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By Mir
October 10, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s another clearance sale over at Lock & Lock—your destination for BPA-free food storage that doesn’t leak—and for once the sale hasn’t ground the site to a screeching halt. Shop before the rest of the world gets wind of the deals and maybe the site will stay up. Heh.

Shipping starts at $4, but save an additional $5 off your $25+ order with coupon code REPEAT5. Also, for Columbus Day, it looks like any order of a “special set” gets you a free egg container. I’m not entirely sure why you’d need an airtight container for your eggs, but I have a kid who adores hard-boiled eggs and I never have found a good way to store them (other than putting them back into the carton after writing HARD BOILED on them), so maybe this is it.


  1. My family just puts a “B” on the hard boiled ones – it’s worked for us for years 🙂

  2. Ordered 2 containers – hoping 1 of them will be my perfect coupon caddy – my hunt for the perfect size has gone on for quite awhile now! And my coupons need to be BPA free I suppose! LOL

  3. I usually go with a simple “H” on the eggs, but if I’m feeling feisty I will draw a little flower or a smiley face. It freaks out my husband and that amuses me in the morning.

  4. My Russian MIL taught me to put onion skins in the water when boiling eggs, which dyes them yellow. That way it’s easy to tell which eggs are boiled, and it seems festive.

  5. It looks like the rest of the world found out…the website is at a halt right now.

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