Good morning, Sunshine!

By Mir
December 20, 2011

This morning I woke up to a dog pouncing on the bed. And that’s not a bad way to wake up, generally, but our dog weighs about 12 pounds, and the dog on the bed was my parents’ black lab puppy (headed straight for my face). I tell you what, that’s a faster wake-up than a double espresso.

And now that I’m up (and have had some actual coffee, and have played with both dogs), let’s see what’s falling in price at Amazon!

Lovely LEGO:
World Racers Desert of Destruction for $55 (39% off)
Pharaoh’s Quest Rise of the Sphinx for $30 (40% off)

Games, games, games:
Blokus Junior for $7 (65% off)
Camelot Junior for $12 (56% off)
Tile Lock Scrabble for $8 (60% off)

Fisher-Price TRIO sets:
Hot Wheels Lift ‘n’ Go Garage for $10.63 (62% off)
Airport Tower for $12 (60% off)

Alex crafts:
Color a Fashion Bag for $13.50 (55% off)
Color a Flower Bag for $13.50 (55% off)
Little Hands Button Art for $6 (73% off)
Fab Badge Maker for $5 (77% off)

Finding these deals is definitely a kinder, gentler start to the morning than the puppy wake-up call.


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