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By Mir
January 9, 2012
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Several of you have written in to share the news that grab bags are back at Burt’s Bees! For the uninitiated: this is a random assortment of about $50 worth of natural skin/beauty products for just $20, in a mixture of sample and full-size items. I have never been disappointed with a grab bag from there, and often order a couple and then cobble together little gift bags for teachers (or use the sample sizes as stocking stuffers).

Just click on “Outlet” once you get to the site, and the grab bag is the very first item.

Shipping is free on $49+, but pretty, pretty reader Laura also sent along coupon code SPRING12 (thank you, Laura!) which gives you $5 off. So basically that’s free shipping on your under-$49 order, or an additional $5 off if you spend more than that. [Edited to add: Code seems to only work if your order is $25+.]


  1. Bras and lip balm all before 9am? It is going to be a good day! 🙂

  2. The SPRING12 code did not take the $5 off my order.

  3. I had same problem as Michele. It says it is the “Welcome to the Hive” promotion, but it doesn’t seem to apply any discount or make any changes to charges.

  4. I became a BIG fan of the Grab Bags when Mir introduced them to me a couple of years ago. I made sure to purchase at least 2 of them at every offering. The quantity & quality of products offered were always outstanding. I must say that the most recent bag (before it was marked down from $25 to $20) was very disappointing. There were 3 full-size products (all lotions) & a couple of travel size items. The last Grab Bag had usable items which were worth more at retail, but the bag did not come close to what was offered in the good old days. I have noticed that the last 3 Grab Bags all had fewer items than those in the past, with this most recent one having the least. Check out Burt’s Bees website’s reviews on the Grab Bag. You will find a lot of negative reviews from previous customers. However, those new to the Grab Bag were very pleased with their purchase. Perhaps the price adjustment is in response to the recent customer disappointment.

  5. I was coming here to say what Grace said. Reading the reviews, it seems the latest grab bags aren’t random at all. Everyone is getting some lotion, some lip stuff, and a washcloth.

    Highly recommend it though for anyone that hasn’t tried Burt’s Bees stuff and wants to, it’s a good way to get acquainted.

  6. I ordered some last year and was also disappointed 🙁 I only got 1 full size lotion and the other “full size” items were a small make up bag, pumice stone, wash cloth. I got lots of sample men’s products and a few lip balms. Sorry BB’s, I won’t be risking it again.

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