ on a test for the first time ever, so the Monster book would be very timely.

  58. Books for angst-y tween girl, please! (Who also happens to be a math nerd…)

  59. Oooooh, You Can Count on Monsters for this math geek!

  60. You Can Count On Monsters. Maybe the Boy AND his mama will learn somthing

  61. We’d like the monster counting book. Whee!

  62. Prize option #1 for my tweenager!

  63. Tween pack please. We are in the middle of 5th grade and a book about middle school would be great!

  64. I choose math…though I do have two teen girls, so I wouldn’t mind if I got my second prize choice either!

  65. Math geekiness all the way, baby!

  66. You Can Count on Monsters!

  67. Art-y math geeks RULE!!!!

  68. I have a tween and a geek…It is like Sophie’s choice here, Mir. I guess the Geeky Math Boy should have a shot for once.

  69. we have both monsters and middle schoolers in my house!

  70. I would love the monsters book! Not that tween girls aren’t wonderful, but I can use the Counting book in teaching math.

  71. Mother to 3 daughters…..tween granddaughter….need I say more???

  72. Monsters!!!!

  73. Prize number one, please.

  74. definitely You Can Count on Monsters

  75. I NEED the tween books. If I don’t win them, I already have them added to my cart on Amazon. The gypsies returned her for trying to take over!

  76. Whoa. The Monsters book has everything we love at our house — monsters, math, reading, and art. We would love it.

  77. We’d like the Monsters/artistic math geek pack, please. Thanks!

  78. You Can Count On Monsters is my pick, should I win!

  79. My tween would love the Girls’ Life books!

  80. I would like the You Can Count on Monsters book, please!

  81. Need help surviving my tween girl!

  82. I’ve got a moody tween girl who has been studying factor trees and prime numbers for the past two weeks. Decisions, decisions…..guess I’ll go with the Monsters because her little brother would enjoy it too!


  83. Monster, please!

  84. It’s so hard to pick but I think I’d have to pick the tween girl books.

  85. would love to win the tween books

  86. Monsters!

  87. As a mathematician, I’ll have to opt for counting on monsters – looks like a super clever way to teach about elementary number theory!

  88. Monsters! For my monster!

  89. Oh, the Tween girl books would be awesome. Thank you!

  90. I have two little “monsters” at home who are budding geeks – we would love that book!

  91. My little boy would love some Monsters!

  92. Maybe if my 11 year old had those books, she might survive to become a teen? I love her, but gah she’s annoying sometimes.

  93. Girls please, I have 2 in middle school this year. It’s my birthday too

  94. either one- my daughter could use the middle school one and my boys would like monsters!!

  95. “You Can Count on Monsters” please

  96. My 11 year old daughter would love the tween girl books. Thank you!

  97. Monsters please! My daughter has to do extra math practice every night as part of her homework and we’re always looking for something fun and different. We’re so over boring flashcards!

  98. monster book please!

  99. You Can Count on Monsters please.

  100. Would love the monster math book!!

  101. I want to Count on Monsters! Anything to make math more fun for my kids! 🙂

  102. Tween girl pack for the drama in my 6th graders life!

  103. My 10yr old monstrous Mathmetician would love the book!

  104. We’re definitely going to need the tween girl survival books over here. I have an almost 10 year old that is going to be a challenge to parent through the next several years.

  105. I have a 12 year old girl who just started Jr. High. I NEED the tween survival books!

  106. We could really use the tween survival guide. Our oldest of four girls just started jr. high. Roller-coaster of hormones here we come!

  107. Tween books please!!!

  108. ooh, counting on monsters! My students would love that. Thanks, pretty Mir.

  109. Somewhere along the line I blinked and I now have a very tween daughter. This is both good and bad! Count me in for the tween girl’s set of books 🙂

  110. Girl’s life, pretty please!

  111. The tween option,,, unfortunately!

  112. Monsters, pretty please! I have my fingers firmly in my ears while singing LALALA in denial of my seven and three year olds ever needing those tweenie books.

  113. have a middle schooler, didn’t get the manual. : (

  114. well since Im a mom to 4 boys I would have to say monsters!

  115. Definitely need the Tween Girl Survival!!!!

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