Get ready to rumble: $11 sale at 6pm

By Mir
November 11, 2011

Are you ready? In mere seconds, the $11 sale is launching at, with literally thousands of options priced at just $11 for today only.

I’m poised and ready to fill my cart. Stuff’s going to go fast.

[Edited to add: Here’s a direct link to sale items, as I think their splash screen is having some issues.]


  1. 6:05 PST and still not loading! I’m getting impatient!

  2. Is it working?? I can’t get to anything. 🙁

  3. I’m not getting anything either!

  4. I can see the sale items but their server is so overwhelmed I can’t put anything in my cart. Great idea, poor execution.

  5. Yes, well, it’s a big sale and the site is overwhelmed. Keep trying! I already snagged some sneakers for my kiddo.

  6. I managed to get stuff in my cart but can’t check out. Error 405. Reminds me of the Joanne’s Black Friday sale last year. 🙁

  7. Yes! Got my daughter a new pair of mary janes for Christmas/church! Thanks for the heads up Mir. May I say how very pretty you are today?

  8. Grr. I can’t get anything to go to the shopping bag!!!

  9. i’m frustrated with this. . . .AAAGGGGH

  10. AAAND the stuff I’m putting in my shopping bag isn’t coming up as $11 even though that’s what it’s listed as on the site. FAIL, 6pm!

  11. Ohh it’s taking a few tries, but it is eventually working! Momma’s getting some new (CUTE) shoes today! Thanks Mir!! (I may even get some for the kids too ;))

  12. @Kat Even when you go look at the shopping bag? The pair I bought said they were $19.99 but when I went to check out they were $11.

  13. It’s working!!! I just got some sandals for next summer. Thanks Mir!

  14. $11 Betulas?!?!?! WooHoo!

  15. I had tons of trouble about an hour ago…but was just now able to get a few awesome things! I was worried they’d be out of everything already 🙂

  16. I just got soem really cute sam and libby black pumps for $11! It took patience though – keeping clicking, the site does kick in.

  17. shoot. not a good morning and a waste of an hour. got items in my basket and sold out as i was checking out. should have ordered each individually as shipping free. i’ll no better for next year!

  18. oops! “know better”. . . not “no better” as typed above!

  19. Thanks Mir. Got some cute shoes for work!

  20. Scored shoes for me and my oldest son. It’s late, but we have big feet! 😉

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