Even more savings to stack at Children’s Place

By Mir
December 1, 2011

It’s hard to believe you haven’t already stocked up on everything you needed at Children’s Place in the last few weeks’ flurry of savings, but who knows. Maybe your kid got up 2″ taller this morning. Things happen.

Right now they’re doing Friends & Family savings, which means you can use coupon code FRIEND through the weekend for 25% off anything. You’ll also get $20 of Place Cash for every $40 you spend, eligible for redemption on your next $40+ purchase. And to top it all off, every gift card purchase of $40+ that you make gets you another $10 gift card for free.

So. If you have a lot of shopping to do, here’s what you do: Buy a $40 gift card, which actually nets you $50 in gift cards. (Just buy the cards; they’re not eligible for coupon deductions.) Shop with your gift card—spending at least $40 after coupon code—which gets you your $20 Place Cash and saves you 25% on your purchase. Then you can shop again with your bonus gift card and your Place Cash and the coupon code (again), too!

It’s a few more steps than usual, but I think the savings are probably worth it, if you have a bunch of stuff to buy. (But what do I know… I’m just the person whose kids have basically outgrown Children’s Place but I still bought them hats there, anyway, because their hats are awesome. Heh.)


  1. Thank you Mir! I spent $70 and got $135 worth of clothes for my girls by buying the gift card and the 25% discount (plus I got $20 CP cash to use after 12/16).

  2. Place cash can’t be redeemed until 12/16, and can only be combined with free shipping or place card discounts.

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