Another chance to Woot a Dyson

By Mir
October 17, 2011

I’m thinking that the last time they did this, it wasn’t a Dyson Ball, like it is today. But Woot is tempting me today with a choice of refurbished DC25 Dyson Ball vacuums, any one of three colors can be yours for just $255 shipped. (For reference: They go for around $480 new at Amazon.)

Oh, I know Dysons have slick advertising and maybe aren’t quite the Messiah the commercials portray them as. Still, it’s very tempting, particularly as I own a vacuum that weighs about three times what this one does.


  1. I’ve been planning to buy a Dyson DC23 at Bed Bath and Beyond the next time I got a 20% coupon – this is a better deal as well as a bit more power. I’ve two floors to vacuum now, and plan to keep the old Dirt Devil on the second floor… too hard to lug up and down. Thanks!

  2. We bought ours after replacing vacuums every year for about 3 years at $100/ each. The selling point was the 10 year warranty. After 4 years, we just popped a plastic piece off (something about the mechanism that makes it stand upright when you aren’t vacuuming). They were very responsive and the vacuum itself has been very good (3 messy kids – 1 sheddy German Shepherd). If you can get any kind of break on the price (ours came with a $100 Target gc which we needed for a car seat at the time), or the 20% off like Diane, bonus! So, they won’t make you cool and British like the commercial but I will vouch for the fact that it works well and for a long time!

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