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By Mir
January 6, 2012

Hold on to your new year’s diet resolutions—today’s Amazon Gold Box holds Scharffen Berger chocolate bars at nearly half off.

Honestly, Scharffen Berger pretty much ruined me for other chocolate. Thanks a lot, Scharffen Berger! I buy the dark bars for baking projects and maybe sneak into the pantry and just nibble a little on a bad day. Heaven.

If you’ve never had Scharffen Berger before, maybe don’t. It makes it very hard to go back to cheap chocolate.


  1. Slightly off-topic but I think you can give me guidance: I had several great experiences with Amazon during the month of December. Then, on the 23rd, I ordered a bunch of Lindt truffles from them as a late gift for my uncle. These truffles were part of the candy special that you noted on this site. They still have not shipped and I find that incredible when the estimated delivery time was 5-8 business days. Now I don’t have to have them tomorrow but they aren’t meant to go into Easter baskets either. I don’t see a way to contact Amazon so my only alternatives seem to be to cancel or keep waiting. Any words of advice?

  2. Cran, I would call them and see what’s going on. I also had a couple of orders in December that didn’t ship in a timely manner (one which promised 2-day Prime shipping which still has not shipped!), so I think there was definitely some backlog issues going on.

    Their phone number is 800-201-7575.

  3. Good Valentine’s Day presents.

  4. Papua New Guinean chocolate?! My in-laws were missionaries in PNG but they NEVER brought us chocolate!

  5. I bought some of those PNG chocolate bars on a lightning deal last month. ZOMG so good.

  6. Thanks for the phone number–you’re great!

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