It’s BOGO time at Payless

By Mir
October 7, 2011

That’s right—Buy One, Get One Half Off is back at Payless for a limited time. You can also use coupon code 42581 for an additional 20% off your order.

Have a local Payless? Shipping to your store is free, if you’re willing to drive over and pick up.

I was looking at the site, just now, and I’m really on the fence about this whole new “designer lines” thing. I love that they’re trying to upgrade their image and go beyond the plastic and pleather stuff they used to be all about, and some of the new shoes are really cute. But… it seems like there’s still an awful lot of fake suede and satin and such instead of just plain leather. (I like my shoes to be leather. I think they last longer. Also, I eat kittens for breakfast.) Why do you think about their designer offerings? Anyone own any and can give us a little mini-review?


  1. Mmmm….Kittie-Os!

  2. Wait, not the review you were looking for?

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