On the second day of video game deals…

By Mir
November 30, 2011

… Amazon gave to meeeeeeee… Deals on “action games” and accessories!

I worried this might be all shoot-’em-ups, which our family doesn’t go for, but there’s a pretty good variety of choices, including the well-reviewed and highly-touted Bit.Trip Complete for Wii at just $25 (it’s still $40 everywhere else).

They have games for all platforms, plus deals on accessories like headsets and controllers. It’s a good day to be a gamer.


  1. We’re getting the kids a Wii for Christmas (shhh!) and I’d love some suggestions for games for them – what games does everyone love?

  2. My husband will love this, thanks!

  3. RuthWells-
    We have two adults and a 9 year old. These are some of the games we really enjoy:
    Lego Star Wars
    Mario Kart
    Eye Spy Ultimate Challenge
    Wii Fit
    Guitar Hero (more for us than the 9 year old)
    Super Mario Brothers

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